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Family Courts, The Lives Ruined, The Judges Allow It

It is no secret that the family court system has the power to rip families apart. The corrupt judges that took an oath to protect are hardly doing that.  The Guardian ad let em’s that are appointed run up a hefty bill that can add up to hundreds of thousands of dollars. Children are forced to choose the parent they would like to reside with and that is a hard choice for a child to make.

The Judges and Magistrates do not put the child’s best interest first. Parents are being incarcerated for arrears in child support even when effort is being made. It is hard enough to provide in one household in this economy and being the parent paying child support seems to fall victim in many different areas. They do not get the equal parenting time  that should be given. Parents should be able to parent as  50/50 unless a parent has done something to lose the option. Children need both parents, they deserve both parents. It should not come down to money, a child’s love has no cost, a parents love has no cost.

With the number of questionable Judges and Magistrates on the bench that are ruining lives daily. Parents are losing everything to fight for their children, and they end up in debt. Having a court appointed attorney does not offer much help, they are far to overloaded and do not have the time to give the person in need of legal guidance.

People feeling as if they are just puppets the strings being held by the Judges behind the bench.

So many complaints about the Judges Names are listed below

Hon. Alan E. Steele

Hon. Elliot Solomon

Hon. Jorge A Simon

Hon. Patty  Pittman

Hon. Barbra Quinn

Hon. Barry C Pinkus

Family Magistrate.

Katherine Hutchinson

Harris T Lifshitz

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  • Susan Glossa

    In 2011, my divorce was in the New Haven Civil Court. The plaintiff’s attorney ordered for me to take a psychological exam because they were stating I was delusional, and wanted to see if I comprehended what was going on in court. Oh Yes , I understood clearly. Yes, the plaintiff and his attorney were setting me up, because I had all the information. Judge Wetstone, and Judge Conway court ordered a forensic psychological test which took about 7 hours. The Not So Honorable Conway stated she would send me to Niantic prison, If I did not take this test. The results were back, I was fine, so the plaintiff and his attorney could no longer hold on to that card of being crazy. On the day of the divorce, Judge Gould stated all parties would meet in the Judges Chambers to come to an agreement. As I was walking towards the chamber with my Attorney, the plaintiffs’ attorney was walking out of the chamber. The plaintiff nor his attorney were not in the chambers. Judge Wetstone coerced and threatened me, stating I abused the Power of Attorney over my ex husband. She then stated I took 50,000 from our savings to do Condo over-the Condo was up for sale, it was to pay bills for the
    renovation of the home we were doing over. Judge Weststone stated if I got the home, she would get me on the other end. She stated she would walk with me to the States Attorney’s office , and I would have to get a public defender, because I would be indigent. She stated for me to sign the home over to the plaintiff, and I would be getting 10,000 for the rest of my life. Pay back is a b–ch. As I was exiting the courtoom, I was told by my attorney, to get home asap because Lemieux Investigators would be video taping all the contents inside the home. They not only video taped, they went thru drawers, medicine cabinets, closets, without the search warrant. Scum!!!!! The worst mistake they did, they went to the in-law apartment, and video taped my mothers’ every piece on content she had. Went thru her closets, and underwear drawers, and she was paying a
    rent, disabled, and recuperating from hip surgery. The was a violation of her privacy. Every dog gets their day,
    and it will come soon. We pay our attorneys to respresent us and pay dearly, to uphold the law, and to put your confidence with them, yet they are the ones lining their pockets , and braking the laws of justice. May the gavel come down on them hard and justfully, and let them be on my side of the fence. It will make my day!

    • Help

      My family member is going through a similar thing where all is in favor of her ex who has a domestic abuse record and corrupt individual. Judge Pinkus and now Quinn are assigned. Can someone help me make sense of this or who to contact for help in this situation. They are taking full advantage of the system and my family and their children are paying the price.

  • DaveTheAngryRhodeIslander

    Now Pinkus has the death of a 7month old boy on his hands, after ruling that the father was no threat to the well-being of the baby. The father threw the baby off a bridge in Middletown. Pinkus, do the good people of Connecticut a favor and RESIGN!

    • Help

      Judge Pinkus appointed children to a relatives Exhusband who is a excessive drug user, crook and has a domestic violence record over a woman who doesn’t have any record, ever used or drank and honest human being. It doesn’t take a genius to see that something isn’t right here and the system is failing us.

  • Clarity

    Sheesh, this article/ post is full of uneducated mistruths 🙁 I am neither a judge nor an attorney, but this is full of clouded misunderstandings. Yes, I agree that judges in family court have a great deal of power over custody/ parenting matters. However, the judge only gets the power when one or both of the parents give it away by not coming to some sort of mutual agreement on their own. To that end, (a) financial/ child support or not having money has nothing to do w/ custody or time with either parent; (b) GAL’s are quite often court appointed and state funded for low income families; (c) GAL’s have more scrutiny based recent changes to the statutes guiding their involvement if it deemed necessary; (d) court appointed attorneys only represent criminal matters, so in family court people either represent themselves, obtain a legal aid attorney, or pay private attorneys; (e) and most importantly, the basic belief of most family judges is that all children should have the ability to have a relationship with both parents unless their physical or emotional safety has been or is likely to be compromised (typically DCF runs the show in these matters). I think this would have been a better read if it was solely written from a subjective point of view based on the writer’s individual experience(s). However, it was full of gum flapping and spreading tales and calling it gospel. With that said, preach on preacher! :/

  • Help

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