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CT DCF… The dirty deeds….

I amongst many other people in this state cannot understand what CT DCF is doing, well besides ripping families apart. They want to pressure you…. but they cannot handle the pressure back, the best thing you can do is educate yourself. CT DCF is only as smart as you let them. If you let you in your home, talk to them, it will all be switched around same with your world. Yes, there are children that are in need of protection from some very bad homes, but they seem to care more about doing less work, and putting your family in a place you do not ant to be in. CT DCF workers are NOT looking for any good, they switch your words around, they lie to your face.
CT DCF, hmm, well it has been proven that more children die in the care of CT DCF than in their home. They are abused, neglected, molested. And they assume because these so called foster homes are approved, inspected, so why check on the children. This is where all of the abuse is going on. and everyone just seems to turn a blind eye. Although, things will be changing for the CT DCF, more and  more people are becoming aware, more and more are climbing the ladder to people who will listen to how CT DCF works, and that’s not working. So I know the day is coming that justice and CT DCF will meet. A major class action suit is building, as I have heard. See advocacy groups are going to Washington, and advocacy groups have so much information and are powerful. CT DCF workers, should we start judging your family? Or think maybe it be one of your children being killed, molested, abused…. you never think it will happen to you….
I just learned the other day that many of the CT DCF workers are doing illegal things. Watch the news, the wind will blow their way, all things come clean in the wash……..

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    • daisy

      My neice had a daughter with special needs (Down Syndrome) But unfortunately she left her at the hospital. I took her daughter in and took care of her. 5 years later my neice came to my house and was pregnant. She also left this baby at the hospital. (boy) DCF got involved i went to court got legal guardian ship for both kids but, 20 years ago i had a drug case with DCF so they held this against me and i could not get a foster pareant licence so i got paid nothing for taking care of them but willingly i still kept them and to top it off DCF gives us no type of benefits like camps or money for the kids for activities i work and support these kids .and they never told me that the kids were not entitle to get anything.and i dont have a licence but the kids live with me. and if i say anything to them about what happens if i loss my job. what happens with the kids.they told me if i ever try to take the kids back i will go jail.but anyway i love my kids no matter what. so iam getting a lawyer.

      • admin

        Hi… they CANNOT use a 20 year old incident against you!!!! Please contact us and we will do our very best to point you in the right direction.
        What a kind person you are of taking care of these children, especially the child with special needs, but you then cared for another child. Whomever reads this should consider having a renewed faith in people. As SO SO SO many families are torn apart by DCF, you are doing your best to care, love and provide for these children.

        I look forward to speaking with you and assisting you with finding the correct path or point you in the right direction.

        Bless you for the kindness, and to hell with what anyone says, thinks about your past TWENTY years ago. Give me a break!!!!

  • Guilty Until Proven Innocent

    I just completed a high conflict divorce which unfortunately included unwanted and unneeded DCF involvement. As much as I hate to say it, if you are a man and DCF becomes involved then you are guilty before being proven innocent, and even upon being proven innocent to the rest of the universe you are still guilty in DCF’s eyes.

    DCF’s involvement in my case was so poor, so one-sided, and so inappropriate that my 3 children were actually left in an unsafe home for almost a year with an unsafe and unhealthy parent (in this case a significantly impaired mother with a major substance abuse problem). There is not enough room in this dialogue box to explain my entire situation and to voice my total disgust with DCF. I am contemplating writing a formal complaint to the Governor and Attorney General regarding DCF’s inappropriate behavior and incompetence. Part of me just wants to drop it and move on with my life now that it is over, but my better half is urging me to come forward for the simple reason that DCF must be held accountable for their actions, inactions, and incompetence. After all, they force the rest of us to be accountable for things we did not even do.

    Suffice to say that in my case that the rocket scientists at DCF felt it was more appropriate to leave my children in the care of my now ex-wife, who had been arrested just 3 weeks prior to filing for divorce and filing a temporary restraining order for theft of a prescription pads from her employer, fraudulent writing of numerous prescriptions for narcotic pain medication for herself, and identity theft. What they told me “Your wife did not appear to be impaired on pain medication during our two, brief unannounced visits to your home”. So what did they think she was going to do with the numerous fraudulent prescriptions …. put them on the mantle and look at them??? She is a DOCUMENTED substance abuser.

