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Share you stories about DCF/CPS you can help other families

It’s been going on for far to long… The Department of Children and families. It starts off with a simple knock at your door, you let them in because you are a nice person and you are being questioned, then it goes on and the social worker starts making you feel like a bad person, a bad parent. They are not there to give you the parent of the year award they are there for one thing and one thing only, TROUBLE. Granted there are people that should not be allowed to have children but they do not seem to pay attention to them. They get calls from schools, people you were once involved with, a nasty divorce, a nosy neighbor. Then it’s will you do this, or that, can you sign this and that to, then they start questioning your children, and then you have an investigation going.

Now an investigation can go one of two ways unsubstantiated or substantiated. That depends on how much poof they have and how you cooperate with DCF/CPS with unsubstantiated you are OK, but the process of it is long and is hurtful, they want to know everything about you and your children. If your parenting skills aren’t up to the standards they expect forget it. Then you have the substantiated…. it will ruin your life, you won’t be able to work in the health care field, and you will be under the thumb of DCF/CPS. These people do not care, it’s a job, and taking children away is what they do because it brings money.

There are a lot more people out there that have had their run in with DCF/CPS then you know, and I have yet to hear of one good out come. I keep asking for people to come forward and share what they have been through so other people don’t have to, and that this agnecy will start being help accountable for the things they do to families. There are people out there that will listen, there are many groups that are against DCF/CPS, but if people don’t come forward it will continue. Day after day I get emails about the horrible things they are doing, they need to be stopped, we have rights for a reason but they trample all over them as if they are immune to our constitutional rights. Lets put a stop to this, if they have made a visit once they will be sure to return, all it takes is a phone call so lets stick together and start fighting back with the rights we are given. The 4th and 14th amendments are ones they like to break, and you have the right to remain silent, the biggest mistake we all make is talking, like the police, they only ask because they don’t know. And we think simple conversation is harmless well they find a way to twist and turn every single word you say with the fake smiles and all.

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  • Joy

    As Connecticut remains as the only State in the country who treats victims of domestic violence as per se “neglect”, DCF will not change. So, if you are a victim of DV, police arrest the offender, the police call DCF and as victim, you get into the “DCF” rabbits hole/Alice in Wonderland and enter into a new dimension — dealing with DCF is double victimization. It’s a scam funded by taxpayers who are powerless. The schools also support the choas as it also justifies Administrators (as top-heavy, over paid) work load and thus salaries.

    The Juvenile Courts must be opened up to the public and for scrutiny — Judges do whatever DCF asks. You can’t get a transcript of even the AG lying to a Judge — as you need the judge to sign a motion to request even what the AG said to the Judge. The AG and DCF will lie to a court and the Court just looks the other way. As a victim of DV and with both a doctorate and a masters, I’m shocked how I was treated yet DCF let’s parents keep kids in filth with the Police on hold for 30 minutes (Torrington). I think DCF discriminates on zip codes (just my thought, no documentation to support same). But, I think that DCF kills a fly with a sledge hammer in affluent zip codes and in inner-cities, treats abuse cases as “business as usual” and not much happens — to make “numbers” look better that DCF removes children equally.

    Best advise I ever received from my privately paid attorney with having to deal with Connecticut DCF: “Leave the State as soon as you can, DCF is out of control and do you want to be happy or right.” I thought legally I was entitled to both, but, once in the Rabbit’s hole, settled for happiness.

    Lastly, the definition of “neglect” needs to be tightened as it is defined by DCF and the Court as too open when it really should be for the case like Torrington or in a case where the house is so filthy it can affect the health of any occupant.

    • admin 2

      That was great! I really wish more people would speak up as you did, please feel free to express yourself anytime, anyone with that much thought and bringing truth to light are the people we need! Thank you again we will be looking forward to more

      • Sheri Domiinick

        The C.P.S. agency here in Hemet, Riverside County is so corrupt they are literally kidnapping children and getting paid big bonuses to adopt them out. I have so many friends right now dealing with their children being ripped from their homes on little more than an anonymous phone call from some disgruntled neighbor or vindictive family member. My own grandchildren 3 of them have all been adopted out and there were other family members willing to take the children two of them police officers and they found any reason they could to deny the requests. It is an outrage. Oh and the reason they were taken? my daughter was diagnosed bi-polar and had run out of medication and was refusing to answer numerous phone calls made by me to her and I was worried so I made the terrible mitake of asking officers to do a wellness check to her home. The next thing I knew I was getting a call from her that CPS just came to her home and took all three kids. I guess she answered the question “was she feeliing anxious and like she had no control” yes and that was all she wrote sister the police returned with CPS within the hour and that was the end 3 1/2 years later they are adopted out.I have many moore sories than that I could give you names and numbers of all kinds of families who have been victimized by CPS somebody needs to do something to stop this nightmare. They need to be revealed for the lying, law breaking kidnappers they are. (951)665-0605

    • Nicky

      Hello, I know I am probably replying in the wrong spot, I’m new to this site. It’s around midnight on a Sunday Night? early Monday morning. I really shouldn’t be up stressing, but the truth is I’ve spent the last 35 weeks up at night stressing about this matter and it’s becoming an obsession. My name is Nicole, I am currently expecting a healthy baby boy that is due on May 4th of this year. I am a recovering addict, and have been clean and sober since December 23rd, 2008. In July of 2006, I gave birth to my first son, I was using and was in an extremely abusive relationship. My son was taken from me right from the hospital. It was a long year and a half court battle with DCF. They would push my buttons, and made it virtually impossible for me to get my son back. They even made it impossible for my parents to intervene, whom were financially and physically capable of taking care of him while I got better. So instead of getting better, the trauma caused me to get worse. I was also being “brainwashed” by my abuser whom was many years older than me. I was completely messed up in the head and traumatized.
      I am a totally different person now. I am in a loving relationship with my husband-to-be, sober and able to hold a job for the past year and a half. I’ve been keeping up with ever Pre Natal appointment. My obgyn knows of my past problem, but not the extent of it. He knows about the drug abuse, and that I “gave my rights up” to my first son.
      Many people tell me that I have no reason to be afriad of DCF to “pop in” now because there is no neglect. I’m just afraid of when I give birth, and the Social worker on the Maternity Ward comes to interview my fiance and I, that they are going to mention past pregnancies/ children/etc, and hear that I had DCF involvement, and they will automatically call them.
      I’ve been too afraid to ask my OBGYN that question, because I’m paraniod that they would think there would be a reason to call them if I’m so paranoid about this, that I actually HAVE something to hide.
      I was so traumatized by this time in my life that I’m getting more and more nervous as my delivery date arrives. I know the stress isn’t good for my baby, and there are ALOT more things I have to worry about now too.
      Can someone please put my mind at ease so I can prepare… Is there anyway that DCF can come knocking at my door just because I have previous DCF involvement? Should I be getting a lawyer just in case?

      • Sinneh

        Dear Nicky,
        I feel your pain and I have good news & bad news for you.
        Bad news: Please know it is likely that they will show up at the hospital and try to steal your joy and maybe even threaten to steal your bundle of joy. Please do whatever you have to do to dissapate on the fear/paranoia.
        Good news: Fear is the opposite of FAITH. Just like animals/predators sense fear, so will this agency.
        You have sobriety and recovery on your side!! If you know the steps, you know that you have higher power (whom I choose to call Jesus Christ) and that is your source of strength. Try to vision angels protecting you all the time. You can bet that your angels will on guard in the hospital when you are holding or nursing your baby. Know that no weapon formed against you (your past) shall prosper. It is wise to have a attorney in your corner, for sure. By the way, please nurse your baby, if you can. This will create an extra strong bond and the agency will be aware of this too and that will throw a little monkey wrench at them, I can expand on this if you ask. Build your network and characters of reference. Start getting letters NOW and get yourself a folder, volunteer urine, blood whatever. Build your army girl. Most of all PRAY, and darkness has to go away!
        How do I know all of this?? because it happened to me. I had a daughter taken away at birth because I was dirty. I worked SO HARD to get her back, she was in the adoption process, but I had a big connection: God. Both He and I worked diligently to get my daughter back!! During this process I gave birth to another baby girl and I proudly had over 2 years clean and developed a strong network of people from church, work, pregnacy health centers, counseling, parent support groups, meetings etc.
        When I gave birth to last baby girl, “they” were there at the hospital, they put a black alarm moniter on her tiny ankle. It was a devastating sight, but I knew I was going to take my baby home. My angles were there. I remained humble, did not panic. Please Nicky do the same. Congradulations on your recovery and new baby. Keep your head up, smile and pray. God bless you!

        • Nicky

          Thank you very much for your encouragement and honestly. I have a few more questions for you. Was DCF currently in your life when this happened with the birth of your 2nd daughter? (Is that the “last daughter” you were talking about?)
          My son was in the adoption process to when I surrendered my rights. He had been in foster care for over a year, and had no connection to me whatsoever, even with the weekly visits I had. And I was getting worse, and I did make the very hard decision to surrender and let him stay with the family that he was with.
          When they took my son away, they wouldn’t let my parents take him… there was no reason for that at the time. They are ridiculous. At the time, yes, they did have a right to take him away, but they made it impossible to get him back. But yet I’ve known of MANY people that never get Sober, live like pigs, DCF comes into their life and then for some reason the people get lucky and DCF dismisses the case and leave them alone. I don’t understand.
          The past is the past… DCF should be judged by their “past”.. of workers being alcoholics, child molesters (which by the way is more recent than my involvement) And these are the people that judge whether WE’RE good parents????
          Thank you for the advice. I will start working on the letters ASAP. And will retain an attorney just in case. This can’t happen again. They have no reason.
          Sorry to ask you those personal questions. I kind of knew that they would come popping up. I even considered to get pre natal care in New York and deliver in New York so they couldn’t come barging in, but I’m sure they would find me there too… they find everybody, maybe we should send them to search for Osama Bin Laden instead of stalking people who have turned their life around.
          Thank you again so much.

  • secret

    Im being falsely accused of abusing my child because there was a little mark under his eye when I dropped him off (well so the ex says) So shes been refusing my court ordered visitation for over 2 weeks now because someone from dcf said she dosent have to let me see them. This seems a little out of their zone to be telling my ex she dosent have to let me see my kids even when I have a court order. Wouldnt that fall under LEGAL ADVICE? Its funny though because when I specificaly told (Kim Jacewicz-Capel the social worker) that my ex is still under court order to let me see my kids she agrees with me. Hmmmm it seems like they are not all on the same page over at the CT dcf. So in other words im being denied my parental rights because a dcf worker told my ex she didnt have to let me see them. Hmmm I really feel like getting to the bottom of this one. On a side note…the whole time she was asking me questions I was irritated because I was being accused of something I didnt do first of all and secondly she absolutly seemed bias and condesending. This is what the tax dollars are being spent on. False allagations made by our exs that are left in the hands of these intruding parasites that have no clue what really goes on. I asked her if she thought it was emotional abuse by my ex when I told told my kids I love them and the ex says “no he dosent!” right in front of the kids. She honestly said “no”. Now because I was irritated to begin with about my ex holding my kids from me,then being falsely accused,then being bassicaly interigated by this woman, I felt a little hurt and gave her an “attitude” So I can expect she will at least recomend some sort of anger class. Het after all its for the kids right? Yea more like fuel for the corrupt dcf. What the heck why wouldnt be pissed? Im being accused of something I didnt do.

  •!/pages/People-Against-CT-Department-Of-Children-and-FamiliesDCF/123015667765049 Joanna

    I personally started a facebook page for this very cause it is!/pages/People-Against-CT-Department-Of-Children-and-FamiliesDCF/123015667765049 and it is called people against CT Department Of Children and Families(DCF). I was falsely accused when a crack whore ( I say this literally) asked me to let her stay in my home because she was homless but she refused to not use drugs or turn tricks I said no she called DCF they knew this woman as she was already in the system. They knew it was bogus but still made us jump through hoops to get my life back. She was never charged even though she blatantly stated in email she did this out of spite. I know my rights now and WILL NEVER let a DCF worker darken my doorstep again. I know I can make them leave unless they have a court order oh and even if they have a cop ask if they have a court order if not YOU DO NOT HAVE TO LET THEM IN!!!! This is a scare tactic they are using more and more. And you DO NOT have to let them speak to your kids alone unless it is COURT ORDERED. The key with them is court ordered. IF they don’t have it don’t let them have it.

  • Jazelle

    My niece and nephew were removed from my sister’s care in Dec. of 2009 for neglect charges. Since the children were removed I have been trying to get them to me in upstate NY. DCF social worker supervisor Stephanie Browder told me that we would not be allowed into the court room for the commitment hearing in February or 2010. I later found that this was a lie and I did have the right to attend the hearing.
    They also told me in Jan of 2010 that an ICPC would be issued, in Dec or 2009, and I would hear from my county when it arrived. After asking Ms. Browder about it several times and being told that it was in process I decided to track it down through the ICPC offices that the report was supposed to go through. It was not until I hired an attorney in March of 2010 that the report began moving through the system. I had to take CT to court twice for them to release our SCR (state central registry) requests. I also had a problem with the Hartford, CT ICPC office withholding the approved report. It ended up being held up in Hartford for over a month before I was able to get someone to release the report.
    Now that my home is approved by NY standards CT is still refusing to place the children. DCF is claiming that they have concerns because I have four well cared for children. They are claiming that the children need more structure than I can provide. I am a homemaker with a husband who cares and makes enough money to support our family without any aide from anyone. DCF would also like to dig up a closed file from when I was in their care in order to try and find any mental illnesses or other dirt. I don’t have anything to hide but I would like to leave the past where it belongs, as I prefer to not revisit my entire childhood. They want to look into this because they can find no problems with me as an adult so they think they will find something by digging around in my childhood.
    I have been to court in CT requesting for the placement of my niece and nephew because we had the approved ICPC that DCF requested. Unfortunately DCF requested a priority home study and did not request the full foster parent licensure that they later claimed was required by law. Keep in mind that NY asked CT what they required for us to get the children and the local worker never received an answer. So NY sent the approved priority home study that they requested. It became apparent that there was a law that prevented them from sending the children to us if they wanted. Though DCF could have sent the children to us because we are family and would have been licensed within 90 days. The judge decided that the children would not be placed with us until we have received the full foster parent license in NY.
    On Nov 30th 2010 we were officially licensed foster parents in the state of NY. Norwich, CT received all of the documentation including a very positive foster home, home study from NY on by Dec. 10th of 2010. DCF wouldn’t move the children to our home, so we were required to request another court hearing. On Dec 23rd we had court we went to court again, asking for the children to be placed with us. Due to the extended period of time that the children have been in their current foster home their attorney now feels that it is in the children’s best interest to stay in the home they are in. This is due to over a year of DCF’s delay procedures. It is true that the children have now been in their current placement for 10 months and have likely developed some bonds to the foster parents, but the children have also developed concerning new behaviors such as hitting themselves in the head.
    Over the last couple of months the foster mother has claimed that the children are sick shortly before a visit with us. We live 200 miles away and it takes 4 hours to drive to CT for a visit and have not received notice of the cancellations before we leave for CT for one of these visits. On a different occasion DCF completely stood us up for a visit. They did not call to confirm or to deny the visit, we went to the place to meet the children not knowing what was going on and it was not until the following day that the social worker said that the children were sick and not able to come.
    We now have another court date on Jan 11th for a scheduling conference, so that we can hopefully get the judge who heard the previous trial to rehear the motion to transfer guardianship and the motion for out of state placement. We are rapidly approaching the year point in their current placement which gives the foster mother legal rights to the children. So what is to happen, will anyone stand up for our family? Will the judge next rule that it is no longer in the children’s best interest to be with their family?
    The way DCF is handling this case is highly questionable and I feel they are not looking out for the best interest of these children.


