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CT DCF clearly does not care…. but we do, and may be able to help

If you are disgusted with the acts of CT DCF…. have had them in your life, or currently. The way they treat people, children, families is unfair, and just plain wrong. The suffering that CT DCF has caused so many is disgusting. The anger and pain that goes along with the actions of this so called agency that “just want’s to help” they are full of shit.

Corruptct does care and we have helped many people, pointing them in the right direction to make the wrongs right. We are here to help, it doesn’t cost anything our site was developed because we care. The plan is to have enough people share stories ask for help, and we will do whatever we can. Staying silent won’t help, and everyone has the right to go beyond the “social worker”. There are options, advocacy groups that specialize in helping people that have had CT DCF rip apart homes, take children away for false reports. This agency will continue to ruin, destroy and abuse the people that can’t afford the expensive attorney’s to  fight them.

Please feel free to contact us and ask for help, share your story, again we care and will help with giving you valuable information. CT DCF is simply corrupt.

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  • marley tellier

    I pray every night for the children who arein dcf care, they desperately need them. My two grandaughters were being abused in two of their foster homes, only 2 and 8 years old and they have put them thru so much hell, i cant even imagine what is going thru their minds….do they feel that we let them down or why isnt mommy coming to keep me safe….DCF is sick and abusive. And just now I found out that my grandson who they put in a treatment center in greenich that the staff is hitting him and when he told his mother, the staff grabbed the phone from him so he couldnt elaborte more. Im am getting really pissed off because now i will have to male more phone calls to our legislative branch to try to help us out again. Wow, how much more can our kids take from this insane dcf. God, please help these children, give them strength to get thru this in one piece

  • Valerie

    I would love to speak with someone regarding a fight for my granddaughter. Also interested in some advice on suing this assholes regarding a substantiation from 10 years ago when they gave a foster child who had severe mental health and sexual issues andthey placed her with my family including 3 children withouth bothering to mention her issues except to tell us “she’s mildly depressed make sure she takes her Paxil”

    • admin

      I know it is not easy to share your story, but with doing so you may be saving another family from the same suffering. Corruptct is a community, there are only two writers, and we are also the founders. We have spent sleepless night’s writing story’s for two reasons, the truth and to help someone. Your not alone, CT DCF continues to do the dirty deeds because no one has stopped them. It’s time they get brought up on neglect charges.

    • lisa

      hello my name is lisa i am a single mom of 5 my third oldest child is a boy now 11. my son was born at 35 weeks to do stress i was in a abusive relationship dcf in the state of mass got involved and never again did i get rid of them my son has emotional and mental conditions he makes up stories lies steals and is very aggressive towards myself my other children peers and any adult figures since my son was 5 he has been in therapy and on medication now things can get very overwhelming being a single mom dealing with daily mom issues and a son with these conditions well i have recently moved back to ct still seeking help in any form for my son to hopefully get proper testing well did i get the surprise of my life dcf came into the home and twisted every word that came out my mouth had my son removed i have a court order of 2 hours a week to see my son and dcf is not complying i see him once a week for an hour now im being charged with physical neglect towards my other 4 kids and after reading there definition it does not apply to me and noone has sat down with me to make it clear the steps needed to be made to regain custody of my son so my opioion of dcf they ruin lives of many remove kids from homes that shouldnt be removed and over look kids that really need the help

  • Valerie Miller

    Tell me how to go about it and I’ll be there. I did finally (it only took 10 years) get unsubstantiated and the lovely social worker assigned to my granddaughter’s case seems to be pissed off about that. I hope it gives her an ulcer. HOwever the social worker that placed a mentally ill child with me ad “forgot” to mention her priot mental and sexual issues is still working for DCF. That’s correct we the taxpayers are still paying a child abuser and I bet we’ll get to pay her a hefty pension too! The social worker’s name is Lisa Hill Whitaby out of the Waterbury office. If she shows up at your door, hide your kids!!

