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Would you like your story about what DCF has done to you published here?

If you have had DCF/CPS in your life and they have damaged your family, there is no need to stay quiet, unless you would like to that is. Having your story published here will not take away any of the hurt that was caused, but it very well could help another to relate, and share. Feeling alone after what these “people” do, is extremely hard. Not only will you be helping others, but getting it out may just help you.

If you would like your story published, please know you can leave names out, you may put the social workers name if you would like, but you can remain anonymous. To publish your story please go to the “contact us” section, fill out the information and it will come right to us,no one else can see the information but us, so if you would were to have any questions you could leave your email address or phone number and we will contact you.

Sharing…. is helping, your story just may save a family.

Thank you ~ Admin Court

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  • admin

    I believe this is a great way to bring awareness to others, to the many many people that visit this site, to bring awareness of the wrong,the hurt. And to maybe awaken some people about this horrible agency that rips families apart, cause more HARM than any good.

  • My story starts out here.I had my 3rd child in January by c-section with a tubal ligation.In 2003.From day 1 of tubal,I had problems,this started my seizures in March of 2003.I had some depression from the seizures cause I had lost the use of my license and the ability to stay alone with my children.I had to have a babysitter with me,I felt like a baby myself.Well,I had nurses coming to pour my meds for me every day,and one evening I got an investigator came to the house,we were outside working in the yard.She came in and saw the place,told us that we were neglecting the children because they had over 4000 dollars of toys thats too many toys its neglect.our cabinets were full and stocked at all times,same with freezer and fridge,and we had a stand up freezer in the sun room stocked and very full.I was on wic.My oldest had her own tv vcr and dvd player in her room she was 7.All 3 of them at their birthdays had the moon bounces every year at their parties and we had cook outs we always had the moonbounce for the whole weekend.We had pictures but dcf didnt want to see them,it would mess them up.videos too.Christmas was packed withtoys and a huge tree and it was real,we went to cut it down.Again pictures and videos.Our children were well behaved were never yelled at or hit.When DCF,took them in 2004.The first judge,Judge Bear looked at the sw Matt Gilbert and said You had better find probable cause as to why you took these children or I am returning them home,this case is bogus.Needless to say,our sw got changed and the judge got changed and we never saw him on the stand again.We got a strange answer to why we got a new sw.This started a long journey DCF,CORRUPTED DCF!Our childre were suddenly made into guinea pigs,brought to every doctor around.Put to every test there was before the age of 3.Tests that I didnt do until I was older.MRIS,CTSCANS,LABWORK,OH!my 2 year old they made her go through a EEG were they were going to hyperventilate her into a seizure while she was out.Because she had a fit one day and held her breathe and passed out,so they automatically said that she had a seizure.We didnt know until after the fact.My son was being played rough with by the foster father and he hurt his arm,we didnt know until he came in with it wrapped in an ace bandage,it was sprained.We never sprained our kids arms.Then they get a bright idea and move our 2 year old into a home in Willington,CT were the foster mother was beating her.This is the part were it took us 5 times at least to get the sw to do some thing about it.The sw,Amy Silver took her to the er,never told us about it and they were supposed to tell us everything,all she said is that she was placed with her brother.Well,1.5 years later we were in court and we had about 3 or 4 sws and noone could tell us what happened to her.The question came up,what happened to Tabitha,(my daughter)Sw says after looking at me knowing that we never touched our kids and they were in the wrong,she also looked at her attorney and the other sws before answering.As if looking to be prompted by them.And says to the court that she was brought to a local er and tested.The tests showed that the foster mother was abusing my can a complete stranger touch my baby and get away with it and we never touch them and we lose them?It kills me every day.Well our story can help any one.We just want our kids home safely.Can anyone help us?One more thing,When the first sw came into the house,I told him that I was Native American,so that means my children are Indian and I also had all the regalia in the house.How does someone miss that?I know my laws,and they didnt follow them,so didnt my lawyer.When I told the sw,he blew me off.(Matt Gilbert)We are registered too.Can anybody help me?Does anybody know the laws or where I can get help?Please point me in the right direction.We were terminated in 2007 in June,but I hear there is a new head in there.I am looking to over turn my case.I believe it is unfair and unjust.I was not able to speak at the trial and our lawyer was helping them because the states attorney was his best friend.We own a house now and a farm,what more can a child want.Their pictures are everywhere.Please help if anyone knows how.Stop DCF NOW!