    Jazelle Avery



    • Julie

      Did DCF talk to you prior to taking your baby? Did they give you a chance to get help and explain yourself???

      • lisa scheck

        talking to dcf is a bad,bad,bad idea-tell them u have the right to remain silent.anything u say will b twisted n then there will b lies.if u ever end up in court the judge will read their version but not yours so itll look very quiet-i kno from experience.

      • esmie

        No the social worker left us a note saying he was comming by so my son can sign the closing case paper he came he signed it social worker said we will receive the copy. By mail then popped up with sheriffs forcibly pulled my screaming grandson from my arms social workerkept apologising saying it wasn’t him he didn’t find nothing wrong at all now we find out that the mom has a family member that is a social worker and did the same to her boyfrriens ex taking four girls away my grandson continues to be beat ten n injured I went to the police 3x they immediately respond but as soon as I say dcfs they turn away. We looked up the social worker n results say she was fired inn palmdale for the death of little Gabriel Fernandez that is my. Biggest fear of loosing my baby.

    • JustMe

      I know this is a very old post, but I just have to say that I do not believe you, and you have purposely left a great deal of information out. While I agree the state tends to go too far and they also tend to remove children too quickly, there is no way they simply “took” your child just because you had been grieving and working with a therapist. It’s more than likely that you were not telling your therapist that you were pregnant and he/she was prescribing you Rx medications that he/she would otherwise not have had he/she known you were pregnant. ONLY an OB makes the decision as to whether or not the risk outweighs the benefit in regards to pregnancy and ANY class medication, even the ones “considered” safe during pregnancy.
      It is more than likely that you were abusing medications while pregnant, your doctor screened your urine and found substances that should not have been there, and then he called DCF to report your abuse (and he IS required by LAW to report you!). You should have been honest with your OB and your therapist to begin with. They could have tried to help you, but it seems more and more popular nowadays that people are choosing medications/drugs over their children, and then come to sites such as these looking for sympathy. I know this all too well because I am dealing with two relatives who say the same thing (“DCF just came to my house and snatched our baby girl!”…that’s a total lie). I have their daughter, and they just had a newborn baby who is being threatened to be taken away. I am praying they will allow me to take the baby. The mother also had an Rx bottle with her name on it, but her OB had no idea she was on the drug, and the prescribing physician also had no idea she was pregnant.

      All of you can believe her baby was simply snatched and adopted out for “no good reason” if you’d like…but I’m living it, and I know most of these people on these sites leave out the real reason, because in their minds, the child was taken for no reason and they simply refuse to fess up to what they have caused. You tell yourself that so much that you truly start to believe it. I say wake the fuck up, take responsibility for your actions, correct them, and then take care of your children!!!

      And p.s. I lost my father on May 7th. He was sick for quite some time and we knew he was dying, but it still hurt all the same. Before I could even begin to heal over his death, I then lost my mother, totally unexpectedly, in a car accident on June 7th…only about 30 days after my father passing!! My heart is completely broken, my mental status is numb to grief…because I have to be numb to handle all this pain as to not lose my mind for my children. I get up every single day and take care of my six children (one of which is not mine who was taken by DCF and placed with me, and one I worry about constantly because he is now in college and not living at home; but the others are 16, 10, 3 years, and 11 months). I also may be getting baby #7, the newborn mentioned above. I would love to sit around and grieve, but I’m not going to allow my kids to suffer so that I may. I will grieve when there is time to do so. Always put your children first…they did not ask to be brought into this world. No matter what happens in your life your children should always be top priority – they need you!! Just sayin’.

      • Nancy

        Who are you? The one who bought her baby? Or a DCF/CPS worker trying to cover your “bonus money”? Obviously she wants her baby back and would do anything to make that happen. You cut her off as if you “know’ something.. you dont.. How dare you try and sway others into believing this child abduction and selling of children is for the “best” and the people on here your agency traumatized and tortured for money was anything else but greed and black hearted, soulless child trafficking business.

        • marie

          Never let them in your home, once you do you are due to nothing but hell and heartbreak, I’m sure DCF is monitoring this sight, Did DCF ever consider a birth mother loves her children more than a system, futher more God will punish those that harm these children,

          • Heather

            Hi I am a disabled mother of three CP’s just came to my house about 2 wks ago and they showed up at my daughters school they are telling me if I don’t accept parenting services that they will keep my case open and that they can follow me in another state if I chose to move out of state I want to know what my rights are as a disabled parent

      • Marie

        DCf can do what ever it pleases, I believe her, you are a naïve to think she is not telling the truth.

      • angel100000

        That’s bull…many parents have their NEWBORNS REMOVED simply because they’re depressed, and the doctor worries that they could do something to the child which might endanger it. It happens often, in fact. How do I know? I’ve seen these families ripped apart, at the core, when DCYF walks into the schools to REMOVE THEM. I worked there and watched it, along with many others. You’re seeing it from YOUR side and what the DCYF person told you. However, what you’ve been told, and what actually OCCURRED may not be what you BELIEVE to be so. I’ve seen both sides of the coin, the parent’s and the state’s. The state is NOTORIOUS for removing children that are NOT in danger in any way. But, YOU will never be told the truth, because you cannot know until it occurs to you.

  • alita

    We had a beautiful baby taken from us right from the hospital 2 days before Christmas. DCF is claiming “predictive neglect” based on our past history-none of which is recent past or violent /dangerouus in any way. The baby was returned under the agreement that he live with the paternal grandmother . I[mother] had to leave my home and future husband and go stay there with her and our baby. We had IFP involvement who are on our side, and complied with all of DCF demands. Now they are claiming the hair test came back pos for marijuana and came and removed our son from the grandmother’s home stating he is in danger of his surroundings! They took him out of the house without any coat/snowsuit/hat-NOTHING!! The cop said he was going into a warm car-like that makes it ok for a 1 1/2 month old baby???? That’s neglect if I ever saw it! PLEASE- can you help us get our baby back? We are good,honest,drug-free people who aren’t being given a chance to raise our son! Please Help! 203-302-8101-Southington,CT

  • Mark M.

    Help! I had a DCF worker investigate a problem with my daugther.
    The situation: I had my two daugthers overnight and my oldest got a bad diaper rash on her inner thighs. The mother of my children called a pediatrician who makes house calls. The pediatrician called DCF and said that my daugther had been burned. My childrens normal pediatrician saw my daugther and explained how she has a history of sensitive skin and how we have done everything to help her with her diaper rashes. Per DCF it has been found that the charge of physical neglect was substantiated and they have not told me if there was any hearing or how it was substantiated. I need some help to get this charge over turned and to get DCF off my back. Please help send any info to thank you.

    • Jeana Conroy

      Are you being given supervised visitation? If so you should know that DCF is trained Not to tell you what their looking for. You should know that when their pen is moving….its not good. They are instructed to write what you are doing wrong, not what you are doing right. And,as if being supervised with your own child isn’t stressful enough, they are constantly going to demean you in front of your child by giving you what they call “Parent Education”. Here is the best advise I can give you during your supervised visits.
      1) Be On Time.
      2) Don’t cancel visits without a note from your doctor or boss.
      3) Bring your child’s favorite age appropriate games,toys and music. Dance and sing to your child.
      4) Bring only Health snacks
      5) Get down to your child’s level
      6) And last of all do not engage in a conversation with the visit supervisor. They will pretend to be your friend. They will engage you and try to take your attention away from your child and then write down that you were more interested in the adult in the room than in your child. Tell this person that their “input is valuable but that if you don’t mind this is my time with my child” you can set up a time to meet afterwords if necessary.

      We all parent differently but DCF expects a dog and pony show.
      Although we will never satisfy them, don’t give them any more ammo to fire at you.

      I’m really sorry you’re going through this. I hope this information leaves you more informed. Your not alone!

      • admin

        I have to somewhat disagree with the 1-5. Starting with NOT ANSWERING THE DOOR, and if you do, DO NOT SIGN ANYTHING!!! Any conversation you have with these people they will turn everything and everything you say into a bunch of lies. they are not trained to look for anything good. EVER. The only plan they have is to destroy families. The best advice I can give you, is not to speak with them. People call in all the time with bullshit, if it be a neighbor, a jealous friend, someone in the community that has claimed to see something through their messed up eyes, or a teacher or a social worker that feels superior by making a phone call to ruin someones life.

        Yes if it comes to supervised visits yes be on your best behavior, but do not play to perfect they see beyond that… as if you are trying to be to perfect, along with that, do not change the way you interact with your child to please these vultures.

        If you are the unfortunate one that has to deal with these PRICKS the most important thing you can do is EDUCATE yourself…. this site is full of it. And also spread the word that this site exists. Not enough people know that there are actual people that not only care, but have been through it.

        THANK YOU JEANA for all of your input, I am hopeful it will encourage others to open up. All and any information is helpful. You never know something so simple could help save a family from being destroyed by this disgusting agency that gets off by taking children, the younger the child the more they want them, because they make more money by removing them.

        PLEASE PLEASE, READ ABOUT YOUR RIGHTS. THEY THINK THEY ARE ABOVE THE LAW. They are not. The best way to protect your family is to know. So take the time and read. You never know when they come and knock on your door. Prepare yourself.

  • Jeana Conroy

    We live in Vermont but this seems to be a nation wide epidemic. United we stand, divided we fall. A lawyer told me that Dateline wouldn’t have any interest in our accusations against DCF, but they might listen if we all send them our stories.

    Dear Dateline NBC, ;

    Please check out this link and research the web for thousands of similarly true stories about how our US Government is selling our children for financial gain.

    My husband and I went to court in early December for a TPR (Termination of Parental Rights Hearing). Our lawyer told us that the she didn’t recommend that my husband’s court ordered counselors be called in for testimony because she “thought it it would more likely hurt our case than help it”. We ended up having only one whiteness besides myself to testify on my husbands behalf. This was the visit supervisor who supervised us with my stepdaughter for 8 months. She testified that we were “above average parents” and that she ” never saw any inappropriate behavior”. Her work with my family was strictly voluntary, and she was not on anyone’s payroll; yet the judge took the testimony of a “professional” who spent 15 minutes with my husband, and was contracted by DCF to state on the stand that my husband “Shouldn’t be around children”,

    On the second day of a grueling trial where they dissected a good man and turned him into a “risk factor” with testimony by DCF’s paid associates, our lawyer said to us “Oh we aren’t going to win this….I thought you knew that”. She has apparently never one a case, but has mastered losing (over 400 cases). She is paid to lose! Because we are low income, we were assigned this Public Pretender at a sliding scale rate. Our lawyer works for the State. DCF works for the state, The Judge works for the state of VT, The Lund Center who supervised our visit is the adoption center for DCF, the Lund center who supervised visits works under contract with DCF and so do all of the Evaluators that they sent my husband to. Its the state against us…………the poor, powerless people who make up America who are being robbed legally of our children.

    The foster mother once said that she might allow my husband to see his daughter if he “dropped the conspiracy theory”. If this isn’t a conspiracy then I don’t know what is. My step daughter was promised to this adoptive family at birth and they had no intention of allowing us to bring her home to her father where she belongs. They forces my husband through two years of counseling and psychological evaluations solely for the purpose of dragging this case out as long as possible. You see, once a child is in custody for 15 out of the most recent 22 months, they can then move toward freeing a child for adoption. These evaluations proved no more than the fact that Yes, mu husband was angry at DCF, and of course he was saddened by this experience, but what they were really doing was stalling so they could state their case that the child was loved and adjusted in her foster home and that it would now be traumatic to move her. Its all a big scam!!!

    On February 14th, 2011 Our lawyer emailed us to let us know that the judge ordered Termination of my husbands parental rights! There is an appeal process but again our lawyer told us that no judge would overturn another judges decision, discouraging us from trying. We are exhausted and defeated by a system which is supposed to support families and protect the children who need to be protected.

    I’ve seen Dateline do several stories about injustices to children. Our own government is STEALING CHILDREN!!! We need help, we need awareness, and we need it now!

    The last time I wrote, my letter lacked response from Dateline. Please help America’s families, by exposing our corrupted government from selling our children. I beg you.


