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A story of a lying, carelss CT DCF worker

We all know how the actions of the ct DCF is just disgusting. The way they lie their way into your life, cause your family extreme stress and all over a simple phone call. Let’s face it, no parent is perfect, but we love our children. It pisses me off that they lie so I am going to tell you a true story of  how a careless worker who couldn’t keep her story straight.

A copy of the investigation was requested. Of course you have to write to someone to get it so they can ” edit” the report, and very familiar with this case. I was irate when I read through pages of lies. the fact that a first grader could spell better than her, and the most disturbing part, was the child involved…. she called the child THREE different names throughout the report. The lies, the false statements and the imperative information she left out. But all this time the parent was having contact and home visits insuring the parent that she was on the parents side. That again, The CT DCF, famous words ” we just want to help” they are full of shit. If you are ever under investigation, please read the other information on this site. An anonymous report is b.s. You are able to face your accuser. There is so much information on this site that can educate and save a lot of heartache. If I had a word of advice, I would never answer the door without a warrant. That this department acts on the same as police, they are only as smart as what you tell them. But CT DCF, they twist, turn, lie. They prey on people who don’t know their rights. Even if you have never had a run in, prepare yourself, it’s nothing you want to get involved with without knowing your rights.

Please share your story, we can help point you in the right direction to advocacy groups. The more aware we make this issue, the weaker this agency will become. It simply comes down to dirty, lying, careless state workers, that care about putting in the 20 years. And destroying families. NOT FOR LONG, we are going to build, BUILD, and get stronger. And once all the information, hopefully we can save innocent children in the so called care of DCF

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  • andrea

    i lost my daughter to dcf. i fought for 5 1/2 years with them. ive dealt with many messed up and few good social workers, my first dcf worker had had a one night stand with my fiance at time and flat out told me that i would never get my child back if i wasnt single. since of course he wasnt her father ,even though we had been dating for 1 1/2 years and did not even live with each other yet. now if he was such a bad influence why with her having kids herself try to get with him when i brooke up with him for my child. there are many other stories i can share this was just my first experience with them so i thought i would share it. and all this started cause i call the police since i found out my child had been molested at a state approved home child care providers home by her son in law. i just happened to be a woman raising her child without the father in the picture and having a child who was bi-racial. i had one dcf supervisor who was black ask me if i even know how to do her hair, did i really think that she would adjust well in life not living in a black family. and guess who was the one worker who pushed for the black foster mom to adopt her…… u guessed it the same one who said this stuff to me. so long story short in this foster home now her adoptive home she gets molested again by the womans boyfriend and admits to being molested in every foster except one since being in dcf care. now my little girl is a mess even more so than when she
    was with me. was she taken from her adoptive mom and was she told it was her fault. no she still has her and is almost willing to give up on my child when i never would have if given the chance.they say they are here to help they are not. they are here to how many billable hours they get. humanity,compassion and good judgment are sorely lacking when it comes to dcf in ct. and if your poor and cant afford a good attorney you are screwed.

    • Lisa Wheeler

      my daughter,caitlin,was also molested in a pre-adoptive dcf home.she was taken from her father while i was very sick n aft staying w them almost a yr she bonded w them.the adopted boy in the home(kyle-then 12,now 15)molested my daughter(caitlin-then 9,now 12).they took my daughter out of the home although i had only agreed to the home she was in because of my health n the fact she’d bonded w them so well but kyle is still there n has a sister there the same age as catie.i even would buy gifts for the 2 adopted kids when i bought something for catie.kyle is now on prob in new london county.ct dcf tried to cover it up n i only found out by mistake.i thought she would b better off w a family that was stable n healthy-i have AIDS(26yrs),hep c,brain lesions,heart defibrillator,neuropathy,have had thrush so bad my tongue n throat r scarred so bad i can only eat very soft foods or liquids BUT she still woulda been better off w me 100%

      • Tina

        You should tell your story, everyone should stop being quiet about what DCF is doing to families, if everyone keeps taking the abuse from dcf then they will never stop stealing our kids.

  • diane



    Willimantic DCF Jennifer Benzie has lied and with the Willimantic court clerk they claim I threatened to kill my son this never was said by me it was only by dcf and it was after she took my son, Samuel from me.