  • edward mendez

    my two kids were taken by dcf ive been wrongfully accusede by dcf what can i do

  • LeeAnn Gibbs

    I live in Pace, FL I had DCF in my life 3 times now, and April 2, 2011 is when I had my last child and now DCF is getting involved in my life again and I’m not sure why cause my daughter and I tested negative for drugs at delivery. I signed temporary custody of my first child to my parents and had the papers legally notarized cause I was 18 and was trying to finish school, in the midst of all of this I was having family problems and relatioship problems and I became pregnant with my second child and because DCF got involved after my second child was born they took my first child from my parents. In 2009 my third child was born with a hole in her heart and DCF tried to say it was due to drugs but the heart doctor said it was not true it was hereditary, I completed my case plan except having a stable place to stay and a job. When my parents said that I could live with them so I would have a stable place for my child and I to live cause my boyfriend was abusive and I told DCF about it. DCF wouldnt allow me to live with my parents to have a stable place until I was able to find a job and get back on my feet after I left my abusive boyfriend. Now once again I have a child and DCF comes back in my life again and I’m afraid they are gonna take my child again and not let me have the chance to be a mother, they’ve taken that from me in the past and now I’m afaid its gonna happen again, What can I do or who can help me fight them so I dont lose this child like I lost my last three. Please help me if you can I need an attorney who can helpme fight them. Thank you

  • nora anderson

    please someone help dcf is trying to keep my grandchild its my sons 1st child they took her from the hospital cuz her mom said she smoked weed while pregnant even though the baby and her didn’t have any in their test they took when she was born this was in febuary 2011 now their talking adoption and don’t want to give her to anyone in the home need help asap. You can call me at (860) 518-6849) ask 4 nora if not home leave a message with husband and a number.

  • http://n/a jamie bradshaw

    I can’t type about what has happened to my family… I’d rather talk on phone
    .. I know it may seem weird to put a number up but at this point I really don’t care anymore. If u can help, please call me… (509)990-8708


  • lisa scheck

    my name is lisa and i have 3 children-jeremy;14 and has adhd and lives with me caitlin;11yrs is in foster care zachary;is 8 yrs,lives in foster care,has cerebral palsy/autism and cant walk or the early 80s i had a heroin addiction problem(my mid teens-early 20s).i have been clean since 1989.i ended up contracting hiv 28yrs ago and have now had full blown aids for 23yrs.i have had problems w/dcf in the past because when i needed help i asked for it so i wouldnt end up neglecting them because of health feb 2008 i needed heary surgery and the kids stayed w/youngest ones father-dcf decided this.2wks later they charged him w/neglect and took the kids.i,eventually,signed away my parental rights in agreement w/open daughter was never adopted(she was pulled out along with 2 adopted kids)and is now in temp foster son and i havent seen her for 16mths and wont give us any info(which we agreed to in court).im upset and my 14yr olds daughters father died of aids 5mths ago.i almost died last year and i want to see my daughter as agreed upon.theres alot more shocking info but i cant fit it all on disability and have no money.HELP-HELP-HELP.i want to see my daughter before i son,jeremy,wants to see his sister,caitlin shockey,terribly.PLEASE HELP.if anyone reads this and can help my email is

  • MEG

    I live in connecticut.For the past 6 months i have been going through the most traumatizing and humilating experience with DCF.My daughter who is only 1 &1/2 (my only child) was taken away from me for 4 weeks in april by her father in an ex-parte motion( which DCF advised him and told him to do).They manipulated him and gave him false info. about the situation.Story is: I was at a friends house with whom i haven’t seen in over 15 years (since high school).My daughter and i were “VISITING” him.My friend from high school was pushed off a cliff and survived.He has some brain damage and etc..While visiting him he mentioned he was depressed and showed me a journal that was disturbing.I immediatly contacted his family and tried to get him help.He(the father) had called and threatend to come there and he did.I called the police and they spoke to me and his family.They checked on my daughter and looked through his home (THEY STATED IT WAS PERFECTLY SAFE).It being late at the time i decided to stay the night and get my friend to griffin hospital in the morning.The next thing i know DCF is knocking on his door (the next day)and has all these questions?!Her father admitted to me that he put alot of false statements in the ex-parte motion and DCF helped him write it.What happend is he called my ex -husband and because my ex and i were not on good terms and neither her father ..They were saying horrible things about me.My ex said my friend does drugs and my daughers father.My daughters father and ex husband also discovered a website that had my friends name ,address and etc.. that contained buying or selling drugs or etc..I had absolutely no knowledge of this website!!I questioned my friend about this website and he says he has no idea of any website with his name on it..That day after DCF left his home and no more than 2 hours later they came back with police ,her father and ripped her out of my arms!!So,since then i have taken drug tests (passed) phych test (passed) and they found everything unsubstantiated!!!!!When i got the first visit from the dcf worker at my home she even complimented how lovely and nice my home is.Now,the women who was doing the investigation says her supervisor at dcf is having us in “TREATMENT” ??I have even requested copies of the file,investigation protocall and case narrative .Because in my heart it was ridiculous and lies of what they said.The new women /social worker won’t give them to me and said i need to get a lawyer if i want that.I contacted an attorney and they said that i have every right to see what they have documented (I HAVE RIGHTS) My daughter thankfully is small and can’t understand this drama (THANK GOD) She is the most cared for,loving,happy,funny and amazing child!DCF knows this when they see her and still will not leave me and her alone!!!It has been the most traumatizing experience and i wouldn’t wish dcf on my worst enemy (if i had one).The thought of there visits to my home only bring back the traumatizing event of her being pulled from my arms that day!!!My daughter almost died during my emergency c- section and had meconium aspiration ..She was in the intensive care unit for 2 weeks .After her release and being home with me for 1 week she got the rsv flu and went back to the hospital.Being a mom this is so traumatic when you know your doing your best and have your childrens best interests at heart.Dcf has humiliated me even with her pediatrician and daycare.I spent so much time researching the “best ” in connecticut before she was born to only be under a microscope with them!It is very hurtful when you know your a good mom and have to live in fear of your child being taken away to someone who you don’t know or wonder and worry constantly what there “REAL ” motives are!!DCF cause more harm than good !!! There are real kids in danger out there and they focus on people like myself who are good just to say they did something right!!!!