    Jeana and Jeff Conroy
    127 Plattsburg Ave #14
    Burlington, VT 05408


    —–Original Message—–
    From: jmcsagittarius
    To: Dateline
    Sent: Fri, May 28, 2010 11:26 pm

    The state of Vermont has a corrupted legal system in place for customized for legalized child abduction.
    About 6 weeks after my husband and I met in Feb of 2009, his ex came forward claiming to be pregnant. She is has a history of drug use and lost the baby at birth to the Department for Children and Families.. DCF took 4 months to prove my husbands paternity though he made himself known to DCF as the baby’s possible father prior to her birth. The baby was promised an adoptive foster family and is still in custody now at 18 months old. Now the case is moving to the Termination of Parental Rights despite our exhausting attempts to bring her home to her dad and I and my two children. There is absolutely NO Reason that this child should not have been placed with us at the very moment her mother gave up the Fight.
    This is LEGALIZED CHILD ABDUCTION! Here are some of the examples of violations DCF has made to my husband and his daughter’s basic human right to be treated with respect and dignity.
    v DCF has NOT been working toward reunification. From the beginning they have promised my step- daughter to the foster family.
    v DCF has restricted home visits to the downstairs only in my home, stating that I was “Not to get to comfortable” “She’s not yours yet”
    v Burlington DCF told my husband that he was responsible for his daughter having had 14 ear infections within a period of 9 months because he “knowingly impregnated a known drug addict”.
    v DCF has stipulated that my husband is not to refer to myself as “daddy” to his baby girl because it confuses her; she apparently calls her Foster Father “Daddy”.
    v DCF has stated to me that my husband is nothing more than a playmate to his daughter and that when she see’s us that she is more interested in the room that we visit in, her toys or our pets than she is in my husband.
    v DCF refuses to keep my husband informed of his daughter’s doctor’s appointments as ordered by the court.
    v DCF has restricted us from having all of the home visits ordered by the court. On 8 different occasions DCF has demanded that if I wanted to see my daughter on that I would have to go to DCF to see her.
    v DCF threatened me that if I did not “Bond with my daughter with in 15 minutes of our visit that they would take her and leave”.
    v DCF staff repeatedly defame my character to my health care providers, Easter Seals, DCF Contracted workers, the foster parents, my daughter’s doctors and the courts by feeding them lies with the intent to assassinate my husband’s character.
    v DCF staff has an overall demeaning tone with my husband; she raised her voice and belittles him in an attempt to provoke anger. She thinks that she can push this very gentile man to a breaking point so that she can claim that he has anger management issues and then claim that he is a danger to his child.
    v The only thing that DCF has to hold against us is the amount of time which has passed, allowing his daughter to bond with the foster family. DCF has intentionally dragged this case out knowing that time was on their side and not on ours. I think we should all get together and file a class action suite against the state of Vermont. Maybe Dateline NBC would like to lead the way in this investigation.


    • admin

      Clearly it is not only in Ct where these problems are occurring. It is beyond disturbing… so many people have been victimized by this agency. I have said it over and over.. in order for us to make a difference we have to increase the number of people who will share their stories, as hard as it is it will only help to put and end or at least awaken the people in these agencies. I have no idea how these people sleep at night doing what they do to families.

      I could go on and on, but the only thing that matters are people coming forward. Share your stories. This site was built for more than just to share, it’s to get numbers and facts. A few stories here and there, it’s the truth the hurt and the outcome. These people do not care, it is all about money. Destroying families without actual fact is bullshit. So many people are not aware of the rights they have. This site is full of all sorts of information… starting with your rights!!!! and that is the one thing they plow through. They think they are above the law.

      My true hope is that more people will share stories… in time we will go public, all the wrong they did the hurt can never be mended, but as a whole we can prevent further devastation of others. PLEASE…… share telll, stand up for yourself and the children that will soon be facing the nightmare of ct dcf and other states.

    • admin

      I find your story heartbreaking, and there are so many other people out there outside of Ct that are being abused by DCF CPS… whatever the hell they call themselves.

      My point is.. is coming forward! Just when you think that you have lost the battle you stumble upon a site that cares, that will listen and do whatever we can to help.

      Being a victim of this agency that “just want’s to help” comes in like a tornado, sign this and sign that, and the reality is is they are taking your rights away and getting into ever nook into your life. By far are anyone of us are perfect, but perfect and unfit are two different things.

      I cannot say this enough…. PLEASE share your story, we cannot fight these people alone, we have to stand up to these people, this agency at any expense. As a parent there is no price tag I could possibly put on my child, but you bet DCF CT DCF CPS sure can.The younger the better to them, the more money they make. Sadly, it comes down to money. The one and only way that a change is possible if enough people have become fed up and post your story.

      The best advice I can give to anyone you have the right to ask for the report that CT DCF CPS… YOU HAVE TO FIND WHO TO SEND THE REQUEST TO THE REPORT THEY HAVE AGAINST YOU, AND BY LAW YOU ARE TO GET THE REPORT IN THIRTY DAYS. After reading the things that they wrote is VERY disturbing, the lies the twist in words the lack of care and how much they don’t care. The younger the child the more difficult they will make things. This agency is nothing but trouble, educate yourself, protect yourself!!! there is so much information on this site. And we do care, If there is anything I may be able to help you with please let me know… and respond to the comments that are left, the one thing we all have in common is the war this agency has started and sadly won. And the only thing left is a ruined family and an emptiness.

      I plan on doing everything I can to strengthen this community on corruptct so we can all help each other. And with enough people complain about the wrong….. WE WILL BRING THIS INFORMATION to the media. And will be contacting the ombudsmen office. PLEASE GET THE REPORTS THAT THEY HAVE WRITTEN AGAINST YOUR FAMILY. You will be amazed the bullshit they put in it. They aren’t going to expect you to ask for it, but when you do…. they know there is something behind it. And it is your RIGHT to know the shady shit they write. Good luck, and please, spread the word, the only way we can grow by letting people know we exist, and we are fighting for everyone. And the helpless children going to bed in another home and you are not able to kiss your child goodnight.

  • Jeana Conroy

    Thank You for contacting me CCT. I have gained a renewed strength to keep fighting this corrupted DCF System. We all need to stick together because as we all know there is strength in numbers. Be an advocate to others, be a shoulder to cry on, give hope where hope may be lost and most of all refer them to this web site so that they too can tell their stories. I know that there are foster parents and other community service providers who know of this corruption……..So you need to tell your stories too! You will do no justice by keeping this information to your self. We can’t make a difference if we don’t speak out. I know your scared, we all are, but if you do nothing then you are essentially preventing the solution. Join the team and fight for your families!

    • admin

      That’s what we are here for… we will try to help whoever we can. My hope is that people will start leaving more comments on this page so we can help each other. I cannot thank the people who have shared the heartbreak, it is far from easy, but your story will help others. This site is not just for CT DCF, it is going on in every state.

      Please spread the word that we are here, and please take advantage of the information that is on this site, such as your rights, the do’s and dont’s and when CT DCF is going or has gone to far.

  • Jeana Conroy

    As frustrating as this is to work against DCF’s resistance,”kill them with kindness”. Don’t let them know how much they get under your skin. DCF will use any indication of frustration against you. They will claim that you have “Anger Management Issues” and convince the court to order anger management counseling. I’m not a lawyer, I’ve lived it. My husband told a DCF worker that she was doing bad things and that he believed in Karma. She testified in court that my husband threatened her (with Karma) and the judge ordered Anger Management.

    Hang in there, keep posting your progress and we’ll do what we can to help.

  • Jeana Conroy

    I have been advocating for my family for the past two years to no avail. DCF doesn’t like to be challenged,they want control and they want us to bow to their commands. Their tactic is to break your spirit by demeaning and dissecting you until there’s nothing left to fight with.
    Our State DCF Agencies are preying on the poor. We’re then given representation who also happens to work for the state who Act as if they’re was working for us, when in actuality, the state lawyers in Child custody cases are paid to lose. This is what we’re up against. My husband never even had custody of his daughter, He never abused or neglected her. Her mother lost custody at birth and then DCF spent the next two years trying to dig up dirt on my husband until finally they just said that they were terminating my husbands parental rights because to much time has gone by and that the child was already apart of a family and that it would now be traumatic to move her. This is cheating! It’s a system that is a created for family destruction not family reunification. If we couldn’t win this TPR case than I worry they can’t be won. In fact its the only “game” I’ve ever played where the opponent doesn’t have to follow the rules. We are in the process of filing an appeal but we are discouraged not to drag this on any longer as we won’t win unless we can prove that the ruling judge “broke the law”. It was DCF who broke the law the Judge just turned a blind eye to it! How do we get our day in court when the whole system (judges included) are on the side of corruption?

  • john

    DCF helped at first in getting my grandparents custody of me and my brother. But then DCF has over done it in saying I can not hang out with certain friends I have because of multiple reasons. They said it was because it was for my protection when they are not trouble makers and they don’t do the things they say they might or will do. DCF has pulled me away from my family and friends that cant be near me for the most ridiculous reasons. They also said if i hang out with them they will put me in a foster home 3 states away from where i live right now. DCF didn’t help my life it just tore it apart.

  • Debbie Crow

    I was in a mentally Abusive Relationship with my Now 7 year old son’s Dad from 2003 to November 2005…He let his Elderly Grand Mother hit me, He starved me, refused to Let me leave him, So when We broke up in October of 2005…He found a new Girl Friend in Mesquite, Nevada…She didn’t like me Bossing her kids around, so He got money for a Greyhound Bus Ticket, and sent me home…Since, I have been home, I have been bullied By a younger Sister Who knows, I left my child willingly…I did not, and Now DFCS in California blamed me for leaving my Son, He’s currently in Foster care in California, and they have Taken away my Parental Rights Claiming That I am too Mentally Ill to care for him properly…Things got so Bad with family, I had to Go to a Shelter just to Get help, But now I have My own Apartment…Still Fighting the Stupid Government for medicaide so I can get a different Psyche Doctor and Therapists and Treatment for my Cerebral Palsy…But, I just want to add i’m Hanging in there….The Government gave me SSI, and I plan to Fight to get My own Payeeship somehow, and when I do i’m starting up My own Christian based Company to help parents like us All over the World regain their Freedom from the Monster’s who Dare still our Children…God bless….Add me on Facebook…I’ll give my name to Anybody with A Facebook Account…

  • Jeana Conroy

    After you’ve shared your story here, don’t log off just yet. Although it’s therapeutic to tell your story to others who can relate to the Destruction of children and family’s unethical practices; it’s even more important that you write to your Senators and Congressmen. You can email them directly by goggling something like “Email my Congressmen”. The more of us who tell our stories, the more likely they are to believe them. Maybe we aren’t too late to save our families. There is power in numbers and we need to build an army to fight for our rights to be treated with dignity, respect, truth and justice. If you really want to make a difference Write, and don’t stop writing until we are heard. If you want help finding your political advocate, let me know and I’ll do my best to help. Also if you want to share your letters, please do. I think it would inspire us all to know what kinds of messages are being sent.

    • admin

      If you look on our site we have all the information you need to contact the proper people….You also have the right to contact your DCF “worker” and ask who it is you need to write to to get your file sent to you. You will be amazed what they write. And it has to be given within 30 days. I would sit down while reading it, because it lies, lies ,lies

  • Jeana Conroy

    I want to know how many of these children are taken from parents who fall under the poverty guidelines and the lower middle class. I’d like to know how many children who were taken were infants and how many of those infants actually ever go home to one parent or the other. From my research, it seems that each state in the US is legally trafficking children. They are stealing them from the poor and selling them. DCF is paying other people to raise our children. DCF is an adoption agency not a family reunification agency. I wonder how many foster and/or adoptive families would be interested in taking our children if they weren’t paid a monthly stipend for up to 18 years to do so? DCF in Vermont hasn’t updated this information on their web page since 2007! Which in itself seems a little fishy.

    • admin

      it seems to be what CT DCF is after…. the people who cannot afford an attorney and they ARE AFTER BABIES. They promise to reunite! BULL-SHIT They profit off of the adoption. It is sad. I continue to say this and so does EVERYONE ELSE that comments on this site, DO NOT LET CT DCF IN YOUR HOUSE, DO NOT SPEAK TO THEM, IF THEY DO NOT HAVE A WARRANT THEN YOU DO NOT HAVE TO SPEAK TO THEM. It saddens me to know that the information that is out there that no one is reading it. The people that comment here are people who have been through it, ct dcf looks for nothing good. If you are looking for a friend to talk to talk to the wall… you are better off. Yea they come in acting all sweet and want to help, but it’s a ploy to take your children, esp, babies.

  • Jeana Conroy

    Ok, I keep hearing “Don’t let them in” but whether you do or not DCF will forge a plot against you. In other words If DCF has taken your child and you refuse to speak to them or allow them in your home, DCF will say that you’re not being cooperative and therefore are not working in the best interest of your child. If you do try to cooperate they will try to provoke anger from you with every contact by twisting your every word and lying (even in court) and then they’ll state that you are angry and therefore “not working in the best interest of your child”. DCF will then feed this line to the court and then the court orders anger management therapy. Therapy takes a very long time (even if you don’t need it) And this is how DCF can buy all the time they need to make a case that the foster family is now your child’s “emotional” family and that it would now be detrimental to the child’s emotional development to move her. Does this sound familiar to anyone? I bet it does because it’s a very calculated scheme to work the court system. In our case my stepdaughter never lived with us so they weren’t “investigating a charge” never the less, without us knowing it, we were being investigated. You see you don’t have to be guilty to be in a situation where you are fighting DCF as you are automatically guilty, until proven innocent. Remember they can’t sell your children if they can’t find anything wrong with you. There’s just no money in it. They make me physically sick.

    • admin

      The “don’t let them in” Is when they FIRST come to your door. Of course once they have your child you have to cooperate with what you have signed, and once you sign anything you agree to, and if you do not then of course expect problems. This site has more than just comments, it is full of all sorts of information, help, what to do, where to go for help. But this site was built to PREVENT the biggest mistake, by letting them in. I have said it so many times, unless they have a warrant, which they can’t only the police can, then DO NOT LET THEM IN.

      Once you do that’s when they play all nice and sweet… and as they are writing the report on the case, they throw in the lies.

      Please.. to anyone who would like to prevent losing your child, children and destruction of your family, PLEASE read what information this site holds. I help people as much as I can, I have dedicated my life to this site, the only thing it costs is my time. But it is worth it because there is an epidemic with CT DCF CPS whatever you want to call them…. they are taking children, the younger the better, the more adoptable they are. Please just educate yourself, most everything you could need is in this site, including numbers to much higher than a DCF “worker” the only thing they work on is destroying families they target the less fortunate… but if you are wise, they will go no where, that is if you are truly innocent.