  • I wanted to share with you briefly about a horrible tragedy that my family is experiencing with the Department of Family Services in Las Vegas Nevada. Sadly…my family is not alone in this abuse…

    I have been an foster/adoptive resource for over three years now.

    In June 2008 two sibling boys… Two and five years old at the time were placed with me! Neither was potty trained, both were under weight and had developmental delays. Both had deep seated scars and fears related to abandonment and neglect.

    Early into it I feared maybe I was in over my head. Maybe the damage done was too great and I was not equipped. I shared this with the biological mothers therapist outside the courtroom one day. She admonished me to hang in there and to just be consistent. Children are resilient and just want to be loved she said. She confided to me that she had been fighting for this placement for over a year and was so relieved that I had them.

    I was struck with the fact that I did not have the instant bond of mother child as I had with my birth son. I repented and prayed to God every night to give me a mothers heart for these boys because I knew they deserved that. He gave it to me and I was determined to remain committed to the children as I was horrified at the revolving door of placements that children have to endure.

    So I clung to her admonishment and prayer and yes she was right…… I saw tremendous progress and nothing short of miracles over time with the boys. They went from being unable to function to normal busy active boys!! I became extremely busy with the demands of so called “special needs” boys and with all the requirements of the DFS, doctor appointments, counseling, tutoring, reliable babysitting, and a working single mom! Whew! But live was full and good.

    It took one year to terminate parental rights. At the 11th hour of moms parental rights being terminated I offered an open adoption agreement and she agreed. Her rights were technically relinquished.

    I thought of a live in nanny and one was recommended from one of the agencies that work with children in foster care. We agreed to a trial training period with the understanding if it worked out she would be a live in nanny help. After a very short period of training with pay I felt uncomfortable with her presence around the children and I told her it was not going to work out. She stayed in my home for three weeks until she could arrange for another place to stay. I did not leave her alone with the children. Being vindictive she turned me in to CPS with many false outlandish allegations against me on or about March 17th.

    March 17th my presence was requested at the children’s status hearing check and my adoption packet being done I had been ready for quite some time. I was waiting on the DFS to move. The Hearing Master Femiano stated that the adoption had to take place by June of this year or multiple ASFA fines would incur against the DFS. After that hearing we began picking out our new last names and planning for an adoption party. The therapist was also preparing the children for adoption.

    Friday March 18th CPS investigator Deo called me at work and wanted to know where the children were. I cooperated. He took the little one from his preschool and took him to his office. I called the caseworker and told her I am getting mixed messages here. She reassured me I had nothing to worry about. Every allegation has to be investigated. The little one told me later that he was scared to leave his preschool with this strange man but he was nice because he gave him candy and then had him pee in a cup!

    March 24th, one week after the last status hearing CPS removed the children from my home with out any explanation to me! I was so traumatized I did not work or go home for three weeks. After the initial blow I slowly regained strength to fight back. They had not even done an investigation and refused me any contact with the children!

    I pushed for an investigation and on May 11 a month and a half later although most of the allegations were found not substantiated they substantiated child abuse “substance misuse” and I was registered as an offender threatening my nursing license. I had one week to apply for an appeal or would forever forfeit that right to appeal and would remain a registered child abuser. I got my appeal in and then waited for the hearing date to be set.

    Originally it was set for July 20th but I believe at my obnoxious pushing I had my hearing pushed to an earlier date on June 15th.

    On June 14th one day before my hearing I was given a copy of their supposed evidence and charges against me! June 15th I sat in at my Hearing and I defended myself and provided my evidence.

    (Our three year anniversary was June 16th.)

    June 21st the child abuse charges were overturned by Hearing Master Heather Kemp and the DFS was ordered to remove me from the offender data base immediately!

