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Corrupt Courts, Corrupt Judges, The Laws They break

The corruption in the Courts, the Judges that do not follow law, ignore the wrong, the lives they ruin. So many people have been victimized by the Judicial System. Judges do not follow the law that they were sworn to uphold. The innocent people that have their lives ruined. In all courts, Family with custody/visitation. Child support, and motions for modification are being ignored, denied. The parental alienation that is being done due to what these Judges, or Magistrates are doing, overlooking. The checks and balances the system is supposed to have! Innocent children having lifelong scars due to the courts being concerned about one thing….. MONEY

The housing courts, and people being thrown out of their homes. The Criminal Courts and the injustice being done there. With the economy so bad people cannot afford a paid Attorney you get a court appointed one, that has far to many cases to give a person the time and attention needed.

So many have been abused by the system…. please share your story! Name the court, Judge, Public defender. Leave child’s names out and use minor child.

We plan on bringing this to the attention of people who may be able to help. Leaving your story and having us publish it may just save another person from going through the suffering.

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  • gilbert martinez

    The Conspiracy in the Family Courts

    These defendants in condonation of the United States
    Eastern district court framed me for domestic offenses which the court lacked
    jurisdiction and deprived me my son for 16 months thus far, and ran a
    conspiracy train of gang stalking on me . Who’s in on it ? the answer to that
    is who’s not in on it. judges, lawyers,
    court employees, you name it. Why you ask? Well first off to jail me , in order
    to silence me. Secondly, they go after what they think will hurt you most,
    which is your child. Pay back for opening your mouth. Third reason, an abuse of
    power, because their the law and they can get away with it..

    First point, these defendants and others in conspiracy trialed me in
    New York for offenses alleged to have occurred in the Common wealth of
    Pennsylvania. Title iii of the United States Constitution Section 2: in
    part states, The trial of all crimes, except in cases of impeachment,
    shall be by jury; and such trial shall be held in the state where the said
    crimes shall have been committed; New York
    Family Court Act §
    154. (c)(1) states, that the family court
    can issue a order protection so long as: (1) the
    act or acts
    giving rise to the
    application for issuance
    or enforcement of the
    order of protection occurred within the state.

    crux of the conspiracy:

    Jan 4 2012 the mother after wrongfully removing my son from my care files a
    petition in New York alleging abandonment another alleging domestic offenses in
    PA. I filed on the 6th in PA. The court tells me that there is no
    free legal assistance available in Pa and instructs Mid Penn Legal services to
    represent her. Two reasons why she didn’t qualify(1) she wasn’t a resident of
    PA (2) She was gainfully employed by the City of New York making over 30
    thousand dollars, well over their eligibility requirement. January 9 2012 the
    court holds hearing to decide jurisdiction, the mother appears two hours late
    because Mid Penn Legal services is prepping her testimony before court. At the
    hearing I request an adjournment to bring witnesses. January 30, 2012 the Kings
    family court dismisses her petition for custody because it was an interstate
    matter and the mother filed a petition alleging abandonment.

    domestic offense petition should have also been dismissed because the court
    lacked jurisdiction.( See exhibit A.) The lawyer convinces the judge to keep a
    temporary order of protection going which was unlawful for them to issue in the
    first place.

    on the day of the continuing hearing in Berks county court I appear to court
    with my witnesses and the court refuses to hold the hearing, instead he defers the
    case to New York and refused to conclude
    the hearing.

    in the kings county Family Court , they assign me a attorney, that refuses to
    subpoena the mothers phone records, so I wouldn’t be able to prove text
    messages send by the mother(see exhibit b) Subsequently T-Mobile wire tapping
    me for the prosecutor refused to hand over her phone records under subpoena and
    court order. The judge tells me I will sign the order but they probably wont
    give you the records.

    the petitioner testifies on the domestic offense case, fails to allege a family
    offense in the state of New York, so he stops the trial. (See exhibit C) Next
    they Pre-organized a plan for the following court date to mistrial the case
    since the plaintiff failed to allege abuse, my lawyer submits a motion to be
    relieved as counsel, stating that I was hostile and couldn’t agree with her
    tactics. She don’t show to court and the court refuses to discuss the reasons
    on the record. They have an attorney waiting in the hall way to be called in to
    replace her so they could have an excuse to mistrial. He don’t discuss anything
    with me and in conspiracy he and the judge mistrial the case.

    I accuse them by motion of the wrong doing they edit the transcripts so the
    records would reflect that I was instructed by the court to wait out side for
    the attorney, so it wouldn’t appeared staged.(see exhibit D pg. 15 and see
    exhibit E) the attorneys response to my complaint which corroborates my story )

    retrial, for offenses they know the court has no jurisdiction. At the retrial
    the judge forces me to represent myself, coerces the mother on the stand to say
    she was staying in PA under duress( See. Exhibit H pg. 69) additionally,
    refuses to allow me to question the mother to prior testimony, specifically
    where she told the court in PA I was stalking her outside her home on January 4th
    2012 the day we left Pa to go to the mothers home in NY where her and her
    family held him captive.(See exhibit F pg. 35, Exhibit H pg. 75-77 ) When I question her about prior testimony
    from the trial he says no not allowed because that’s what a mistrial means
    prior testimony goes away. (Exhibit I pg.39, 40) The end result is he finds me
    guilty of Menacing in the second degree.120.14 of the penal code, when the
    mother never alleged me using a fire arm to threaten her. New York
    Penal code § 120.14 Menacing in the second degree. A person is guilty of menacing
    in the second degree when 1. He or she intentionally places or attempts to
    place another person in reasonable fear of physical injury, serious physical
    injury or death by displaying a deadly weapon, dangerous
    instrument or what appears to be a pistol.