  • admin

    um, ok thank you for the info on high blood pressure

    • admin

      If you are in a situation with DCF and they have taken your children when you are sure that they crossed the line, or had no right, when you followed all of their requests and are in need of legal advice, please go to our facebook page and we will be able to possibly help, if you have a true case of ct dcf being in the wrong

  • Rebecca

    The Department of solcial services placed my two brothers and I into an abusive home they aloowed them to adopt us and gave them two more sets of three with disibilitys. we didnt attend school, we worked from sun up till sun down, the girls were molested by these peoples biological son I personally was and had to write 5000 times i will not lie at 7 also the hot wire fence post was what the mom would use on me she told people we were bad , stupid, sexual devients, and mean while continued to beet us and The Department of Children and families let her be a foster parent she and her husband hit an attistic child across the room and starved a child with fetal achole syndrom i oppologize for my spelling. cops and cps were called but they belived these people over the 9 adopted children and 2 foster children get real cps is a freaken joke. oh and they allowed these people to take gardinship of my brothers child, move 9 hours away and refused to tell the baby who my brother was lie had cops called on my brother when he tried to visit then told cps he never showed up meanwhile cps placed an infant with these people ammazibly stupid orgnazation.

  • Rebecca

    Also watch out for them to ask you one set of questions and your spouce another then try and state that you both answered differently. They will say people have accused you of doing drugs being a drunk, they will twist what ever words you say and don’t think the kids are safe either there trained to intercept there words and use other discriptions in the place of what your child actually said. They act big and baad but the law states a court order so no matter what they threaten with out another person present do not talk with them alone.

  • Nicholle

    Ok I have a closed case in oregon but my children have been adopted out I signed my rights away I was on birth control abd everything and got pregnant I want to move to washington can the state take my baby away if i move

  • LeeAnn Gibbs

    I had DCF in my life in the past due to pregnancies. I had a problem with drug abuse with my second child, and because they stepped in due to my drug abuse they went to my parents house and took my first child from them even though I had given them temporary custody until I got help with the drug abuse, even though I got help and I’m a recovering addict who has still remained sober, when DCF took my children the pain and trauma from them made me worse, after that it took a few years to get my life back from what they did to me, I was in an abusive relationship when I got pregnant with my third child, I relapsed a little bit but got help and was sober and at my delivery of my third child they took her from the hospital ,there the nightmare started over again. I just had my fourth child I’m sober but a car accident left me with seizures and now I cant get a job everytime I put in an application and tell them I have seizures they deny me the job, and well DCF is steping into my life again and now I get to have this nightmare all over again even though my child and I were clean, I need help to fight these people. If you’ve been done wrong please contact me to help me if you’ve been done wrong. My phone number is (850)994-1913.

    • Jeana Conroy

      In Vermont there’s a Doctor who does Parent Child Assessments.Its important to have a professional viewpoint in court regarding whether or not a parent with a disability is capable of raising their child. This doctor has to be recommend by the court so you should ask your lawyer to refer you for a similar assessment. Keep in mind that its a bit of a risk to have such an assessment because this doctor could say that you aren’t capable. Even though there are laws against discrimination, DCF will use your health issue against you if you don’t stay one step ahead of them with a professional witness.

  • BioBasics

    I love this blog site layout . How was it made? It is so good.

    • admin

      Thank you…. keep posting, the more info the better we can get cps/dcf to stop stealing children for profit by LYING

  • Fustrated

    It sounds like everyone here need to move to Tennessee. CPS WAS called on my ex for abuse and they were at my house 2 days after they got the call. Every week I would try to get in touch with the CPS worker to see how it went with my ex and his parents when she went to talk to them but I never would get a call back from her. finally I had to ask her supervisor to have her call me or come and see me so she finally did. It had been about 5 weeks since the initial report and When I ask her what they said because things were actually getting worse instead of better she said “well …..lets just say they wont return my phone calls” I said “so you mean you havent even talked to them yet”? She said NO but after these last complaints she would get with her supervisor and see what theey could do and she would call me back in about an hour. Again I didnt hear back from her for another 2 weeks so I called her supervisor again and she put her on the phone and to my suprise she had CLOSED MY SON’S CASE! I said nothing was ever even done or said to them and she said yea, that is why she closed it due to “NON COOPERATION ON THEIR PART!!! Needless to say my son is still having to go there every weekend and apparently they can do whatever they want. Where I live in Tennessee all you have to do if they call or come by is not answer the phone or door and dont return their phone calls and they will just close the case! I really hate all the bad situations on here and I wish all of you luck, I think it must be alot of where you live as to how involved they get. Good luck to all!!!

  • chris

    dcf took my 2 day old child from the hospital
    they were there 4 hours after she was born
    the report has not much on us but our past from when we we kids in 96
    now can my parents mess ups be held agenst me?????
    alsois it leagal to send my fprmer dcf worker from my childhood to my house??/??

    • Jeana Conroy

      I would absolutely call this a conflict of interest. This person already has a preconceived impression of you and is most likely judging you on your parents, upbringing and economic status. DCF wants babies. They’re is a market for them. You need to write a letter to the DCF commissioner and explain why its a conflict for you to work with your childhood DCF worker. I actually met someone in a similar situation and she said that when the DCF worker met her as an adult she said “So are you the same sneak and lair you were when you were 15?”.How biased is that!! You are already behind in the race if you are starting off with a worker who has a negative preconceived opinion of you. She will use this information against you. Advocate for yourself. Write letters, make phone calls and get rid of that DCF worker.

      • sarah

        what do you dcf is in the market for babies?
        what do they want them for?
        just wondering?

        • admin

          money! Adoption. Is very expensive. They do it for the almighty. Dollar

  • Sheldon Sigmund

    This weblog appears to recieve a good ammount of visitors. How do you advertise it? It offers a nice individual twist on things. I guess having something useful or substantial to talk about is the most important factor.

  • Jeana Conroy

    The US Government will pay each state up to $8000 for each adoption placement. Older children are harder to adopt out than babies. Everyone who wants to adopt really wants a baby. The Government started this incentive in order to avoid children from being moved from foster home to foster home but each state has discovered that their is a huge financial gain for each individual State, therefore have taken advantage of the the opportunity to traffic children for financial gain. There is proof that this money has been used to balance state budgets and doesn’t even go back into family welfare. This scam is tearing our families apart.

    • admin

      Thats Great!!! See it is things like this… people need to write, we need to get together and let themknow we have had ENOUGH. If you wish to help please post and we can establish first steps into taking our children and our rights back!!!

  • abby

    DCf became involved in my life after my ex mother called and made false allegations about me. I have been the primary parent for my child and i had informed DCF of my ex abuse of me and and our child i told them that he did substance abuse and that they should really look into him. I was told that i was doing he said she said. But they investigated me they told me what i could and could not buy food wise that i need to get a gym membership that my obesity was a problem for my child even though my child was healthy. I did everything they asked of me. My daughters father was told to get counseling but he refused. My exs mother called dcf so many times about me that they had to warn her that dcf would have to file charges if she didnt stop. A week later my ex and his mother said i had held my child done and had a friend rape her. And would not return my daughter to me. Dcf and the police took my statement the police took my cellphone my computer with camera and my itouch. My ex brought her to see me after keeping her for two weeks and said if i gave him money i could have my daughter sleep over so i gave him money he told me not to tell anyone i had my daughter after he left i called my mom to come get me and i left to stay with my mom for fear he would be back to take her. I took her to a say interview i asked them to promise me larry would not be there because im in fear of him because of the messages and threats him made the case worker promised me he wouldnt be there well he was there and they took my daughter from me. I was told i would not be allowed to contact my daughter untill the investigation was over that was three weeks ago. I went to court to try to get custody of my daugther i found out at court that they had taken lily away from her father and given to his mother because of his substance abuse problem. They never told me anything the case work told me that my daughter was happier and healthier without me my lawyer called her and asked her if she said this she denied it. So its been over two months that i have seen my daugther because of this investigation ive complied given them my apartment keys all my electronics my email passwords. The DCF agent said i was not being compliant because i got a lawyer. She asked me are you a suspect i said no i just want my daughter back i havent spoken or see her in two months her reply was your a bad mother why would we let you speak to her. So thats where i am now waiting for DCF to end their investigation missing my child!!!

    • Jeana Conroy

      I’m so sorry to hear that you’re going through this. We went through this with my step daughter. My husbands ex made allegations against my husband and they ran him through the mill for 2 1/2 years based on the lies of a drug addicted woman with a very shady past. We lost the TPR even though we don’t have criminal or abuse history and I have a 9year and 16year old that I’ve never had state involvement with. Other people’s word can hurt you and your child. My advise is to document EVERYTHING! Every phone call, every snooty remark and every canceled visit. Don’t cancel any appointments, return all phone calls, and most of all DON’T GIVE UP on your child. They want to intimidate you to the point where you’ll give up. Don’t. I have to say that you have a much better advantage than my husband did just because you are her biological mother.Its your job as her mother to advocate for your child. Make sure that your conversations always are about whats best for her (not you),especially when speaking in court. Dress nice and be presentable and professional at all cost. Believe me you will have to bite your tongue and swallow most of your pride and it won’t be easy. Remind yourself that your doing this for your child and that you WON’T give up on her. I do wish you the best and my prayers are with you. I hope I could be of some support during this desperate time.

      • admin

        I have a few ideas that may be helpful to you, please visit us on facebook, you can leave a private msg, or you number, either way I would like to help in anyway I can ~ ADMIN

  • abby

    Well to update they deny me my supervised visits both my ex attorney and Dcf staying its not there job to have supervised visit even though its there safety plan. My ex is not suppose to be alone with her by their own saftey plan but he is only with her! Dcf just called to tell me that the are supporting the calls even though they dont have solid proof i did something the case worker said i was neglectful and that they were supporting the allegations because of what my ex and daughter have said. The investigation is over both for the police and dcf the police have no evidence but dcf told me that my lawyer was uneducated and that i should be worried. I told the case worker that they other work told me that i was a bad mother and that my daughter was happier without me she said she didnt believe that happened and i told her well its funny you say that you dont think it happened because i had her on speaker phone and i have a witness she told me i was being hostile i told her that i wasnt that i just didnt like to be lied to. Asked her what the next step was she said she didnt think the da was going to press charges but he may i told her i would speak to my attorney and she hung up on me. So thats where i am!

    • Jeana Conroy

      Do you have access to email? If you do email your lawyer and DCF when ever possible. This way you will have a paper trail of your conversations. DCF hates to use email for this reason. They like to threaten a persons life by taking away their children and then back them in a corner to wait for a reaction. I told you this was going challenge every fiber of your being. They want you to give up. You must be honest and respectful at all times or they will say you have anger problems and use that as their whole defense. Also having a witness is recommended when ever possible. How old is your daughter? Do you have a GAL who will speak on behalf of the child? If so get on their side. What they say carries a lot of weight in court. Get out your notebook or computer and document. I can’t stress it enough.

  • abby

    My daughter is four and i dont know what a GAL is i should ask my lawyer i have no clue. ill update when i know.

    • admin

      If you would like to talk please friend request us on facebook and leave a private msg there. Thanks admin

    • Jeana Conroy

      G.A.L is the acronym for Guardian at litem. This person is a volunteer who’s job is to be the child’s voice.They work for the child Not DCF. If you haven’t been assigned one to your case then you should ask why. This is your child’s right, and an opportunity to get someone on your side. The fact that you are seeking the help of others tells me that you are motivated and serious about bringing your daughter home.

  • abby

    I would do anything to protect my child. I had a chance to get custody of her but was advised if i did that dcf would file for my child to be put into foster care i couldn’t do that to her. I would rather her be with family even if they aren’t what i want her to be with. Yesterday her father called and let me speak to i was advised to record our conversations which i did and he said if i wanted to see him he would let me see her for my medication i have him on tape saying that i could come see her and spend the night with her if i got him a refill on my meds. I called his father because he is the guardian for my daughter till the investigation is over he didnt even know that he let me take to her. Even though i have a court order to have supervised visits the dcf case worker advised him not to let me talk or see her. Going against the order. im still waiting to see if my daughter has a GAL and if we can get one if she doesnt its the weekend so i doubt anything will be done till monday.

    • Jeana Conroy

      Abby, Knowledge is power. You don’t have to fight this alone. We are parents just like you have been wronged in the same way by DCF. Just know that DCF has a hidden addenda. Their trying to meet a quota by adopting out our children for financial gain to your state. For them isn’t personal its profitable; For you its personal and painful. They will keep hitting you while you’re down but you have to keep getting up. I would say that if you have the opportunity to have your daughter back. Take her! DCF Has to place a child with family when ever possible so if you loose her then she won’t be any worse off than she is now (with family) It almost seems to me that they don’t have enough information to Terminate your Parental rights or they wouldn’t have offered her back.
      As for the Medication situation, it sounds like narcotics, right? DCF will want you to be tested so don’t have anymore or any less in your system than the doctor has prescribed. Also, if you smoke marijuana, stop now. It takes up to 60 days to get it out of your system and that won’t look good on your parental resume. I’m sorry I’m going off on a tangent…I just want you to know what to expect going forward.

  • J

    DCF/DSS/whatever they want to be called need to be investigated ASAP and abolished or at least modified and put under new management that do not have their heads up their asses. Yes, at times they do the right thing but a majority of the time they do not. They are too obsessed with trying to take children away and protect them, they often make things even worse and screw up children’s lives especially when they are with non abusive and non neglectful parents. They also have this screwed up mentality that young parent’s who were in their care as children cannot take care of their own and that parent’s who have gone through VERY messy divorces and break up’s cannot take care their children and they feel they must intervene when in reality they should keep their over paid noses out of the families business. I was a DSS child in the state of Massachusetts and in Connecticut and all of the foster homes (about 9 of them) minus one treated myself and my younger brother ( we were only in two foster homes together) poorly. DCF may think they have the child’s best interest at heart but they are so screwed up and corrupt that they ignore the child when they speak up and tell them that they are being abused and their parent never abused them. I think it’s messed up how they can remove a child from a good yet messed up home even tho they are not being neglected whatsoever and put them in an environment where they are being beaten, molested, and ignored. Connecticut and Massachusetts DCF/DSS is CORRUPT. They have put myself, my brother, and my child through so much pain and bullshit that our lives will be forever changed because of them. I would get into what they have done to me and my daughter at another date but honestly, I for one HATE DCF with all my heart. DCF did nothing but screw my life up as a child and as a young adult.