    June 23rd I showed up children’s next Hearing Status check and Hearing Master Femiano allowed me in the court room. I sat opposite the DFS/DA and I was allowed to speak. I told her that it had been a very rough three months and that the children and I were denied and contact with each other for the first time in three years.

    She agreed indeed because the children had been separated from each other and filtered through five different placements in a three month period!! I was horrified! After three years of stability and progress who does this to children!?!
    The caseworker, did not show and had a stand in with her written notes stating that she was happy to report that the children were doing extremely well! (really?) And that I was to be contacted for therapeutic visits and a safety plan was to be placed and the children were to be returned to me. The Hearing Master inquired as to why visitation and safety plan….? The stand in stated because of the allegations made against me. The Hearing Master stated….I don’t want to hear that…..those were overturned….why not just place them back???

    The D.A. then spoke and said that the DFS communicated to her that there was uncertainty if they could re-instate my Foster License. I clarified to the Hearing Master that my Foster License was not suspended or revoked but the renewal was put on hold pending the outcome of the investigation and appeal! I also stated that I disagreed with the DFS decision to remove the children traumatically and that I would like to get back to our lives and proceed with our original plans of adoption. Hearing Master Femiano told me that she could not force the DFS to return the children to me but that she could put pressure on them to place them in an adoptive resource as they have not been in one since they were removed from me. There was no more mention of “ASFE” fines! She set the next status check hearing for six months later in December.

    On June 19th a friend and I went to the Commissioners meeting and sat there from 9am to 3:30pm until comments from the public were allowed. I thought my heart was gonna beat out of my chest but I briefly told them of my experience with the DFS and the children being filtered through five different foster homes. The Commissioners Stated that they would look into it.

    July 21st we were granted a “therapeutic good bye visit”! Our first contact in over four months! I refused to say goodbye and stated that for the record to the DFS, the therapist, and my attorney. I also stated that I disagree with the D.F.S. decision to remove the children traumatically and now to not place them back in our home and that I am refusing to say goodbye to the children.

    July 21st I was also informed that they now they were re-investigation my foster license. I called Patricia Peal to inquire why are they re-investigating my license? I was told that I was misinformed by Richard Nelson the original investigator because he is just a “very nice person”! Ms. Peal stated that this is a continuation of the original investigation put on hold pending the outcome of CPS investigation and my appeal. She stated they would have a decision for me in two weeks. (I believed that they were just looking for another way to disqualify me in order to justify their removal of the children).

    I was re traumatized after seeing the children and hearing the horror of their experience. They were separated from every thing that they had come to know and expect as home and family. The older one was labeled a sexual predator stemming from the false allegation against him and I. He was separated from his younger brother. Kicked out of multiple homes and sent to St. Judes Ranch with other labeled offenders. His medication and bowel training that we worked so hard on for three years went all together ignored and he began to soil his paints again! He was ridiculed and humiliated for soiling his pants and ran away to find me! He was caught and sent back to Child Haven. He told me that his life has been ruined! (He is only 8 years old!) He also told me that his heart feels like a toilet that is plugged up. While he was in my presence he said it has gone down but when he leaves me it will be plugged again. He stated that he began cursing again because he is so angry at what has happened! Me too baby…I told him. He asked me “How are we going to stay connected as a family mom?” I pointed to my heart and then told him I was banging on the gates of heaven!! He described the removal of his brother and he from me and our separation from each other right before our adoption as a bomb that blew us all up!!! …..It does feel like an act of terrorism!

    Tuesday July 26th Janice Ridondo Community Liason for Commissioners had set up a meeting for me to meet with the Director of the DFS Tom Morton on Friday July 29th. It was then overturned by the Assistant County Manager Jeff Wells stating that since I am in the midst of a “best interest determination” it would be inappropriate for the county to step in at this time. Jeff Wells then communicated to me that he told the DFS that they could not investigate my foster license until they had done a best interest determination.

    Tuesday August 2nd went to Commissioners Meeting and I spoke again to request a “Special Meeting” concerning the DFS. I was told yes by the Commissioners I was told to get with Jeff Wells again to set that up.