    So he
    orders, an order of protection for 6 months, and her attorney is instructing
    the mother file a false police report so they could jail me. During those six
    months she sends people around my home to get my plate no. I had to constantly
    remove the plate from my car.

    thereto I filed a motion to dismiss for lack of jurisdiction and the attorney
    and judge in conspiracy made up a case in the matter of Richardson v. Richardson
    (2010) stating that the supreme court held that the family court had
    jurisdiction over family offense cases in any state, country and even the
    island of Anguillia. The attorney wrote this under the penalties of perjury.
    (See Exhibit J)I guess its legal these day for lawyers to perjure themselves,
    well as long its done with the approval of the United states district court and
    the FBI wiretapping my internet service, which as I was searching for the case
    on the courts website by the fourth search they added a made up case to the
    courts archive, but blocked me from printing it , so I had to copy and
    paste.(See exhibit k)

    On my next
    court date for jurisdiction I appeared with
    my witnesses, the judge provokes me into an argument him by telling the plaintiff
    on cross not to answer my questions, without even the attorney objecting, this
    way he could hold me in contempt of court. The plan here was to keep my
    witnesses from testifying and retrieve the documents the attorney committed
    fraud and perjury. Since I knew they were going to pull some crap like that I
    left the documents home. So since they couldn’t get those documents they stole
    the mothers letters to me giving over my son.(See exhibit L)I kept copies just
    in case.

    (see Exhibit M) T-mobile says they don’t own the phone number, but sprint says
    it belongs to T-Mobile. Until today they still refuse to hand over the phone

    see Exhibit N 10/19/2012 pg. 43-49 the judge and the mothers attorney
    conspiring together to declare emergency jurisdiction to deprive me my son and
    See Exhibit N 12/20/2012 pg.23 Exhibit H pg. 84,85 the judge strong arming me
    into giving the court jurisdiction over the custody matter. After almost a
    whole year passes by he tells the mother to bring my son to court where I get
    to spend a whole twenty minutes with him. When I ask for an order to spend time
    he says” The only reason I let you see your son today is to not be Barbaric
    and deprive you for a whole year”

    , the District court dismisses all the defendants, according to her its ok to
    deprive a father to their child, frame me for domestic abuse, wiretap me , Gps
    my car, deprive me of hospital care and medications gang stalk me and so forth.
    She states in her judgment none of these defendants are amenable to suit, and
    have immunity.(see exhibit P) my claims are frivolous. Also See photos of the

  • I think the admin of this website is truly working hard
    for his website, since here every material is quality based information.

  • Marley Gulyas Tellier

    We are all blessed to have corruptct to educate us on dcf. I am very appreciative of Courtney and her dedication to our children. I would have never gotten through the horrific times that dcf put my grand children through if it was not for Courtney. She even called to see how we were doing years after our ordeal with them. She has truly molded me into a woman who is now not afraid to speak up to them and call them out on their wrong doings. Courtney, don’t EVER forget how valuable you are to us and NEVER stop doing what you have the compassion to do. Thanks so much for all you have done for me. May God keep on blessing you as you guide others to know how to fight this evil, unjust and toxic agency.

  • Jennifer

    I know there are some truth to this website but it is also quite strange that every single parent says that they have done no wrong. They have to have something in order for them to be able to come to your door.

    • admin


      In regards to your comment ” I know there are some truth to this website but it is also quite strange that every single parent says that they have done no wrong. They have to have something in order for them to be able to come to your door.”

      I need to say that if you are a parent, you just have not had the luxury of having your children ripped away from you, your right’s ignored and people like you saying “well she must have done something”. Can I validate EVERY story? NO, but I can assure you that there is more truth then this fantasy that “YOU MUST HAVE DONE SOMETHING”

      Wishing this nightmare on no one! Please, educate yourself and encourage friends and family to do the same. Children have become a commodity, a money making scandal, kids for cash.

      Thank you for you comment.

    • jdrigney

      maybe where u live somebody has to do something wrong,but all it takes in it takes is 1 to the judge from certain people and your life and minor childs life can be ruined and you not done 1 thing wrong.if u dont believe it move here let 1 person turn on you.

  • buck henry

    Judge Tommy Moore of Dresden, TN is another costumed black robed crook. His only goal is to rob as much money from his county’s poor as he possible can. He proudly stated that when he became a judge in 1980 the “take” the first year was only about $200,000. Now he says he routinely robs the populace for $1.5 million. He was also heard stating that, “Pretty girls don’t get fined in my court.”