    • admin

      I agree!!! That is why this site is here, to let the issues be known that CT DCF CPS is nothing but a money hungry, family destroying, lying, full of shit, and the PUBLIC DEFENDERS, BETTER YET PUBLIC PRETENDERS, are all in the same sick pool of filth. Thank you to everyone who keeps visiting, commenting on our site. We are here to help. And we have, just ask…. we do not have all the answers but can point you in the right direction.

      • admin

        Jeana…. I want to thank you for sharing your horrific story. It is so sad, wrong and you just keep hanging in there, doing what you need to for this baby. i commend you for your strength and effort, but most importantly you have not given up.

        Your comments on this site has been so helpful for others to share the nightmare that CT DCF VT DCF CPS whatever the hell they want to call themselves. They are clearly nothing but trouble. Child thieves. Home wreckers, and they NEED to be stopped. Without people speaking up it will never happen if people don’t tell the hell this money hungry agency, that profits off of taking children away. CT DCF VT DCF sick sick people. THEY NEED TO BE EVALUATED!!!

    • admin

      It is a very sick and twisted “game” they seem to play. The fact that they “just want to help” is bullshit. Families go through rough times, that does not mean DCF needs to get involved and make the situation even worse. Sadly they enter the lives of people who are not educated about the right’s they have. You do not have to let them in, unless they have a warrant that is. That is the first mistake parents make, they let them in sign papers for them to pull school records, dental, doctor etc. Then these “social workers” or “investigators” come in and the next thing you know you are standing in front of a judge, fighting for your parental right’s.

      They are most certainly are WAY over paid, and undereducated. They communicate… well they do not with the family, they seem to just do whatever they want. It is truly sick, how they steal children, they especially like to remove young children, infants, due to the fact that they make a lot of money for the child to be adopted. I have heard, and read, and have spoken to so many women, where they take the baby from the hospital.

      Where are the people that are supposed to be watching the actions of this agency? Where are the complaints they receive and who handles them? why does this continue???? The removal of a child is so dangerous, and causes life long effects. When they brain wash your child and lie and tell them they were abused. Why are the children in CT not protected? Why are they treated this way? Why does it seem as if they just hush hush a very huge problem. CT DCF causes so much debt to the state, the millions of dollars they use is wrong.

  • Jeana Conroy

    My husband was a victim of Massachusetts DCF from 1975-1980. He is writing a book about the torture and abuse he experience from age 5-10 until he was adopted. For the past 2 1/2 years we have been fighting for custody of his daughter. DCF claims that the “alleged abuse” he experienced as a child makes him an “at risk” placement for his daughter. What kind of BS is that?? They are making generation after generation of psychology detached children. I wish I knew where to start to change this corrupted system. I’m pretty sure that while we are supporting each other, we aren’t going to make any change unless we go for our governments jugular.

  • abby

    Ive done testing for dcf just to prove ive never done drugs but my ex is addicted to my medication im prescribed he was willing to trade my daughter for the medication i didnt want to get into trouble so i just recorded him asking for it i didnt want to risk getting my daughter just to have her taken away. DCF says they are supporting the claims they said they interviewed friends and family but the only interviewed my ex his mother father and his best friend whom dont like me to begin with. They say im guilty but i can still see my daughter they have no proof other then what my ex is saying and what he is making my daughter to say. I begged the case worker to look at his police and mental records but she said we are not investigating him. Even though he has shaken our daughter and there are records of the police coming to our house on several times. my ex father has my daughter right now and he has a child abuse record but does that matter no. I have no record ive submitted to drug tests and i have tried to work with dcf. My ex and his mother called and made 12 51as before the number thriteen came into play now they say i am a predator and neglectful. but they have no evidence. Just what my ex tells my daughter to say and its things my daugther would never say. I talked to my daughter the other day and cried asking me why see cant see me she said are you letting me go i said no baby never i told her i loved her and she said she knew i said i love her more then anything i couldnt talk to her long because i began to cry i miss her so much?

  • Jeana Conroy

    Since my husband lost the TPR case for his now 2 1/2 year old daughter, we’ve filed an appeal. The TPR Trial ended on December 10 2010, We didn’t get the ruling until mid February. An appeal needed to be filed within 30 days of the TPR judgment so we filed for an appeal in Mid December. At that point our public PRETENDER was off the case. We were notified in Mid January of our new Superior Court Appeal Attorney. Our previous lawyer told us that the purpose of the appeal was not to determine if the judge made the right or wrong decision, but to determine if the lower court judge broke any laws in the process of making his ruling. We then received a letter from him stating that he would read over the documents provided by the lower court and that there was no need to contact him; we wrote anyway. We picked through the lower courts decision and picked it apart with a fine tooth comb. We then pointed out of all of the discrepancies we found and the reasons why we felt that the lower court judge actually broke the law.
    We hadn’t heard back from the appeal lawyer, so we had no idea of his reaction to the letter, until yesterday. We received a copy of his 15 page appeal in the mail which was accompanied by cover letter how helpful our letter was to him in preparing his brief. I have to say it was somewhat inspiring to feel for the first time in 2 1/2 years that someone is on our side. We aren’t getting our hopes up but this could be the loophole we were waiting for outside of the claws of DCF and their corrupted relationship with the family court lawyers and judges.We were told by the Public Pretender that an appeal could take up to a year. Its been three months since we were allowed to visit my stepdaughter and so the torment continues…

  • Naomie

    I have been waiting a very long time to tell my story and I hope by doing this I can find someone to help me. I feel like i’m trapped in a never ending nightmare that I can’t wake up from. My battle with cps started in april of 2002 because I was living with my mother in law who wanted my babygirl for herself. So she tried taking her and I fought cps without a lawyer at age 16 for a year and did everything I was asked, I got my babygirl back and thought it was all over… I was wrong! I left my daughter with my mother in law (stupid idea) when her son and myself moved to colorado to look for a place to live so we could start a new life. Three months later we had to hunt his mother down in colorado cuz she was hiding with my daughter. We got her back and she had bump’s on her bottom that his mother called “exzima” and told me to apply a perscription cream to them, so I was. On december 19th 2003 two day’s after her 2nd birthday, they were still there and I took her to the dr., turns out it was way more complicated then she said. Somehow in the time i leaft my babygirl with her and the it took to get her back (3 months) my daughter had contracted genital wart’s. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing, I was in complete shock. The pediatrician called cps and they called me up to meet them at the police station around 5:00pm that evening, I complied cuz I did nothing wrong I figured I would be going home with my baby that night, instead they ripped her from my arms and threatened me with child abuse charges if I didn’t let her go. Anyway for the next year I did everything they asked me to do. The only thing I did wrong was miss two court dates but that was because I lived 41/2 hours away from were they took her at and they wouldn’t change venue to were I resided. They terminated my rights in january of 2005. I have not seen or heard from my daughter in six years she will be ten in december and last time I got to hug her and tell her I loved her she was 3 years old. I couldn’t appeal the courts decision because I was never notified of the 45 days to appeal until a year later when I requested copies of all the paper work so I could take it to a lawyer and get my baby back. The lawyer said from reading the paperwork there was no way they should have been able to do what they did but he could do nothing because the had a paper stating they mailed me a notice of the appeal period and there was no way to prove other wise since they had that letter. This haunts me everyday now, all I do is cry and try to figure out a way to see her or find her before she is an adult, I know she doesn’t remember me and I just hope when she find’s out she doesn’t hate or resent me for this. Can anyone help me???

  • Jeana Conroy

    I’m absolutely speechless. I’m so sorry that this has happened to you and your daughter. Did anyone investigate where the virus came from? Did they come to any conclusions about your baby having been sexually abused? Do you know that you could be a carrier of the Human Papalona virus without your knowledge? You could have unknowingly passed it to your newborn without even knowing it.Virus’ can stay dormant indefinitely in some people and run ramped in others such as elders or children with weakened immune systems. This same virus can also result in cancerous cervical cells if undetected and left untreated.
    I can only imagine how much guilt and despair you must feel for your daughter. Regretfully, its not likely that any court will remove her from the home where she was adopted as they will state that she is stable and that moving her now would be emotionally detrimental to her. I know this because that’s the defense that DCF has used against my husband for the past 2 1/2 years since his paternity was proven.
    The best thing I can think of to ease your heartbreak is something that my mother (who’s been a foster parent for 20 years) tells parents in your position. My mother says that “you may have lost the right to raise your child but you will always be her mommy and nobody can take that away from you”.She also says from her experience that children, even grown up children, need a sense of belonging. For this reason, children almost always go home to their biological parents. My mother also recommends that parents keep memory books,write letters to your daughter as if you were going to mail them. Date the letters and write in an age appropriate dialect.Also birthday and holiday cards are a nice way to stay internally connected to her. WHEN you see your daughter again, give her her memory book. She won’t be angry at you when she see’s the physical evidence of how much pain you carried in your heart do to losing her. She may not remember you but from what you’ve told, you had a bond with your baby. She carries that love for you in her heart as well and that relationship will be revived once you are reunited. Be patient, I believe she will come home to you.

  • MG

    my two little girls, ages 7 and 9, disappeared after a DCF staffer went to their school and removed them under a 96-hour hold. The reason given was that my wife and I had a minor argument two weeks prior while the children were absent on a camping trip. Just a single incident, not two, not three.

    A prior DCF investigation ended 3 weeks ago when I received an official letter from the agency, saying allegations of abuse and neglect were “unsubstantiated.” The case was then forwarded to another case worker for follow-up services, like recreational programs for the children and so on. It was that case worker (Daniella Rosiclair) who went to the children school and removed them. At the last minute, she offered to “free” the children in return for me to sign a “Service Agreement” that would have violated my 4th Amendment and other Civil rights. As a free U.S. citizen with no criminal records who is not on parole or probation anywhere, I refused. That’s my right.

    However, as I later reviewed the 96 hour rule on the agency website, I quickly realized that several rules and regulations were violated:

    1 – Our family was not given the option to send the two girls to other relatives as is normally required.

    2 – They didn’t tell us that one of us (my wife or I) could have left the home so that the children could come in.

    3 – Although there are 3 minors in the house (ages 7, 9 and 16), only the two girls were removed, thus leaving behind the 16 year old boy. (Where’s the imminent danger to the children, when one of them was not removed?)

    • admin

      Please know that we were able to guide them in the right direction, and the girls are coming home!!! They contacted us yesterday, and were able to use the information and send the complaint of the rights, and laws that were broken. It is the ombudsman office that needs to be contacted. They overlook what ct dcf does. As long as you have been done wrong, they will help you. The number to the office is

      Contacting the Ombudsman’s Office:
      The office is open 8:00 am to 5:00 pm Monday – Friday
      Telephone Number:

      Local 860-550-6301 Toll-Free 1-866-637-4737 Fax 860-560-7086
      Mailing Address:

      505 Hudson St. Hartford, CT 06106

      Contact them!!! Tell them if you have truly been a victim of CT DCF. Make your complaints. Tell them about the intimidation that they put you under, the stress, pressure, that they lie.

      • Laura

  • Jeana Conroy

    This is a portion of an email I sent last week to our Vermont Supreme Court Appeals Attorney;

    I would just like to point out that all of DCF’s “professional witnesses” are all people who were paid by DCF to testify on their behalf; how is this even legal?. The only non biased witness we had was ___, who had no concerns what so ever about Jeff’s bond or ability to parent. I believe that his child was promised to the foster family at birth when CHINS was filed. Jeff had no rights to his daughter until paternity was proven so I don’t understand how their delay in identifying parentage can now be held against him. DCF makes comments like “Jeff made a threatening phone call”, yet there are no specifics given of what exactly was threatening about the calls. The truth is that DCF doesn’t like to be questioned or challenged in any way. I can tell you that there is nothing more threatening than taking a persons child from them and then making them dance in circles while they publicly intimidate, harass and demean them. We have sent 4 letters to the commissioners office in regards to these allegations (with specifics) but there has been no interest in anyone hearing our side of the story. If they’re going to make allegations about Jeff threatening them then the least they could do is to humor us with the facts.

    This was the most meaningful of the Supreme Court Lawyers Responses:

    “Dealing with DCF can be trying since they tend to hold all the cards and are used to getting their way”.

    Hearing these words come from a Supreme Court Lawyer is disheartening to say the least. Clearly even they see what is going on and apparently turn a blind eye to the corruption. Why would the supreme court allow DCF to ” hold all of the cards”? Why would such a powerful court yield to the “Power” of DCF? The only thing I can imagine is that our Judicial system must be under the command of a higher archery of government instructing them to turn a blind eye. I’m personally disgusted beyond words and I can’t imagine that we have a chance in hell of winning this appeal.

    • admin

      Jeana~ When DCF enters into a family’s life, it is not something that is usually expected. When you are in a situation, being asked all sorts of questions, they are asking you to sign this and that. It is not until after that you realize everything you signed, they hold you to. Everything you said was sure to be twisted and turned to sound terrible. Most parent’s or care givers do not know the right’s that they have. Yes they seem to hold all the cards, all of your emotions, and your family. They are best known to work on their terms. They have a strong handed approach, they are intimidating, and it is wrong.

      When going to court…. I look at it like this, the lawyers, the judges, and dcf all seem to work together and against “us” the people on the other side of the fence. If you are given a court appointed Lawyer, they work for the system, not you. The GAL the child receives, works for the system. So exactly, how are you able to win, or have you case heard clearly if they are all on the same team? It seems to be impossible. The State Of Connecticut “claims” they are working on changing the way they handle situations, and calls to the hotline. The best change they could make would be to make it even, and have people that are impartial to the case involved. Until then we keep doing what we are doing, and getting your story out there.