    Fast forward 50 weeks … my divorce is complete and I now have full (sole) legal and physical custody of our 3 children, and my ex-wife is left with supervised visitation only (with her visits supervised by a 3rd party professional child abuse firm). This all following a very expensive and lengthy psychological evaluation of our entire family by a very well reputed psychologist who developed this recommendation, which was then supported and recommended by the Guardian ad Litem and numerous other mental health professionals involved in our case. REMARKABLE!

    So the prior year, DCF became involved, listened only to my wife’s fictional story, recommended (“forced”) that she the temporary restraining order, labeled me as dangerous to my family, and destroyed whatever might have been salvageable in our family. All based on what information???? Well, that of a substance abusing mother of course who could not get our kids to school, activities, etc. Everyone else (numerous professionals, family, family friends, attorneys, etc.) had her and her intent pegged … yet DCF in its infinite wisdom had it all backwards and held to their guns regardless of what they saw or did not see, what others provided for input, etc. It is incredible that someone can file a TRO with no evidence at the simple urging of DCF. DCF IS INCOMPETENT AND DANGEROUS. THEIR KNOWLEDGE AND COMPETENCE IS INVERSELY PROPORTIONAL TO THE POWER THAT THEY YIELD!

    If there is anyone out there willing to hear my story and help me bring DCF to the table of accountability, please contact me.

  • Anthony Gay Victim

    Anthony Gay, Waterbury CT social work supervisor and his lying cohort Carolina Gontijo will trample your rights, misuse state funds and lie in affidavits. If he or any of his people knock on your door do not let them in. They will take your kids to get money from the Feds while hiding under the guise of the best interest of the child. You have rights and you better exercise them. I heard he was suspended twice for misconduct. I can only assume that it is because of his racist mentality.

    • admin 2

      Ah, the lies, misconduct, the mentality of the people in these agency’s, how they work,, and knowing that our right’s are thrown out the window because the word they speak is supposed to be true. How can it be when there is so much bad publicity, articles and truth to the lies they tell, but yet everyone turns a blind eye to the corruption that goes on in this state. Is it just easier that way? No I believe like so many others that the profits they make for destroying families, people… is much more beneficial then cleaning up the mess. But if more people stand up for themselves I think we would be a little closer to bringing this huge problem to light and one day to an end.

  • JJ

    This is not surprising to me, I have seen this “Social Workers” for many years drive BMWs, Mercedes and get plastic sirguries in the entire body while we pay our taxes and see our children in trouble get from bad to worse. I think what needs to be review is the DCF salaries and get rid of so many good for nothing people.

  • JJ

    I just forgot to say that a simple social worker makes about $80,000 per year and a simple MantSupervisor makes $68,000 and these are the lowest salaries, can you imagine those multiply by 4,000 employees? that is why there is not funds to attend our children, because all the budget goes in the salary of these good for nothing poeple; now makes sense they drive BMWs or Mercedes, have $500,000 houses and who knows what else they do, maybe trips everywhere, two month vacations and more? This is ridiculous, this agency must be closed, is good for nothing anyway.

  • Kimberly

    DCF here in CT, let a man get away with breaking my son skull, I have a CHRO complaint pending but I need people to call Gov. Dannel Malloy and tell him that you would like to see the DCF workers who let a man get away with breaking my 6 week old son skull, should be fire or at least arrested as per state law…his office just told me to hire a lawyer …sad