  • http://dcfworkerswhodontcare bre


  • kathy weekes

    i need your help,i have no where else to turn.8 years ago,my son who was 8,had some mental problems and was placed in a hospital.then d.c.f got involed and told us they would connect us with some help,well to make a long story short,8 years later he still isnt home.d.c.f told my husband and i that we abused him and thats why we cant have him home anymore,after a while nothing was found and they coulnt go any further,but i still dont have my son.they kept telling me what i had to do to get him back,but it was never enough.a couple of years ago,he was allowed to come for holidays and weekends,but d.c.f stopped this,saying it was to hard for him,he cries all the time wanting to vist home,and they just dont care.then when my other son who is 17,but was 10 when d.c.f took son had anger issues,not from abuse but from a mental disorder.i know get to see both my kids for one hour twice a month.i have 3 other children at home who miss them so much.also if we abused our sons,they would of taken all my children.then my ex husband got involed,my two boys are his children,he only has contact with my 17 year old right know.he gets my son on all holidays and weekends,and fills my sons head with such lies about me.which is crazy because when i had my son,my then husband left and didnt see my son untill he turned 16,and know wants to be father of the year.nothing has ever happened in my home to those boys,d.c.f just dances around all my questions about this,and keeps refering to a file that holds the truth,yet i have done everything to get or just see this file,and i just dont get anywhere.i am so heartbroken,im in pain all the time.i have missed seeing my boys grow up.i am treated like a monster.even my oldests sons doctor refuses to speak to me.tonite i found out my son has the flu,so i called the group home in hopes to talk to him,and i was told by a staff member that i was not allowed to call there,or have contact with my son then hung up on so mad right know i cant even tell you.this is a new thing d.c.f did,because 2 days ago i was allowed to call him and talk to today for some unknown reason i cant.the staff told me to talk to my d.c.f worker,but of course its saturday.everyday day its a new nightmare,i try to hold on to what i can to have my kids in my life,but d.c.f is slowly taking away a little day by day.please help me i cant say that enough.

  • NICK


  • Karin

    I live in CT. Last week I brought my daughter to her afterschool program, unaware that if kids don’t finish their day in school, they can’t attend. They called a few minutes later asking me to go get her. I walked with a friend, and while there signed up a couple of people to have permission to pick her up as well. We walked past two parking lots, almost to the street, and two blocks from home. My daughter was crying hysterically because they wouldn’t let her stay. This girl comes out running after us screaming for us to come back. This person is sleeping with my ex husband, so I have no desire to ever talk to her, so I kept walking. Once home, the police arrived. I talked with them for awhile, and they laughed and said it was obvious that I was not drunk, and they had no reason to be there. They inspected my daughter, let her play in theIr car, and left. A few days later, DCF left a note saying I have to make an appointment with them. The police had warned me the girl did call. Do I have to speak with them?? I was a foster parent last year for a friend’s kid, and know how awful they are. I kept her until she was returned to her parents.

  • kirsten fauquet

    dcf have taken my kids out of my home on a otc theier claiming that i have mental health issues that mean i cant take care of my kids that my house was dirty and so were my kids .their also staying that i agreeed to let them do it which i didnt . my kids reallly want to come home and i need them to i miss them so much is their anything i can do to get them home