      If you would like us to publish your story, go to the contact us section, write whatever you would like and it will be published. They cannot take away our freedom of speech. And they do visit our site. They are aware…. I ask that people continue to share… don’t give up… and support one another through the nightmare they make you live.

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    • Jolee

      This isn’t true! We recently had our one yo step outside unattended and someone called cps. They came and made sure we have a lock and even though it was substantiated, we were left alone! Our home was clean, kids well taken care of and we don’t drink or do drugs! That was that. A recommendation to have high locks. Substantiation isn’t always some horrible thing!

      • admin

        Every situation is different. Never is a substantiation a “good” thing, especially when it is based upon lies

  • Heather W.

    My husband and I have been dragged through hell because of this organization…we’ve been unsubstantiated for everything, took drug tests on our own accord and out of pocket, been to counseling, classes, everything…they have no concern whatsoever about our children, but for some reason, we’re still in court fighting not to lose custody. All of this stemmed from an argument we had. If you knew the things they put in our petition…and knew us personally….you would have a much different perception of them. We’re unsubstantiated, cleared of all charges, my children are still thriving…and now that the case may be dismissed, they’re saying my oldest – since missing 14 days of school (documented missed days due to illness by his doctor and he holds an A average in 5th grade) – now she wants to call truancy. This is the organization. THIS is what they do. They seperated my kids from me for 3 wks by FORCING me to agree to let them stay at my mother’s for a week…then it turned into 3….because my husband and I had an argument….There was NO NEED for that. My kids are STILL affected by it. I either agreed to letting them stay there, or they told me outright they would take custody. Or try. Now knowing better, I would’ve let them try…there never was, and isn’t now, a reason to lose my children…and DCF acknowledges that. But now it’s on to something new….Make sense of THAT.

    • marley tellier

      I’ll give you some info about DCF and their truancy policies..Torrington DCF office had my 15 year old grandaughter in custody for six weeks..In that 6 weeks of having custody of her, she attended school for only TWO days…….hmmmmmm commissioner? response?

      • marley tellier

        And she was in perfect health! So kindly explain MS. Katz what your policies are again when it comes to educating our children while under YOUR care…get a life

  • miller

    was put on child neglect registry in1997 and just found a month ago su, I ask for a hearing and pd my money for a copy of investagation report and dhs/cps let me know that they either did no investagation or they have lost the report.

  • liz

    I lost my three children six months ago. A cps worker came to my door due to a phone call they recieved. At the time I was covered with a rash from head to toe. The worker said she personally thought I was on meth. I went to several doctors and each time I was diagnosed differently. I finally got into a dermatologist. I was diagnosed with severe exzcema. I got worse and became very sick. They showed up at my door to take my children into custody.shortly after that I was rushed to the hospital because my gall bladder was close to bursting and I was rushed into surgery immediately. My blood pressure was 80 over 20. The worker also showed up with the police. She told me that there would be no reunificaation whatsoever. She also told me that I had a warrant and that I was going to jail. The police was going to cuff me so I asked to call my attorney. I left a message with the investigator that was dealing with another case my oldest son witness. They are learning that the phone calls were out of retaliation for my son was a key witness and was going to testify. The police decided not to arrest me. I called the warrant place and they said there was no warrant.there is a lot more I’m probably leaving out.

    • rBg

      If you would like us to publish your full story please contact us.

  • weeping willow

    ring my pregnancy in 2006- 2007, i was taking psychotropic medications including paxil which i didn’t feel right taking without a long term study done so i went off of it during my pregnancy. However, I was assured by both my presciber and OBGYN it was safe to continue taking klonopin and ritalin. I recently gave birth to another daughter on March 9th. my obgyn was the same one i had in 06-07 and i went off anti-depressant but remained on the other 2 like before. my OBGYN stated he wanted me off well-butrin which i agreed and said he wasn’t worried so much about the other 2 medications. the day i delivered my healthy baby girl dcf took her away for testing positive for those medications. i have filed for the records of both my OB and psychiatry for the timeline of my previous pregnancy which clearly document both doctors acknowledgement of the meds i was on. my ob for some reason decided to call dcf for same medications he approved of prior. I’ve been doing research on those medications and now discovered they aren’t as safe as i was told and realize that they could’ve caused both my babies harm. I’M READY TO FIGHT!

  • weeping willow

    there’s sooooooooo much more nonsense with dcf being in my life for 8 yrs. now. The first time was my fault….my then 8 mnth old daughter wa sleeping in her crib. i had had it with her father verbal abuse all day that day and i called my mother to come get her because i was about to lose my mind on her dad. my mother came to get her but decided to get involved instead of removing her. police were called and so the story goes. there have been 8 investigations on me since then and out of the 8 only 2 were “valid” of investigation. they were always somekind of neglect charge. never abuse or anything but whatever their reasons were to invade my life and remove my daughters from their mother was 100% crap! the problem is…… once dcf is in your life they are there to stay because everyone and every establishment pertaining to your children like their doctor and school etc. have a red flag that dcf gives them to wave to cover their butts. there was one time when my 2nd daughter had turned a yr.old and her insurance was to be switched to another plan at one yr. but they never enrolled herin the new was a mess. both my girls had a cough and sore throat so i took them to their pediatrician. i had recently moved out of the house we shared with their father and was now a single mom. he wasn’t paying me CS at the time and i got a bill for the dr.’s visit. while i was there i mentioned my 1 yr. old may be behind on her boosters because of this insurance issue. they looked at her chart and said she was indeed behind. i then asked how much it would cost out of pocket until this insurance issue was fixed. they couldn’t give me a price on one because they were all given together… they never offered an alternative route to get my daughter up to date. in fact they said there was nothing they could do..yet the issue was still an issue. i said well bill me then and give her the boosters. they said they needed the money up front. all i could do was tell them id do my best to clear up this insurance issue asap. a week later dcf is at my door, medical neglect on my 1 yr. old. I WAS JUST THERE WITH THE GIRLS THE WEEK BEFORE!i had the bill still on my refrigerator. but the case stayed open for 45 days anyway. the other investigations are pretty much the same kind of bs. but this time they took my newborn..HELP!

  • notgonnasay

    I was completely innocent of anything. A false lab report caused me to be reported to DCF.

    I had to go by ambulance to the hopsital for premature birth. The ambulance couldn’t take me to my hospital. So I showed up at another one. My OB was called right after the ambulance, and faxed over my info before I got there.

    The doctor decided to do a drug test on me while I had a foley catheter in me, in pre-term labor, without telling me. They told me the results afterwards: “positive for opiates”. I demanded a confirmation, which was sent to another lab right from there, and it was NEGATIVE, of course. My baby was tested secretly, I later learned, and he was NEGATIVE. I took ANOTHEr test voluntarilly, it was negative also.

    2 negative tests for me, two negative for my infant, my infant had NO signs of withdrawal…versus one false positive.

    DCF was called anyway. We underwent a 45 day investigation that was stressful, scary and humiliating. It was UNSUBSTANTIATED.

    My lawyer says I can’t sue. I had the Health & Licensing Dept investigate the hospital, and they said they violated Federal and State laws. But individuals have no right to sue. Even though HIPAA (what a joke) was violated when the false info went froom the birthing hospital to the NICU.

    • admin

      WOW, they just keep on don’t they. You went through a bunch of bullshit and couldn’t enjoy your infant because they had to harass you for no good reason. You are able to sue….

      contact us please at we will gladly speak to you and get answers and hopefully some justice for what they put you through!

  • Cameo Canales

    I volunteered for help with DHS in the state of iowa.My sons worker said that the only way they would return my son back to me is if I would CINA my kids.They knew I was in treatments at the time and had prior involvment before.After this volunteerment happened,they sent my son to a foster home and only let my girls stay with me.Because I had a break down,and ended up in the hospital,they removed my girls and said I was drugged induced.The hospital kept conterdicting themselves in what was wrong with me.I showed my drug test that was taken at the Hospital and it was negative.Now they are using anything and everything against me and changing the stories.Also terminating my rights

  • lisa scheck

    in 2008 i had heart surgery n 3wks after i was sent home my liv room ceiling fell in.after heart surgery but b4 the ceiling incident the father of my 2 youngest children called dcf to say he wanted all 3 kids while i recovered(what he really wanted was the 2 of my children recieve).i told dcf he had watched the kids b4 w a bad outcome.after 2wks in his care dcf took my kids from him n never let me kno.i had a restraining order against him so i couldnt go over mom-at this point-called the new london police for a ‘well being’ check cuz i hadnt called her.they(cops)asked what happened w my kids n when i replied that they were next door w their dad he said,’no-dcf took them a week ago’.he then went to my exs house n he had an envelope for me that said i was to appear in court in 12hrs if i wanted my kids.i was about to get them back when the cieling fell in n it took me awhile to find a dec of ’08 i got my eldest son-jeremy daughter decided she wanted to b adopted by her foster(her dad died during this time period n i think the back n forth was 2 much 4 her).my youngest son,zachary shockey-wheeler,has cerebral palsy n autism cant walk or talk.his physical therapist wanted to adopt him n i thought it forward to ’10.i signed termination of my parental rights papers w the stipulation that she b openly adopted n they would give me pics n info on my ’11 i found out by mistake that my daughter,caitlin shockey,had been molested at her pre-adoptive home.back in ’09 theyd found blood in her underwear(8 1/2yrs old)n was doing poorly in wasnt until after the second time she was found w blood in her underwear that she was taken to a dr.a dcf worker told me about it assuming that i knew what was going on.she later-quietly-gave me the info about my daughter being molested n being moved into a ‘safe home’ n later to another pre-adoptive family.her new worker was elizabeth mawheaney.i tried for 4mths to contact her about my daughter w no success.i,then,tried to contact her supervisor-tom martin.he called me about once a mth to say i had to wait until he could get the paperwork to verify the open-adoption stipulations.every mth he had that same that time my oldest son(who lives w me),jeremy brown,bumped into caitlin n the adopters in walmart.they had no knowledge that this was an open adoption n didnt kno i was looking for her.a few days after the adopters found out what was going on they called dcf.tom martin then called me n let me kno,’i gave them your phone number.if they want to call u its up to them–dcf doesnt want to b involved’.right now i have an open case for my son,jeremy brown, because we r impoverished,i have AIDS,he has adhd n hes been depressed.they r trying on june 26th to terminate my parental son is 16yrs old.i would not cooperate w them because my worker is elizabeth mawheaney-the same woman who ignored me 4 4mths when i found out my daughter had been molested.i have only talked to this woman for less than an hour.i tried to work w her even though i didnt want to but she started lying n twisting what was said.i had told her,tom martin n tom martins supervisor that i would not work w her because shes disrespectful n she lies.i said i would work w another worker.their answer was to try n take my son away.a few days ago she called me and asked about her doing a site visit.i told her no.i have ptsd n that night i had severe nightmares about my son,jeremy brown-that dcf took him n he ended up being raped/molested,that because of that he tried to kill himself,he ended up stealing a car n was scared of going to court so he tried to kill himself again.jeremy says to me,’dont worry mom.we’re good people so they cant take me away’.im not so so stressed n worried that besides nightmares i have started to have a rash for no reason that i continuously pick at.also,ive had to be put on anti-depressants for the first time in my conversation w dcf is safe-they WILL lie n twist your words.

  • Lavender

    I reported my boyfriend to DCF for his neglect. I am not going to go into detail but it was for neglect and emotional abuse. Well, I told him I called and he got his act together last minute, gave them showers and changed them out of old, dirty clothes. They came by next day and threatened me with jail time claiming I lied. They were reading the report I gave them over the phone and it was incompetent how the person over the phone exaggerated and confused my claims. They said I made things up to get back at him and when they threatened me with jail time again I told them the phone call was recorded and that they could see for themselves I did not make any bizarre claims. Nasty people. Mean, mocking, 7.50 an hour drones. I won’t be calling them again for ANYTHING.They said that unless they catch him in the act I am a liar. Like he is going to smack his kid RIGHT in front of them. Wow. How pathetic. They were judging me because I lived there and took everything out on me, the one person who was trying to help.

    • admin

      You hit it right on… twisted story’s. That is what they do day in and out. They ruin families for a living, how they sleep I have NO idea but they do.
      Honestly… I would never call them, if something is wrong than take the kids and leave. The last thing you want are these people in your life. If you read all of the stories people have left it is very clear what happens.
      They are good for nothing… the hotline, ha read the story on the site called ” call the dcf hotline make a pot of coffee” as well as what innocent people have been through. It is the destruction of children and families DCF. RUN AWAY from them, never to. If you ask for help it is rare that they will, but if they do they play the same nasty games. I do not think they are human beings, a human being could not do the things these do.

  • http://helpcpstookmybaby beth retamozzo

    i have attempted to writ my story 2 x now and im getting frustrated that its not goin through

    • admin

      If you need help- feel free to email us at we can see why the story is not getting to us…

  • http://helpcpstookmybaby beth retamozzo

    my mother currently has guardianship of my 2 children joslyn6 and joel 5 through a probate court as i had planned on joining the military. after 16 months i changed my mind about military and came back for the children. that is when my mother and her boyfriend kicked me out of his house and she told me to take her to court if i wanted my children back. at the time of court i didnt get my kids back cuz i was homeless but my mother was supposed to let me visit the children and i was supposed to establish myself for 6 months before getting them back. i now have my own apt that i share with my baby now 9 months. my mother complied with letting me see them at 1st but i knew it was too good to be true. it was. she stopped letting me see them and i soon found out why. she had been taking the kids to a “play thearapist” and my son allegedly reported to her that during his bath that i washed his genitals in a circular motion and didnt use a washcloth. dhhs came to investigate. i currently have an attorney representing me free of charge. he had scheduled a family team meeting with dhhs on may 30 2012 on may 25 2012. 3 police officers with dhhs worker arrived at my residence on may 29 2012 and kicked my door down and took my baby. policwe also stole from me $500 cash and an EBT card. the court order said it was because i didnt comply with their team meeting. my baby is now in foster care. foster care has also made false allegations against me and now my visits take place in dhhs office with dhhs supervisor insead of my own residence.