    August 4th an “Emergency Hearing” for the boys set. Amy Jaffe and Patricia Peal stood in for the DFS. Also Tamiko Carter Henderson case worker and Richard Nelson Foster License Investigators, Darcy Spears Chief Investigative Reporter for channel 13, Anita Stephens former president of CCFAAPA. Sylvia liberty and Shelly Alfaro, long time friends on mine. The biological grandmother was also there in the audience.

    This time The DFS stated in court that they are planning on placing the children back with biological grandmother before school starts this year. (They removed the children from the the biological grandmother three years ago and placed with me for adoption). They also stated that they are investigation my foster license again. And that the Investigation was not complete at that time but Patricia Peals stated that she would have to say they are probably moving towards revocation. (To justify their criminal actions!) Amy Jaffe stated that they would grant me visitation if the children were to ask for me. (They have been asking for their mommie since their removal!)

    This hearing in no way resembled a “Best Interest Determination” but was placed on calendar as and specifically called a “status check”. Biological grandmother told the hearing master that I disobeyed court ordered visitation with bio mother. (I have an open adoption agreement giving me discretion with visitation so that I could act in children’s best interest). Also there was still no more mention of “ASFE” fines promised if the children were not adopted by June of this year!

    Friday August 5th Darcy Spears Chief Investigative Reporter for Channel 13 interviewed me in our home.

    Tuesday August 9th I email-ed and called DFS administration and my attorney that I had no intentions of ever having a Foster License again! That I would have it and did have it only to adopt my precious boys.

    Friday August 12 I email-ed and called the County Managers Office about the DFS refusing to speak with me. I was told Jeff Wells was on vacation and Rose who answered the phone called the DFS for me she was told that DFS would not speak with me if I had council so immediately I released my attorney and cc’d that release email to DFS administration.

    Monday August 15th I Called DFS for visitation again and was told that they could not speak with me because I had an attorney and I clarified that I released him and had forwarded that release notification to their office! I also spoke briefly with Donna Coleman Child Welfare Advocate about getting CAP Attorney for the children. Email-ed Tabitha Fiddyment Child Welfare Attorney and I spoke and faxed all documents pertaining to my boys and their case to Bill Grimm Lead Council for National Youth Law….he is looking into it.

    August 16th I spoke again at the Commissioners Meeting. I was told by Don Burnette Clark County Manager that the new interim director Lisa Ruiz-Lee would speak with me now as he had directly spoke to her office about it.

    August 17th Lisa Ruiz-Lee did email me back and stated that she would be in contact with me shortly to schedule a meeting for the week of the 21st. I requested more visitation with the children since their was no transition and the children are still very traumatized. She stated that she would discuss that issue with me at our meeting! (In other words…..NO…..and still no transition for the children or me.)

    August 26th Friday. I received a phone call from Senator Hellers office. A Ms. Brittany Sandler told me that she had read my letter in its entirety and she wanted to assure me that Senator Heller was appalled. She told me that Senator Heller was writing a letter on our behalf along with my letter attached to the Attorney Generals Office, Governor Sandoval’s office, and the office of The Department of Health and Human Services requesting an investigation in this matter and a response back from those departments to him as to their action taken.

    The children and I have been used and then discarded like trash by a corrupt system paramount to human trafficking and slavery. Millions of dollars are at stake and the children pay the price! I can no longer remain silent to this evil system that betrays the children entrusted in their care!

    Please see my petition and contact me about this case and be a voice for the voiceless!
    Vicki Lambou
    6916 Little Brook Street
    Las Vegas, Nevada 89131
    “Let the children come to me; do not hinder them, for to such belongs the kingdom of God. Truly, I say to you, whoever does not receive the kingdom of God like a child shall not enter it.” And he took them in his arms and blessed them, laying his hands on them.
    —Mark 10:13-16

    Mordecai sent this reply to Esther: “Don’t think for a moment that because you’re in the palace you will escape when all other Jews are killed. 14If you keep quiet at a time like this, deliverance and relief for the Jews will arise from some other place, but you and your relatives will die. Who knows if perhaps you were made queen for just such a time as this?” Esther 4:13,14.

