September 1, 2014
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All 50 States Class Action Lawsuit against DCF/CPS

Class Action Lawsuits Against CPS

It is time to network together to get class action lawsuits against CPS going in all fifty states, and in other countries too. Today at the FightCPS Message Board Forum the topic came up again. So many people want to be involved in class action lawsuits, but most don’t know how to get them started.

We can and must coordinate our efforts! Today I created a new section on the message board especially for class action lawsuit information. I’m asking for at least fifty volunteer coordinators, one for each state in the USA. Each state needs their own class action lawsuit going against CPS injustice.

We need to fight back on issues like the destruction of families so states can qualify for adoption bonuses, and the drugging of children so adopters and foster parents can get more money out of the system. We need to tell them that “reasonable efforts” means REAL reasonable efforts to keep families together!

Are you with me on this?

Today I created a new page at Squidoo.Com about this: How to Start a Class Action Lawsuit. Please read it and if you can, watch the video that explains how to get these lawsuits started.

If you’re moved to volunteer, let us know at the message board forum… in both the class action lawsuits message area, and in your state’s section of the message board. (Or country, if you’re outside of the USA.) This is to help you find others who want to participate to PUT CPS IN ITS PLACE.

These government agents need to stand down and LEAVE FAMILIES ALONE and LET US LIVE IN PEACE INSTEAD OF FEAR.

If you’re ready to help make this happen in every state, especially yours, let us know!

Some of the steps to creating a class action lawsuit against CPS for your state are:

1. Clarify what your specific issues are.

2. Find others in your state with the exact same issues in recent years.

3. Choose someone to be the lead litigant against CPS.

4. Interview lawyers and identify one with a zeal to make CPS stop persecuting and destroying families.

The lawyer, once you choose him or her, should be able to guide you from there.

I will order and read this book on Class Actions and Other Multi-Party Litigation and I hope you’ll get a copy and read along with me. Let’s find out what it really takes the stop the USA’s evil and unjust child welfare laws from hurting any more families.

We have to be the ones to take on the beast and wrestle it to the ground – because seriously, do you see anyone else available to do it? We are apparently chosen to do this work, and I’m dedicated to letting the FightCPS website (and all the traffic it gets) be used to coordinate these efforts to find justice seekers who have been victimized by CPS child welfare services agents, cruel laws, ignorant legislators who won’t help stop the horror, and social services agencies around the world.

Again, most of the networking has to take place on our Message Board Forum. If you haven’t registered there yet, please do so! We need everyone’s help to make the CPS traumatization of children and their families end. Start or join a class action lawsuit against CPS today!

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  1. how do i join a class action suit against cps in tehama county red bluff ca 96080

  2. William Ronald Burns

    I support you cause against CPS they took my child and put him up for adoption with no proof of any kind of abuse

  3. William Ronald Burns

    I support your cause CPS should go. CPS has no evidence for most of the cases they creat.

  4. Marlene Gulyas Tellier

    GOD is working for those who take a stand against evil and destruction and ask for his help in this battle!!! I know he is because he already has heard the little children crying and will wrap his arms around those children and will Dcf will be dealt with such a wrath from their creator!! Sorry Dcf. You have already lost!


    I am in Virginia and I wish to form a Class Action Lawsuit. I am a grandmother who has currently filed my complaint with Virginia’s State Commissioner of DSS. I also intend on meeting with the Board Members to see what they can do to help. I haven’t heard anything back at this point and regardless to what the outcome is my civil rights were violated. I was falsely accussed and I haven’t seen or visited with my grandchildren since Marc 9, 2012. I am preparing my case to submit to the ACLU to see if they will be willing help. I wish I knew how to get a hold of more people in Virginia who would rally with me to get the help of ACLU.

  6. Department of children and families . Kids Hope unites. department of youth services. Child protection services whatever name you call them they are all the same and allow children to be abused themselves. I speak from experiance as I was raped at three years old while in foster care. D.C.F knew about it and it was medically proven that I had been raped however D.C.F did nothing to prevent the people from seeing me. D.C.F also knew before hand that these people has other suspisions of sexually abusing my sister. I Instead of providing the meds or help that I needed to deal with the hurt from these incidents I was in many diffrent foster homes and institutions. never having the love I needed or knowing how to live life without drugs. D.C.F has taken my children from me because of this drug use however I believe had D.C.F provided for me and took care of my needs and not neglecting me things in my life would be diffrent. I am a product of the Connecticut D..C.F system.

    • Thank you for having the strength to tell what you have endured, and I am very sorry for what you have been through. It takes a lot of strength to come forward about something so personal, please know you are helping others by doing so.

      If you would like to do an interview, or tell your story you can contact us and we will help you in anyway. If you want to get YOUR story out we will do so. Voices should be heard and MANY social workers are dishonest, the false information they put into files to destroy families is disgusting. Knowing that these people have families of their own, they have NO PROBLEM wrecking others. They do not walk on water and they are NOT untouchable, although there is a statue of limitations to make a complaint against them so please do not wait, waiting is winning for them… yes, the department of children and families.

      We are here for anyone who wants to come forward with their story published, to tell your story about the social workers who are socially destroying so many families.

      Have you had enough? Has the department of children and families lied and falsified information to gain custody of your child or children? Again we will help and support anyone we can. If anyone thinks that this agency is going to stop or slow down, THEY HAVE ONLY JUST BEGUN.

  7. I am willing to be the person for the state of texas and also have a lawyer willing to help if we can get enough people together. Please tell me what I need to do I am out for blood after what they did to my babie

  8. Look we can no longer sit around and do nothing we have to come together as parents grandparents grown foster kids. We have to stop this too many children are killed while in cps custody. So I am pleading with you to come together and stop them now. If I can get enough people together I will be willing to take on all 50 states

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