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A story of a lying, careless CT DCF worker

A story of a lying, careless CT DCF worker

We all know how the actions of the ct DCF is just disgusting. The way they lie their way into your life, cause your family extreme stress and all over a simple phone call. Let’s face it, no parent is perfect, but we love our children. It pisses me off that they lie so I am going to tell you a true story of how a careless worker who couldn’t keep her story straight.

A copy of the investigation was requested. Of course you have to write to someone to get it so they can ” edit” the report, and very familiar with this case. I was irate when I read through pages of lies. the fact that a first grader could spell better than her, and the most disturbing part, was the child involved…. she called the child THREE different names throughout the report. The lies, the false statements and the imperative information she left out. But all this time the parent was having contact and home visits insuring the parent that she was on the parents side. That again, The CT DCF, famous words ” we just want to help” they are full of shit. If you are ever under investigation, please read the other information on this site. An anonymous report is b.s. You are able to face your accuser. There is so much information on this site that can educate and save a lot of heartache. If I had a word of advice, I would never answer the door without a warrant. That this department acts on the same as police, they are only as smart as what you tell them. But CT DCF, they twist, turn, lie. They prey on people who don’t know their rights. Even if you have never had a run in, prepare yourself, it’s nothing you want to get involved with without knowing your rights.

Please share your story, we can help point you in the right direction to advocacy groups. The more aware we make this issue, the weaker this agency will become. It simply comes down to dirty, lying, careless state workers, that care about putting in the 20 years. And destroying families. NOT FOR LONG, we are going to build, BUILD, and get stronger. And once all the information, hopefully we can save innocent children in the so called care of DCF

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  • andrea

    i lost my daughter to dcf. i fought for 5 1/2 years with them. ive dealt with many messed up and few good social workers, my first dcf worker had had a one night stand with my fiance at time and flat out told me that i would never get my child back if i wasnt single. since of course he wasnt her father ,even though we had been dating for 1 1/2 years and did not even live with each other yet. now if he was such a bad influence why with her having kids herself try to get with him when i brooke up with him for my child. there are many other stories i can share this was just my first experience with them so i thought i would share it. and all this started cause i call the police since i found out my child had been molested at a state approved home child care providers home by her son in law. i just happened to be a woman raising her child without the father in the picture and having a child who was bi-racial. i had one dcf supervisor who was black ask me if i even know how to do her hair, did i really think that she would adjust well in life not living in a black family. and guess who was the one worker who pushed for the black foster mom to adopt her…… u guessed it the same one who said this stuff to me. so long story short in this foster home now her adoptive home she gets molested again by the womans boyfriend and admits to being molested in every foster except one since being in dcf care. now my little girl is a mess even more so than when she
    was with me. was she taken from her adoptive mom and was she told it was her fault. no she still has her and is almost willing to give up on my child when i never would have if given the chance.they say they are here to help they are not. they are here to how many billable hours they get. humanity,compassion and good judgment are sorely lacking when it comes to dcf in ct. and if your poor and cant afford a good attorney you are screwed.

    • my daughter,caitlin,was also molested in a pre-adoptive dcf home.she was taken from her father while i was very sick n aft staying w them almost a yr she bonded w them.the adopted boy in the home(kyle-then 12,now 15)molested my daughter(caitlin-then 9,now 12).they took my daughter out of the home although i had only agreed to the home she was in because of my health n the fact she’d bonded w them so well but kyle is still there n has a sister there the same age as catie.i even would buy gifts for the 2 adopted kids when i bought something for catie.kyle is now on prob in new london county.ct dcf tried to cover it up n i only found out by mistake.i thought she would b better off w a family that was stable n healthy-i have AIDS(26yrs),hep c,brain lesions,heart defibrillator,neuropathy,have had thrush so bad my tongue n throat r scarred so bad i can only eat very soft foods or liquids BUT she still woulda been better off w me 100%

      • Tina

        You should tell your story, everyone should stop being quiet about what DCF is doing to families, if everyone keeps taking the abuse from dcf then they will never stop stealing our kids.

  • heather

    Right now my fiance is going through a DCF court case. They took his three year old son away from the birth mother because her other child was at the doctors for bruises on her face. The “claim” is that the boy hit his baby sister with a toy while the mothers back was turned. Plausible, but DCF claimed that it had to be an adult. Why would you beat up your child and then take them to the doctors? I don’t know, but I digress. Now DCF is trying to make it so none of my fiances family can see him even though my fiance wasn’t even legally the father up until this point. They are still bringing him to court on negligence charges. Because obviously it was his duty to take his son out of the situation even though he had no legal right at the time. Yeah, okay…

    Oh, and the best part about all of this is while both children were in DCF custody; his son was attacked by a dog at one of the DCF day cares. His face near his lip is still cut even though it has been about a month. He will have scars. I think that is negligence on their part because not only did they let this happen and were not watching carefully but they did not take him to see a doctor. At all. We finally got him to live with us a couple days after the incident and not even a day later he had a fever of 103. We immediately took him to the emergency room and the doctors were concerned, asking what dog bit him (we were never told), if the dog had his shots (again we were never told), and where it happened. But as soon as we said it happened in DCF custody the doctors changed their attitude and just gave the little boy with a dog bite on his face Tylenol. He was discharged with a slight fever and that was that.

    It seems like DCF plays by their own rules. Making them up as they go along. And it also seems like other organizations like the hospitals for instance don’t want to get on DCF’S bad side. These people are bullies that are at the moment trying to stick their head in every piece of our lives. The judge during court said that there is no court order that states we have to let DCF in our house or even talk to them but DCF went ahead and told my fiances probation officer that he was “not complying” now DCF has the final say in whether or not my fiance gets his probation terminated early next month even though we have let them in our house countless times and filled out all their paperwork. They are doing all they can to ruin our lives and take away this adorable little boy. And I have a theory about that. It is much easier to get a young white child adopted and I’m pretty sure DCF gets compensated or rewarded if an adoption happens. Just a theory.