  • Laura

    intimadation practices, false accusations, we have documented
    proof Boston DCf lied to the Judge in a court of law, all proof disputing false
    allegations made, COMPLETELY IGNORED BY BOSTON DCF, bias against men/fathers,
    they caused the mother to become homeless, they financially drained the father
    by purposely cancelling a court hearing even though they knew he had to fly from Florida, & have his own
    lawyer there, motel expense, car rental, etc. when i corresponded with the DCF woman that
    cancelled the hearing, “5 minutes before it was scheduled to begin, & I expressed to her that this tactic was unprofessional,
    she CHUCKLED !, as she disagreed with me. Enough of their unregulated, unchecked
    trickery & lack of integrity of an agency that is “supposed” to care about
    families. instead they use their unlimited authority, to traumatize families, as
    they make bonus’s for how many children they can adopt out, this is not any different from child human trafficing,
    they are treating children as comodities. When will someone finally care enough to
    stop these atrosities from happening right in our own
    country?!! They need to be held accountable ! by ” we the people ” lets make noise about this, they like it when we are silent, let us stop them with our voices. Evil only prevails when good men do nothing.

  • Heather Specyalski

    Dcf has put me on the “Child registry list” without any investigation. We fought it with a lawyer and they still went against me. Not only has DCF never ever been called on me, but my ex husband after I was in a hoffific accident in which I suffered life altering injuries took custody of him while I was in a 3 month coma. I left my husband due to his physical and emotional abuse to save my child. He has had restraining orders against him not to come 100 feet of me or my son, and was forced to take anger management classes. After my motor vehicle accident in which took years to walk, talk, eat etc… Had to move in with my parent to care for me. My son Brandon was raised by him from 7 years old until he finally had to live with me as well as my parents ( his grandparents) After numerous anonymous
    Allegations of his fathers constant abuse. From all my orthopedic as well as internal surgeries including a reconstruction of pelvis, total hip replacement, brain injury etc…
    My Ex husband Broke my son Brandon’s nose at 15 years old which left him to go to school with a broken nose as well as 2 black eyes… Never mind the constant Mental abuse. My son came to me so sad with heavy depression, insomnia and started dabbling with drugs. (Due to his father being a Cocaine addict) By constant abuse he came to live with me and ended up going to heaven 3 weeks before his 16th Birthday. I was arrested Christmas time for killing him because he sneaked my pain medicine while I was recovering from an extensive operation which put me in the icu for 2 weeks. The way he ended his life was by crushing my pills and sniffing them up his nostrils. My medicine was very strong and caused brain injury. I woke up to him blue, cold and gone. I suffered tremendously and even had to be put in a mental hospital. I still after 5 years are on heavy antidepressants, and feel as though I died with him as his mother that only praised him for him as much as my quality time allowed. I was arrested, shackled chained, and just went through a horrible hurtful trial this story of being bullied by the system goes on and on. I need help and want my story to be known so other children can be saved before they die like my beautiful perfect Boy……
    My Names is Heather Kubasek Specyalski if you google my name you will see what I have been through. The Superior court deliberated for a short time to come up with a not guilty verdict across the board- Why am I still on this list? Why do they think they are above the Law? Please please help me and my family.
    Thank you for your patience and time,
    Heather Specyalski

    • Dee

      Heather, you are a liar. Purebred. You deflect any responsibility. Your biggest mistake wasn’t letting Brandon die, it was refusing the help to save yourself. Deflect. Deny. Use. Abuse. Also, there are still a few years left if AJ wants to press statutory rape charges. Own your mess, step out of it and head to a new life. This is YOUR mess.

  • Mark

    Lindsey, you couldn’t be more wrong. Read about the two manslaughter cases against her and watch her drug-addled appearances on the Dr. phil show and you’ll see what this woman is all about. Her story is a tragedy without a doubt, but it’s a tragedy of her own making. If you want to feel sorry for someone, feel sorry for all the people whose lives she destroyed.