    • admin

      PLEASE contact us asap- we will do whatever we can to get someone on your side to help you.

      Stay strong,
      look forward to speaking with you

    • YouHaveGotToBeKiddingMe

      First of all, police officers would not literally “kick a door in” with children in the home for fear of injuring a child. Secondly, they stole 500 in cash and your EBT card? Really? Come on, now. Are you sure it wasn’t drugs or alcohol who stole it? Also, you’re not quite clear as to how or why you lost custody of your children – surely it was not because you were going to join the military and later had to “fight” your mother to get them back. Also, if your mother truly was trying to “steal” your children, wouldn’t you have known your mother well enough not to ever give her temporary custody? I refuse to believe you had no idea your mother would try to take your children, if this is even true.

      Your story, and many others on here, sound like rubbish to me. DCF has to have some reason to take your child. I’m so tired of hearing how they just break into homes and steal children. The only time this happens is when someone is falsely accused by a demented neighbor, ex, and such. In those cases, though, an investigation is done, the truth comes out, and kids are returned promptly (if they were even removed to begin with, as the parent in question will typically let DCF know the person who called has a vendetta against them).

      How about all you people who keep spitting out child after child and raising them on EBT cards, just get your shit together and quit being alcoholics, quit doing drugs, quit popping pills, quit sleeping all fucking day and neglecting your children, get your asses up and take them to school and/or doctor when needed, clean your freakin’ house since more than likely you have no job and just sit on your fat ass all day anyway, stop fist fighting your significant other due to drugs, alcohol, and pills while your poor kids sit there and watch it all in horror, wash your kids and put some decent clothes on them (you can afford them if you stop buying pills, alcohol, and drugs, so don’t go there – you can even get nice clothes via donation centers for children), and for the love of Pete, instead of getting on the internet to bitch about “poor you,” learn how to construct a decent sentence!!! That’s one thing I notice all these posts have in common – you all seem flippin’ illiterate!!! My gosh, this shit was taught in grade school and you bitches can’t make a complete legible sentence, for fuck’s sake! And another thing, you need to ADMIT that you are a shitty parent before you can improve. That’s what I despise the most…the denial! Just admit you’ve been an asshole, straighten up for the sake of your kids, and do what you know you need to do!

      I have five kids and I have never, ever, ever, ever had an issue with DCF. You wanna know why? Because I don’t do drugs (hey, I love marijuana as much as the next guy, but I love my kids more…therefore, no marijo for me till my last child turns 18 years of age), I clean my house no matter how tired I am, I work and pay my bills, I do not go to the doctor begging for pain killers for fake ass illnesses, I educate my children, and care for my children, and my children’s actions at school and other public places is a reflection of such. That’s why!

      Children are a lot of work. You can sit here all day long and yap about how you “love your kids,” but love is a sacrifice. If you are not willing to make that sacrifice, then I can only pray your children will be adopted by a loving family. I could not live for 10 seconds without my children…and there is nothing in this world I would ever do to risk losing them. NOTHING!

      Besides all of this, you get a case plan from DCF. Quit making excuses as to why you can’t go to the classes, why you didn’t go to your regularly scheduled visits with your kid, or trying to fight these people because you feel like they have taken your kid for no reason. There’s a reason, you can bet on that shit! If there were truly no reason, you’d mugs would be on Action 5 News telling your story (like one I recently read about a young couple who had their infant son taken because they wanted a second medical opinion – they KNEW they had done no wrong and there were no skeletons in their closet, so they went to the news with their story. The rest of you would do that, too, if you were honestly a good parent).

      Just do your freakin’ case plan! I’ve heard of several cases where parents have gotten their kids back in 9 months or less because they doubled and even tripled up on their classes, quit all drinking and drug use, and got their acts together!! You know how I know this, because I have custody of my niece right now and my brother and his “insignificant” other are fuckups! The mother was positive for cocaine the day before my niece was taken, and my brother was popped positive twice on the only two hair shaft tests he had in 16 months! They both stripped and dyed their hair to try and cover their drug use, but it only worked for her, not my brother. And now, just like the rest of you, they sit around claiming the state took their kid for no reason. Yeah, sure. Oh, and the kicker…my brother’s “whatever you wanna call her” is pregnant again!!!! Why does that always happen? You get your kid taken away, and even though you have no stable life and your other kids are in foster care, you wind up knocked up. That’s just speaks volumes of their (and others who do the same) character. How irresponsible is that! Therefore, when their parental rights are terminated (we’re going on nearly two years with these two idiots “trying” to get their kid back) it looks like I will have to raise yet another one of their children due to their lack of respect for anything other than their selfish selves!

      So wake up, you bunch of whiners…quit bitchin’ and take care of your kids because the rest of us family members (who don’t get paid like foster parents do, minus family members who are on welfare) are tired of doing it for you. My husband and I work hard, very hard, for our kids – the rest of you should, too! And get an education while you’re at it!!

      • marley tellier

        You are an uneducated person and your reply made me vomit. Do you think that that’s the only reason that are stealing children? Have you taken the time to read other stories on this site before you choose to make yourself look like an ass? I think you are full of yourself and your words are void of compassion for the children who have been traumatized by dcf, not the parents. Get a grip on reality, shut your uneducated mouth and go get educated for real this time. It’s people like you that need serious help. Your comment was not needed and very rude. I will pray that one day you will see the truth and he will shut your mouth when you feel the need to judge others. Smh over and over

  • Keith G Walker

    I was falsely accused “after winning custody of my son” 27 times by my son’s mother resulting me having to attend Domestic Violence For Kids classes, parenting classes, spend thousands of dollars in lawyers fee’s, develop healthcare issues, have my son removed from my home twice and defend myself on two separate occasions in criminal court. My son mom was never charged for any of the false allegations. Cps “to me” is the worst organization on earth, so much so I decided to write a book titled “Father’s Dey” detailing how I grew up without my father and the trials and tribulations I experienced with the system after becoming one. For more info go to

    • admin


      I am sorry to hear what you have been through, it is an epidemic. Parents are being falsely accused and their children are REMOVED, leaving them scared for life. WE the people MUST stand up and fight back enough is enough. Children are not for sale. We are getting ready to start a protest in Connecticut, people from any other state are welcome… if you look for the posting “it’s time to picket” as we are trying to get as many people to get involved and attend. DCF is destroying innocent families for the all mighty dollar and it must STOP.

      Please feel free to go to the contact us page and leave your contact information , and I will contact you.

      Wishing you the best

  • Keith G Walker

    pls take a moment to view this video. thanks

  • Amy

    This state is going to continue to take our kids and put them with abusers unless parents start standing up for their children. When my children were taken and was put in an abusive foster home I would not be quiet, and I will keep speaking out. I will not shut up while the department of children and families take kids for no reason.


      Yes I have the same problem this State of Connecticut is a Corrupted institution but you can go to the COMMISSION HUMANITIES RIGHTS BUT YOU BRING ALL YOU EVIDENCES YOU ARE GOOD PARENT THEY HELPING YOU

  • Allene Laney

    From florida DCF and CPS in pasco county florida. The judge and Eckerds Community Alternatives are part of this government corruption destroying my family and alot more. Taking parents, grandparents rights away. We all need to help get this hole system shut down im sick and tried of being sick and tried of the evil cruel corrupt people the lies control the bias judge. Taking our children away for money and they could care less about keeping family together and wont let you speak in court. I know there sick games to well and i am going to keep fighting all the way for my childrens children. They also need to be giving the families back their children they adopted out just to make money. We need to shut there power down it has went to there sick heads, they are so twisted. Its so true they really really do alter audio tapes the judge did the day my husband filed a motion to have visits with the grandchildren he slamed him with his nasty comments, me grandma and my son and his director and then the crazy caseworker stood up and said my husband and i took advantage of a office visit when in fact the mother of the children needed a ride to see the children she only has a 1 hr a month to visit and she got there the month before and had only 10 and i new that so i had the time and we took her and they aloud us in with her nice visit. So the crazy caseworker wasnt in that day must of hurt her pride cause she wasnt there so the judge took away my grandparents visits and never gave my husband any. Then guardian of litem went to the jail to see my son and had the nerve to try and talk my son into giving up his rights and told him he could have more children in the furture that trial would cost alot of money he told her to buzz off and the judge thought it was know big deal my son told his lawyer what she had done is that sick or what. The trial attorney loses every trial and the judge takes your rights he knows just how to mulipulate so never give them up the judge can take them but, all you have to do is appeal it right then and there then they can’t do anything to the kids but keep them away from you and pray you win your appeal, This all seens to be a bad nightmare but, its real and this is america they can ruin your being family is family and they have know right to take our children its almost to hard to comprehened so i am hoping all of us from every state can be heard and stop this madness it ruins your everyday life destroying what is the most important to us our familiies.

    • Wendy

      hi, I am so sorry for what you have been put thru. I am contacting you because you are dealing with Pasco county DCF, Eckerd, these guardian of litem and What I have seen take place this last year is honesty inhumane. at no time have the children involved in the case I am a part of been protected or have things been done in their best interest. I would have never believed the things I read online about DCF and CPI being corrupt. how could anyone believe such horrific stories about the agency that is their to protect our children. anyway, I am more than willing to share my story and ongoing situation but right now I am just in search of people in the same area as me and hopefully dealing with the same people. id like to get together as many of us as possible and I plan to go public with everything. I even plan to suggest funding cuts and maybe if we find enough people with the same stories from the same agents we can look into law suits. what ever needs to be done to end this insanity. my grandson has been completely traumatized by these people. anyway, if you would like to talk further you can email me at and of course anyone who reads this and has been tortured by these people please email me. I need to save my grandson and hopefully stop this from continuing onto other children and innocent families in the future. I do want to be clear that I am not looking for people who are mad at DCF because they got caught or are truly guilty but don’t like the way they are being treated. I don’t mean any disrespect but if that is the case than it lowers our reputation. with that said I also want to make it clear that if you are guilty of something and you are honestly being treated wrong and your children are being done wrong than I want to hear from you as well. just cause someone makes a small mistake that quite honestly the majority of parents do at some point, not intentionally, things just happen but most households correct it and move forward, and fortunately no one gets word of it and takes your human mistake and turns your world upside down accusing you of being unfit and you know the rest of the story. if you are sitting in your home with your children running wild while you are nodding out on the sofa high as a kite than please, get some help and realize how precious your babies are but your case is not the kind I need. before I close I want to apologize for rambling on like a made woman. I just began writing hoping you would be interested in contacting me and my heart starts to explode. I know I have not said what is going on with my family but I will post my story. it will horrify you that such things are legal and actually take place. I will shut up for now. its been a long time since you posted so I don’t know if I will hear from you or not but at the very least maybe someone else will find this post. for everyone else in all other areas, lets all stay strong and not lay down and take this. these are our children for god sakes. before I go I need to say one more thing … on top of it all, the hardest thing for me to swallow is all the house holds that I see or hear about where these people are needed. the children who need protecting and saving. the parents who care more about their drugs, the parents who just don’t care so the child is so neglected. and the saddest part of even that is that no one, including myself feels there is any where to turn or reach out to for help for these babies because of what they have seen go on in cases like the one I am dealing with. the way things were handled in this case people have sworn that they will never call the police or cpi for anything ever. they will take things into their own hands first and that is scary because they are talking about a man who abused his six month old child so severely that only time will tell the extent of damage caused. my niece called the police and this was a year ago … three days later the man was walking the streets with no worries and every one else in the family has been treated like they were the bad guy. there is so much more to the story but I wanted you to see how these agencies are effecting people and families in ways they cant imagine. they are making people know that if anything ever happened similar to them that to call the officials would only ruin their lives and their children so they are willing to “take it in to their own hands” as they put it. okay, im done now!!!!

  • annepen222@YAHOO.COM

    please someone help me i live in torrington ct i feel like i can’t breathe dcf has destroyed me my life will never be the same

    • Mother Innocent

      apply in United States Court District send all the documents an evidences You are Good Mother or father continue fight for you child they destroy our lives never they listen you and become CORRUPTED made the complaints well i hope you see this note

    • Amanda Turk

      A good attorney is kevin ferry from new Britian ct. he may be able to help. look him up.

    • Laura

      please pass this along to every news channel, every politician, every Church, everywhere you can think of-

  • jaydenmommy

    hey im 17 and my mom took custduy of my son three months ago she has tempuary gaurdian ship she got threw dcf i got a 51a filed on me because i leave my child with my momk when i went out at night witch to me is normal because its a babysitter right no they said i was negelectiing him now i am pregnant for my second child and ddcf is waiting to take this one to how can i go about keeping both my kids my child is not liveing in a safe place right now trust me i was takeing away from my mom for being molested by her boy friend and they granted her custidy

  • against the system

    The system is destroying so many families, why is it that people that have been hurt by this agency do not stand up to the harm they have caused to the many families

    • Mother Innocent

      Yes You are right the destroy our lives they take my girl in not investigate well the case and they corrupted in Court and I lost my custody right know My girl is run away in they care not only I have the worry were she is and also my pain for lost her custody but i continue fight for her in another court I wait another Judges review my case never.

  • fighting for a voice

    DCF is threatening legal action against me. after checking myself into the hospital on july 11th, i found out i was 38 weeks pregnant (which is another long story). in the week i had to prepare for the arrival of my second daughter, DCF involved themselves because the hospital ran a drug test on me and i tested positive for marijuana. now DCF has lied to make my fiancee look like a drug addict. the report is filed against me (neglect on my 1st daughter-not second daughter) and once they ran a quarry check on my fiancee they sunk their teeth into him. the social worker has been to my house twice and now wants a third visit, if i don’t give her a third visit she has threatened to go to the courts. she has nothing on me and has twisted things ive said about my fiancee. also, his ex (whom he has 2 other children with) has been falsely accusing us at the same time. we have heard not to allow them into our home a 3rd time, because now they are just fishing. the case has been opened since july 11th and they refuse to finish their recommendation before a last meeting. i need someone to tell me what my rights are. i cannot afford a lawyer, and i know that i need one. can anybody help? i have already spoken to my case workers supervisor, his supervisor and the ombadosum (or however you spell it) office and everyone keeps telling me that they have known her for yeaars and not ever had to take her off of a case, like i should just trust her. im scared they are going to get away with lying about me and get away with the bias they have against my fiancee. someone help me please.