    I got a report in the mail. She also claimed I said Fuck off (not my choice of words its hers again never stated by me, she kept fishing for anything and she lies about many things that I never said. She asked about chores I showed Samuel how to do laundry when I was doing it one time but he has never had to do laundry I do it all. Yet Jennifer Benzie said “that it I am taking him“. She said my son was locked out of the house back door was wide open for a few days, Sam was never locked out. She claims I slammed a door in her face and threw a bag at her none is true. I was even wrote up as having mental problems ( I have no thought process problems but I have other disabilities like bad back, neck, allergies, etc. ). I recorded my call yet they took my son as they claimed i threatening to kill my son to her/court and it was never stated or stated in any way. Sam was not locked outside for 3 hours he was total 45 min and in that time I went outside Sam wanted to play in his play area which is a shed play house 8×10 feet with balls, games, motorized cars, and other play things there is even a swing set with a slide. In the front is a basketball hoop. I was trying to cook and make calls. No cops came because the “kill” was never said at all. I did not want to work with a liar who just got divorced and fishing for any thing she can use on you. Dcf said they would not give me another worker and I really thought I would get Samuel back until I read the paper with so many lies stated on it. I latter was given anther DCF worker who tries to scare you and imtimidate you her name is Stephanie Anderson (I believe that’s her last name) she knocked so loud she did not hear herself calling my house phone that rings as loud as they all can at the same time. She damaged my door and lied while the black person she came with had a picture of me on her phone I felt sick real bad headache like a was going to throw up and sore . I was even harassed by her in a very busy Cumberland Farms while tried to pay attention to all the cars. She was promoted for doing a good job and another dcf worker Sarah.Lucia@CT.Gov did not offer me anything and said to she did not contact me for help getting Samuel back it was closed. They make money off of the children they take and if they have disabilities they get more due to more trips to doctors and if on social security that child is a gold mine. Foster parent had the same problems sneaky, lie and more) I did but I had more dcf moved him to another permanent foster home and claim no problems from him at all. I said I wanted him back court judge refused and said NO. I stated DCF has lied any times and I did not say I was going to Kill my son as they lied about other things too. Judge heard about my case and said he will not be on my case but showed up again and again. I also said I do not have any thought process issues yet they clinged onto my being unfit. (I Had 2 court appointed attorneys the first was a man who never had any interest in me and was more concerned of getting DCF whatever they wanted. I was told I have to go to court when I was there I was ask why I was there I was told to come. Court records where check yes indeed I was told to be there and did not have my court appointed gal (George Duhaime from Lebanon, CT) or attorney. I asked if I can record the court session no they do. At court dcf tried to say I was stalking my sons doctor, no I was not but they will try every thing if they don’t like you. Finally I said to the judge about him still on my case when he said he was going to remove himself. He said he wrote this note. I said it was wrong (one reason I wanted to record the court session) I was being set up by all. Judge called a recess and then a mistrial. Court now to go to Rockville due to Middletown knowing some of my case as I was seeking help for my son talking with a person there named Paula. Sam continued to stealing from me. I sleeked UCFS, BigBrotherBigSister for help, and other agencies too. UCFS has been to my house and it helped until it stopped and I seeking to locate them again. I always thought I would get back my son Samuel from DCF but they had other plans.

    (I did have the STATE-PD-TroopD a few officers talk to Sam) he’s a smart boy that I did not want to continue with his stealing from the bank and my purse I even suspect stores too and my son lies). No such thing as going to Rockville juvenile court we went to the furthest, Middletown juvenile court and my court appointed gal is now my sons councilor. My Attorney Karen Oliver Damboise I think could have done more for me, a lot more. As I went to THEM FOR HELP AND THEY, CONNECTICUT DCF KIDNAPPED MY SON. At the court proceedings it was stated that DCF records all calls. At a DCF meeting where I called in asked if I wanted Sam yes she would not set a date but DCF Staff said I had a few months a month past get a letter they have not heard from me not long after that case closed I was told I was unfit to care for son. Why is it that foster parents get all the time they need and money while real family gets the run around and lied to. All I can say is Tape document everything they will be lying on everything as they know they laws and have the law on their side. I was also told they all work together they are like friends and did not feel comfortable putting one of them up on the stand. I did a lot for my son, he was healthy up to date on all records and I been told by the town recreation person, school and others I did a lot for my son Samuel more then some other parents did. Sam was spoiled he did and had a lot. We kept busy and ate out often. DCF removed him from sports and Boy Scouts said Sam said he fell behind. You don’t fall behind in Boy Scout the goal is Eagle Scout you work at your own pace and must finish before your 18 yr birthday. Sam just turned 13 years old.

    Sam was very active. He played differ sports throughout the year, went to summer camp, played saxophone in school (in past he had guitar lessons which we were talking about me going back to someday). Sam spent time with family and friends. Sam was very involved learning about his Native American heritage (language lessons, crafts, family gatherings, story telling, drummed with tribe, belonged to the Nipmuck Youth Group,) we ate out and went to beach, several museums, tried new things and planned our next future trips together. Sam was involved in Boy Scouts working towards his Eagle Scout badge. Dcf stopped Boy Scouts and Native American things. Sam is registered with the State of Mass as a recognized Native American. Court does not due to tribe Federal recognition was given and taking away back several years ago therefore Sam is not doing what he was brought up knowing his families heritage. Sam can make and repair many things I showed him things I knew and I worked on as I did them. It has helped him in many ways including getting some badges in Boy Scouts and he was able to help the school with some things too. Sam is very smart and able to figure out a lot of things on his own. He is a good boy but stole and lied. My health problem was when I had neck surgery we could not do much. it took a whole year for the swollen to go down (proved in MRI scans) my neck still hurts arms & legs numb, back, etc.

    I also contacted other organizations and people seeking help for Sam so he did not end up in jail when older over all Sam Is a good boy and I told that right along.

    I hoped that Sam did not steal anymore so he did not end up in jail as he was applying for things online without my consent and he stole from banks. I wanted help so Sam grew up without stealing so he can be a good citizen in the future with a good job not be in jail. The town selectmen has others do his dirty work. Court had a program too but I cant get assistance because DCF stole Sam from me with Jens lies. Jennifer Benzie still has her job and the others yet I don’t have my son. So much more to add all I can say is the system is broken and crooked. children should be brought up as they were with family Native American even if the Govmentern gave and took away Federal Recognition back around 2003.

    I don’t have my son and they, Connecticut DCF and Connecticut juvenile court system are liars. I recorded as much as I was able to.

    I am a single mother who did my best, sought out help , but can never go up against Connecticut DCF the state lies together and they have the money and court system backing them up. I need your help. We all need to let everyone know how they really are.

  • admin

    Than you Tina!!!!

    You are so very right…. far to many just allow this to happen, that is why it continues. As we have tried to give people the knowledge of what was coming, what we would be facing… no one listened. Our children can be taken anytime AND without a court order at that. Simply watch the Jamaal Jacob story on our site, and see what he is facing and the things they have done. Silence is only going to allow them to steal our children, if you are alright with that than so be it, for others if you want your story told contact us

    Thank you again Tina