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Bill 494 Passed Regarding GAL’S In Connecticut

Bill 494 Passed

RAISED BILL 494 RE GALS, RAISED BY SENATOR KISSEL   General Assembly Raised Bill No. 494 February Session, 2014 LCO No. 3068 *03068_______JUD* Referred to Committee on JUDICIARY Introduced by: (JUD) AN ACT CONCERNING GUARDIANS AD LITEM AND ATTORNEYS FOR MINOR CHILDREN IN FAMILY RELATIONS ... Read More »

Will GAL Comply With Federal Discovery


Discovery Brigham v Skipp adversarial Dear all Representatives and Senators, of Connecticut, I have cc’d you on this email because I want to show you a serious issue in real time. Family court fraud affects every constituency: the impact is not only on parents and ... Read More »

Justina Pelletier’s Case A Study In Diagnostic Challenges

Love is the best medicine

Mitochondrial Disease or Medical Child Abuse? Justina Pelletier’s case is a study in diagnostic challenges, supports this family as do the citizens of Connecticut, this story was posted to show how things are picked apart. This is a good family and how they ... Read More »

Testimony Of Michael Nowacki Regarding Bill 494

Michael Nowacki's Testimony to Bill 494

Testimony of Michael Nowacki   In Opposition to S.B. 494           Senate Bill 494 should be categorically rejected by the judiciary committee membership. Its adoption would create “An Act to Perpetuate Stranger Danger in the Family Courts of Connecticut.”             On January 9, 2014, scores ... Read More »

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