  • Sharon

    I practically raised my grandson until my son was on his own and able to care for his son. The mother was and has been in prison for years. The maternal grandparents NEVER had any relationship in the 17 yrs with my grandson. Well, the dope addict mother was released on parole (08), and, comes to the state where we live and takes the son back to CT . My son and I searched everywhere only to find out the mother had him. My son had custody and CT DCF did nothing. About 2 weeks later the mother went back to prison and is still there. My son was killed a month later…Now, my grandson has gone from re-habs to Alternative schools since 08. DCF refused to give me my grandson & made it clear they had guardianship. Then in late 09,DCF notified me that they wanted to meet me and, do their “background” on me. I complied with everything!! My grandson was to come live with me and, I was excited. The maternal grandparents wanted nothing to do with him. Well, after MONTHS of waiting, emails, phone calls, visits etc., DCF put my grandson with the maternal grandparents. I was shocked, confused… amongst many other feelings as I HAD prepared for my grandson to come with me as I was led to believe by CT DCF… I told DCF it was a matter of time before they, the maternal grandparents, would disown him as they had all his life. They knew these Grandparents background but…. My grandson went to the grandparents home May 2011 and, was kicked out June of 2011. I never received a call from DCF. I found out through my grandson when he called to tell me. I emailed the DCF worker and told her how badly she failed my grandson and, that I told her this would happen, but, she cared nothing… I was sick to death over this as I wanted my grandchild. And, fought to get him. I have a beautiful home,nice schools,and, run 2 business’s & I LOVE him as I have all his life. DCF instead placed him in a “group home”. Not with ME. Now,2 nights ago he left the group home and, called me saying he wanted to come live with me. He was on the streets, no where to go, no money, no food. I had to tell him I could not come to get him as DCF had guardianship and, I could get into trouble. So, he called the “hotline” and, DCF put him in a place where he could “have a bed”. I emailed his DCF case worker and, told her I had, had enough of what they where doing to my grandson and, that I wanted him here with me. She, the DCF worker said that my grandson would go to DHMS an adult learning center where they would “transition” him into “independent” living….17 yrs old and, in an adult center??? Transitioning??? I have emailed her and told her my grandson HAS a family that LOVES him and, we want to have him with us. We want to get him into ROTC & college, give him the life he deserves. A chance for a great future NOT some “transition”.. But, again, I have fallen on deaf ears. This woman has only known him for a year+, I have had him his whole life yet she controls and, decides his future…A future he will never have because of this agency. He is only 17 and, needs his education, and his family. But, Ct DCF is doing what she wants. She cares nothing about him! IF She did she would place him with his family here but, No.
    DCF needs to be stopped and held accountable for what they are doing. I fear my grandson will end up in the system or dead and, all because of DCF in CT. (I have even told her this but, she shows no concern at all. ) I am now contacting a childs advocate attorney in CT. DCF is worthless,heartless, and, has absolutely NO childs interests in mind!! They only care about their Government paycheck.
    With all the children in DCF custody, children that are abused are returned to the abusers, children are cast off to different homes,institutions etc. The easy way out for DCF. They still go home at night to their warm beds and family without the slightest concern for the children unfortunately put in their care or where they place these children!!!
    I would truly appreciate any information anyone out there may have concerning how we can STOP this agency from destroying childrens lives. I fear for my grandson’s life….
    DCF is very incompetent. No matter how much you PROVE the family or institution THEY decide to put your child in is the WORST environment, DCF could care less. THEY CAUSE CHILDREN WHO MAY HAVE HAD A BRIGHT FUTURE TO FAIL!!! Then blame it on the child…
    My Grandsons CT DCF worker has stated MANY times that if he makes a wrong choice then he has to pay the consequences….I have told her all children need guidance and, that no child should be able to make their own choices. But, again, She will not listen..She just places him where ever there is a bed..when he has a family/home waiting for him.
    I would love to see statistics on how many children fell into the system, and/or died while under this corrupt, incompetent agency. And, if any of these DCF workers have been held accountable for their failures.
    CT DCF is setting up children to become dislocated from their familys, uneducated, and, in the end major failures. And, DCF just continues to “rule” and, collect tax payers money. Children are falling through the system and either enter into crime or die. WHY is DCF NOT held RESPONSIBLE!!!! WE WOULD BE ARRESTED AND JAILED FOR CHILD ABUSE YET THEY GET AWAY WITH IT EVERYDAY!!!

