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Connecticut, the corrupt court’s and Judges your story is needed

It is not a secret, the court system in Connecticut has been failing us for years. Laws are not followed, people’s lives are being ruined.  All courts, Civil, Criminal, Family, Juvenile. The Magistrates that are not supposed to have Judicial powers are acting as if they do.

Please post your story in the comment section, name the court, Judge,  Attorney General, States Attorney, GAL.

Your story’s of truth will help thousands of people from the suffering most of us have endured due to this corruption.

Prejudice still exits, just not in color form. It is in where you fall in the “class” High, middle, Low class people. It seems as if they want to rid the people that aren’t “well off” or the “wealthy”. What do lower class people have to offer? Not much, because we are surviving and that is it. We do not all have the huge house and two cars. We do not all have the money for an Attorney so we get a court appointed one. One that has a huge case load and cannot give the time needed to truly defend. The GAL’s and the cost! They charge for phone calls, they charge for everything.

So please write your story share your story, so we can expose the wrong that is being done. The due process we do not receive, the laws that are overlooked. With all of the battles we face, and all of the innocent men and women that have fought and died for the rights that are ignored. ENOUGH I witnessed something horrific in a court room recently, and I could not believe what is happening to innocent people doing the best with what they have.  We have a group of people that are ready to go present our findings. For the people who have filled out the petition, thank you… Washington is aware. To the people who haven’t, please go to the home page and search for the petition, print it fill it out, and send it to the address on the bottom.




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  • naniam

    I have a story of corruption–Atty.Monica Harper, Family Services Supervisor Margaret Romanick, Judge Avery Wetstone, Stephen Grant, William Carbone, Debbie Kulak I contend colluded against me and my children in a petition of INCOME VERIFICATION on my BANKSTER Ex-husband~After 8 yrs I was forced to take my ex back to court because he started refusing to pay for daughters education etc…I took my last money to fly to CT from out of the country for the court date–I thought well I dont need a lawyer this is pretty cut and dry–ex shows his income verification papers and Judge decides if he owes more money right??? ROFLMAO!!! no no no NOT if you are poor and without an ATTY–You are FOOD to the starving money hungry parasites with no moral compasses~~So Family services sends in Ms. Romanick as the mediator…I dont know why we need a mediator I am just here to wait on Judges decision–or so i thought–1. I Never even got to go in front of Judge 2. No one can tell me why?? 3. They all covered each others asses and I was left standing alone broke and in tears…several years later I find myself in CT so I say HMMM maybe I can try again~So I do–long story short JUdge AVERY_Wetstone barely lets me speak doesn’t question his ATTYs ridiculous comments and basically just finds in his favor and end of story–GET OUT LADY—WHHHAAAT HAppened? I stood there in a daze–HOW does a simple income verification go SO WRONG??? CORRUPTION that’s how!

    • Hector Morera

      Naniam, You are not alone. Sarah Burns testified in public hearings how it took her a long time (I think she said 2 years) to get financial discovery from her husband. Yes, Hartford Superior Court requires you go to Family Services before appearing before the judge. That is standard. Yes Margaret Romanik for some reason shows favoritism to lawyers. Everything you say has happened to someone else many times over. If your case is still active, please contact and they can forward your case to on to another person who might be able to help you navigate the system. No guarantees that a judge will side with you but at least make you aware of any rights of yours which they may be violating.

      • naniam

        I don’t know if there is a statue of limitation on such things but the girls are now grown so it would have to be a lawsuit against Family Services/Margaret Romanick and those that protected her when I went above her to Mr Carbone and Debbie Kulak. When I did go back years later and got in front of the Judge (Abery-wetstone) she treated me like an idiot and heard nothing I said and allowed Atty Monica Harper to speak GIBBERISH! It was just awful and humilating and I never got the anwer to my question..”WHY didn’t I get to come before the Judge the FIRST time I filed a SIMPLE INCOME VERIFICATION???” Just more gibberish

        • Matt

          I went in front of wetstone for a hearing for my daughter. My daughter had, had cigarette burns, a broken leg at 2 years old, numerous head injuries, black eyes, even sexual predators that lived in the same house as my daughter, and a guy that played out the scene to Scarface holding a gun to his head where 10 cops showed pulling guns with children on the porch. She didn’t care for anything I said. Two DCF officials had a subpoena to be there and didn’t show. When I brought that up all she said was “well they aren’t here.” The GAL that was supposed to represent my daughter, tracy toce, sat and told the mother what to ask my witnesses and wetstone sat there allowing it to happen. I never even got a chance to question the mother’s witnesses because the judge didn’t want to. Now I am in front of linda prestley and she appointed a GAL from CT Law Center, kathryn bissonette, and it is the same thing. On top of the issues currently this judge actually heard a video where my daughter’s older sister got threatened in the back round and smacked so hard she lost at least one tooth. The mother lied to the judge, and the next week when the judge heard it she even said that the mother lied. Yet where is my daughter? Still with the mother. I found that this judge contributes to the same place that the GAL works. Then if it couldn’t get worse I have found out that this judge is a Superior Court Judge and part of the appeal process so even if I appeal it, it would be all her friends. Luckily CT is so bad that there are five agencies investigating them to include the FBI. You can call 800-CALL-FBI (800)-225-5324.
          Tom Carson
          (203) 821-3722

          Looking at the number he is in CT, but if he doesn’t work this is being done by the federal government.

          • naniam

            Dear God TAKE YOUR CHILDREN! THIS IS DISGUSTING!! These JUDGES have been infected by demonic entites-i am not a religious person BUT that is the ONLY answer I can come up with that would allow children to suffer at all!! They support bombing sovereign nations killing innocent victims–THIS IS BLOOD SACRIFICE-in the name of MILITARY INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX-they are ALL CONNECTED from secret societies on up~~I know sounds crazy–but that’s all I have…no HUMAN with a heart a SOUL could allow this country this planet to do what they do–UNLESS they are yep im going with evil-i don’t care anymore I hope he CHOKES on his MONEY and I have SEEN how KARMA seems to take care of it all in the end– i KNOW my TRUTH-I STAND TALL which is MORE than anyone one of those REPTILIAN VRILL BLACK GOO ENTITIES can ever say~~Peace my friend and BLESSINGS to those poor children—they use them in MK ULTRA Programs–

          • Victim of the system

            linda prestley is a piece of shit, man-hater, incompetent judge. I hope the cancer she has makes her suffer because she is pure evil, does not respect the law and rules based on her personal feelings and beliefs, and not on facts. I hope the cancers eats her alive!

  • naniam