  • April Pardy

    It has been far too long that DCF has gotten away with the evil injustices they hurt families and children with. They have to be help accountable for these things. I had the unfortunate experience of being in the Ct. DCF system as a teen and was molested by a couselor of the residential they had placed me in, they were aware that there were “concerns of inappropriate behavior by a male staff” however they did NOTHING and at 16 I became pregnant. By said counselor. No consequence to DCF or the residential of course! Now they are harrasing me and stealing HIPPA protected health information on my children without a court order or consent authorizing access to their information by myself or the father of our children. Still no consequences for this injustice. I am ready to take a stand against this corrupt cult of kidnapping monsters and cannot wait to see the justice that families and children have deserved and been denied, it is time for DCF to be held accountable for the things they get away with, they get awat with murder litterally and figuratively and it is time for this to end!

    • admin

      That is wrong HIPPA is HIPPA… clearly DCF makes up their own rules, laws and as most know their own story. The twists and turns to STEAL children. If you or anyone else has had it then I can offer you this…. continue to speak out here, post your story keep talking complain, putting names of the workers, where they are from. If WE the people want change it is up to US to do it. They will continue as long as people stay silent.

      THANK YOU for your comment, I encourage many more from anyone that has been abused by the system.

    • admin


      I cannot agree with you more! It is clear you have been a victim of DCF and their dirty ways. If you would like to write an article about what you have been through we can put a posting up so people will see the article. As we encourage people such as yourself to TELL what this agency is doing in hopes that more people will do the same. So many people are scared to tell what they have endured, staying silent is not going to help anyone. It is people such as yourself and many others who are not afraid to tell the truth, as hard as it is to do so you are helping in this battle against DCF. Families are looked at as PREY and they do hunt and attack innocent families. It needs to stop people need to speak out, we have rights that they trample all over.

      Thank you for taking the time to leave comments, please contact me if you would like to write your story and have it published.

      Contact information is and whatever you write is only seen by us.


    • admin




    • admin

      You have been through A LOT, but I have to say you are one hell of a woman and a survivor!!! You are smart and have what they do down with no doubt, I commend you for the bravery it took to share what you have been through. As for DCF in Connecticut getting away with all they have for far to long, you are correct. It is the people who continue to speak out and reach out to us for help that are bringing the MUCH needed awareness to so many. There will be an event held at the capitol on July 6th! This event is a must go to, a man named Bill from is traveling to all the states about the injustice going on. Keep your eyes open for more information on this… you can go to the web site and sign up to attend I encourage ALL to attend. Make signs – this is a peaceful event, but freedom of speech is open to all.

      Please contact us in regards to the things you wrote about. JUSTICE is what you deserve as do SO many. please email us at We will assist you in anyway we can.

      NEVER STOP SPEAKING THE TRUTH-STRENGTH-KNOWLEDGE are very powerful. And YOU have that and then some!

  • marlene gulyas tellier

    6.4 of the children die while in dcf care compared to 1.4 that die while in their parents care!!!!

    • admin

      More children DIE, get abused, SEXUALLY, MENTALLY in foster care than in the care of their own families. What is most disturbing is that when you remove a child from their HOME you can NEVER undo what has been done. You take so much away from these innocent families but DCF does not care, it is just another child to them, more money, more lies. PLEASE read up on the PILOT program in CT and how they hire people to SPY on you.

    • admin

      Miss Mar,

      YOU are one hell of a fighter, and your constant writing and posting is excellent. I am hopeful that others will follow you. As your family has been through so much, you learned that speaking up about what DCF is doing is far more helpful than staying silent.

      Never give up, Never stop expressing yourself. You are an amazing woman and are very much a model for others.

      Best wishes-

  • opc

    is Very Sad in this US, have a corrupts like DCF they made LIES to Superior Court
    and don’t have evidences to take our Childrens from Parents.

  • opc

    My Daugther was take from DCF she loose pounds she looks very bad and only they give Drugs for Depression in not one they can help me I am worry for my Daugther healthy but they also do the discrimination can someone Know where go for help please..

  • opc

    Can You talk Us where o how we can SUED DCF

  • Needhelp

    I need help my child was adopted because of a TPR they said I did not get stable in due time no neglect or abuse. 10 years later I found my daughter and have found out she is getting sexually, and mentally abused and has ran away from their house 6 weeks ago. who can I call? What can I do? please help me my email is

  • Alexandria Carlson

    i need help as well with my case i have so many questions i have no answers my kids were legally kidnapped