  • Amanda Turk

    At 3 years old I was raped while in D.C.F custody. D.C.F knew of other alligations of sexual abuse concerning the same people with my sister. They failed to protect me. I was raised by connecticut D.C.F . I could go on and on However I reccomend that if anyone feels their rights as been violated find an attorney and don’t give up until you do.

  • illiannalove

    Hello im a 31year old mother i gave birth to baby girl on may3rd 2012 on may5th cpi worker cristine salaz came in to trinity hospital i didnt have no idea they where coming until she walk through the room door but ok i left the hospital empty handed and heart broken how can they do these things i have finished my case plan and have to repeat one more thing again i was told that i cant go to church beacuse there are kids there and i cant watch my godchildren but im ignoring that because i know im not a bad person and GOD knows to judge webb he changed my visit to onece a month for an hour he is so crule and back wards i even was told by my counselor i should go stay in a group home because i cant take care of things when i had my own place for years and i have a job i dont like this dcf and cpi ripped my heart out of my chest they are crule and hope it haunts them for the things they do to good people im not crazy i may look slow but im smart and i know my rights these people needs to be in are shoes there are people ouy here today that dont deserve their kids but they dont do crap i hate how they run things and im not giving up its not happening at all im fighting and im staying strong for my baby illianna

    • bernice

      judge william r webb has done the same thing to my daughter he took her girls place them with her aunt after trashing us the grandparents say we cant have them my daughter is in her case plan they say she is not she is working very hard she just had a beautiful baby boy they delivered him and sent dcf after him brand ifroble is the case manager she says she dont like us they were at one time going to give us the girls then judge webb said we failed to protect them but he dosent say what we did to fail them we passed home study and back ground check and have a new house they keep coming up with more lies at every court visit we are just heart broke grandparents we had 1 time a week visit ever since they took them now we get 1 time a month only to see the girls we are not allowed to see the baby they get federal money each child they sell they are a black market baby selling ring covered by the government we are not giving up our grand babys are so beautiful and so missed by the family they were taking july 12 2012 i guess 2012 was a good year for these home recking baby thiefs good luck to you we will pray that god intervenes in this mess of baby thiefs

  • illiannalove

    i am getting the news involved if anything gose wrong to because its on fair please somebody send me an angle and lets stop these people from hurting families and mothers or fathers i bug these people everyday i speak to my lawyer everyday and tell her everything they say i write down whats being said and i record them to so i have audio recordings if its about me and my baby i dont care if its against the law to do it but i realy dont care im fighting tell the end i refuse to sign any paper work the workers hand me because they are sneaky

    • Laura

  • illiannalove

    can you please help me

  • leela

    I need a good lawyer to fight dcf in Miami Florida does anyone know of any

  • Amanda

    I live in Vermont, my boyfriend made some mistakes when he was 15. He is now 30 he hasn’t done anything to anyone for the last 15 years. Dcf hired their own physiatrist to do an evaluation and of course the evaluation turned out the way Dcf wanted it to. My boyfriend was forced to move out of my house and was told he can’t come back until the physiatrist says it is ok. So both Dcf ad their physiatrist get paid until the physiatrist says otherwise. And my boyfriend can’t go see a different physiatrist because Dcf won’t refer to anyone else. Help me

    • Christopher Nuzzo

      Dcf is ignoring that I had my daughter seeing a pediatric psychiatrist for 18 months because of hyperactivity and they instead had a “trauma” counselor manipulating my child into thinking normal things are a way of molesting kids. Things like getting my 6 year old daughter dressed for school. They act as if parents aren’t supposed to do that because they see their kid naked. Duh! I also saw her naked every time I changed her diaper, or when I had to apply diaper rash creme. I researched the “trauma” counselor’s credentials and all she is classified as is a licensed social worker. But yet they say she finds problems that the person with a doctorate in pediatric psychiatry can’t.

  • Laura
  • Nancy
  • Nancy

    We should get the thousands of victims together and fight with everything we’ve got to free the innocent children and stop the widespread abuse of parents and children by DCF career criminals. Socialism is at its’ core, and it will destroy the country if we let it.

    • henaultsr

      amen but how meany of those thousands would fight alot of people say they would but dont when it comes down to it me i would go to hell and back for my son and have been and still thair and will not stop till i get my son or die

      • Nancy

        Henaultsr, What we need to do is start protesting everywhere.. The White house, DCF/CPS offices and anywhere else we will be seen and heard at. The news needs to see us ALL and drawing attention to DCF/CPS black hearted soulless child selling business. Only then will they regulate and punish those agencies. Those people (I believe most of them) belong in prison. If we don’t do that then even if we get our kids back there will be hundreds more children stolen and sold. Quietly winning one case wont help all the children, this needs to be exposed to the fullest extent possible. Its good to talk about it on the internet because at least we know we are not the only ones going through this but it is not enough. We need to plan and get the plan into action. No more going quietly into the wood work, and please don’t think of taking your life! Don’t let them win. Once people see others outside of DCF buildings holding signs demanding the return of our civil, constitutional rights, and demanding regulation of these criminal activities going on and being allowed to continue, others will join in.

        • henaultsr

          i agree 100% trust me when i say they will not when i have aready sue them once for what they did to me when i was id dcf coustdy and im ready and willing for a long fight and the poeple will win anyone can contact me at

        • henaultsr

          look u say u want to do something then not get back to people fighting dcf is a daily thing u just can,t say things then do nothing i gave u all my emails

          • Nancy

            Starting Sept 15th if we all go outside the DCF/CPS offices and protest which ever location kidnapped our children. Bring friends/family and anyone else who wants their Constitutional rights restored and this government sanctioned child trafficking business to stop. Stay as many days as possible, others will join in when they see us, especially if they are going through the same situation. Every month on the 15th of the month, do the same thing. News reporters will start to notice and the story will be bought out in the open. Either the Government restores our rights, or they are exposed as condoning child selling for profit. The system gets either terminated all together, which it needs to happen and DCF is bought to justice and punished with prison where they belong. America pretends to be so civilized yet they are selling children for profit. If they don’t correct this it will be obvious the government condones this behavior. It will then be in their best interest to tear down the broken system and create a REAL child protection agency that works in its place.

          • Nancy
          • Nancy

   Anonymous is working on exposing DCF/CPS here is their contact page on facebook to give them your story so they can expose corruption regarding your case too.

      • Nancy

      • Nancy

        Know all of the evidence against your family before making any agreements with the prosecutor or social services. This includes items of “discovery” that your lawyer should examine such as the video taped interview of your child’s interview. Do not rely upon a police report and affidavit only of what occurred. The protective order to have your children removed from the home will probably slate the evidence to the authority’s view of what happened, and there are some who will not tell the truth in an affidavit or police report.

    • Nancy

      Henauslsr, please contact me. I’m interested in doing something similar to “occupy Wallstreet” we have a right to protest and I am ready. I am not going to sit back and let this happen.

  • jewelz

    I live in Medford MA. In 2009 DCF went to my ex husbans and there was abuse found on my son’s by their grandmother and their dad. Then in 2012 my ex was arrested for assault on my older son and in 2013 my ex father in-law was arrested for assault on my younger son and my son’s are still in the home with them. How can DCF let my son’s stay there. What do I do someone help. I have no money for a lawyer. My are being abused and DCF is not doing anything

  • Nancy
  • bernice

    my grandchildren have been stolen by dcf and eckerd family alternatives they have placed them with a couple that wants to adopt them we have had visits once a week since 7-12-2012 now we have had that reduced to one time a month all they have done all along is lie so the family cant get the kids 2 girls 3 years old and 1 year old and a boy 1 month old if someone can help us we love these babys and they are selling them our hearts are broken we live in pasco county florida they have destroyed our family by stealing these 3 beautiful children please help stop this black market baby selling ring

  • chuk

    I just had my 2 month old took away from me and my wife thay said because I have tools and heavy equment at my house hold it is not safe for my kid to live here and took him and the mother and moved them out of county and will not talk to me and tell me what I need to do to get them back

  • chuk

    my 3 nefues were beaten and tourched them locked in a closet and feed only bread and water for 6 months and when my sister got them back thay were so afraid to to eat even talk in fear of being beatin. the foster mom and dad tried to sell them to a family in florida for slave work this happen in sunbright Tennessee fight for the kids that should not be placed with people that hurt and mistreat kids keep them with the real mom and dads .

  • Kindness Ohio

    I live in ohio Im dealing with cps we have to all come together in all states we need good strong organization in all states we need all parents / families to come out of hiding I will be starting up my support group meeting again If anyone would like to come to my support meetings anyone can call me my number is 330 249-1541 Let’s all join together to fight against cps to bring all of our innocent children home safe to there loving parents / families

  • helplessinct

    Please somebody help I live in waterbury and DCF has my two babies in a foster home with two guys and DCF is try to tell a judge they r better parents then me

  • Bonnie

    Never give any info to dcf, they will break laws, twist it all up, start wars in your family, take away your children and many times for no reason at all. They filed physical abuse on my ex (we are divorced) than never stepped foot in his home. I continuously begged them to help him with his anger. They continued to ignore. They told me he still has everything right to see his son. After 5 51a rports were filed. Still no help. They told him they had no worries about him! Than started telling me they had worries about him only after he threatened to kill their children!! They called the police on him, he got his hand slapped and they dropped our case! It has been a nightmare with them. From Massachusetts.. please let me know if there is anything I can do???

  • Al

    I have such a different question than most have posted here. Mu husband and I have become licensed recently and I’m somewhat slighted by lack of information regarding individual children we’ve had an interest in. My question is. Just how long and how much red tape are we going to have to go through before a final adoption. We have passed every criteria with flying colors, we’ve had testimonies from multiple peoples regarding our character. We have a very large home with plenty of land, money, free time on our hands, LOVE, commitment and one hell of a strong desire for children but it just seems slower than molasses in the dead of winter to get info and appointments. Can anyone shed some light for us. Thanks in advance. Al

  • carrie

    Hi my name is carrie i am not going to give my name to do with the fact of dcf in florida finding out and using what i say against my family…… i am going to tell you a story that my family is now going though…………….. started in January of 2008, my brother and his wife had just brought a baby girl into this world, bought her home then 4 months later they lost her due to not feeding and burning the little girl with cigarettes,she wasnt changed properly and she was always sick….. My mother the (childs grandmother) took the baby in……………while the grandmother starts raising the baby had just start receiving threats about caring for the baby because the baby was removed from the parents………then around march the parents had another little girl who was very small because of poor nitration while in the womb…… they brought her home…..and again dcf took the baby away for she was only 2 weeks old and hardly hanging on to life because of non feeding……….and again the baby’s grandmother started fostering the child……………both parents refused to do parenting, anger management and provide safe housing for the mother stayied with a child molester ……….and both the parents stop caring for the kids and told people that each child can be replaced…………. and the treats always continued…… of parents visits neither parents never came to see or spent in holiday time with the children. as of December 2012 the parents had another little girl which the mother was proved unfit again and the father had sole custody of the little girl….the father was very mean to the little girl smacked her around, burnt her with cigarettes, threw in a car so hard to the point she had a black eye…….he would call her names and hit her with things,the father had always leave the child so he could do meth runs no matter how long he was(2 days at the most)or where the baby was at………… matter how much we called dcf, dcf could never prove the abuse……….. sept 2013 the father lost the child due to dirty urine 3 times, and having no stable housing……..the father went on a rampage blaming the grandmother for the loss of his 3rd child, and starting that he would do anything in his power so the grandmother would lose the grandchildren no matter the cost……….after about two weeks later he decided to by more meth and went to visit the children and the grandmother. the father then decided to make the grandmother breakfast in bed with a cup of coffee. Without the grandmothers acknowledgment he slip the meth in her coffee…..The father then leaves and about four hours later he the father comes behind dcf…………Then the grandmother is asked to pee in a cup then to find out it was dirty with meth……………the grandmother has been to court has down everything they had asked of her and so much more… and dcf still tells her she is unfit to have those babys back with her…………..pam one of the dcf workers has told the judge that those baby’s had nothing no toys clothes and outside toys( which both kids had a trampoline, swimming pool, swingset, horses, and every other outside toy they could side they had their own little computer, toys that filled every room,clothes to the point that she couldnt hang anymore up, and pairs of shoes for every day of the mouth). but according to pam the dcf worker they had none. Pam continues lieing to the judge starting that the grandmother has not done nothing. dcf would come to the home and would disprove the home study cause they choose not to give the grandmother back the kids….the kids ended up going to another foster care when we soon found out they were being abused dcf refused to remove the children from the foster care mother….. pam has sent texts along with one of the mothers friends to have the grandmother kill her self and that the kids would be better off. the judge would grant the grandmother visits ( told dcf they had to) every time dcf would come up and refuse the visits with the grandmother……the children are not even aloud to tell her they love her or call her grandma……recently pam has asked the grandmother to by them all clothes cause they had none the grandmother went out and spent 500 hundred dollars……………pam has refused the grandmother a visit so she can hand over the clothes just so pam could tell the judge that the grandmother refused to help………….we are at our last point in all of this is there any advice that anyone could help us with to help get justice on all the wrong doing from dcf.



    • Leslie Turner

      I got my lawyer through the courts. One that specializes in child custody is your best bet. I’m trying to get my 13 month old daughter back. Btw I live in Massachusetts too.

      • admin


        Many cannot afford to hire an attorney that specializes in DCF defense. The court will appoint an attorney to you, if you qualify for a public defender. With the many stories we have read about, people have contacted us about, it is sad how many struggle with the court appointed attorney’s. Having an understanding that the attorney’s do not get paid as much, does not constitute for not getting the best defense and effort from them. Especially when these cases involve the future of a child or children. Social workers do not have a good reputation about telling the truth. It is quite disturbing that they can actually swear under oath that the testimony they are giving is true. Yet, it is anything but that.

        Thank you for your comment, feel free to contact us anytime.

      • admin


        Thank you for leaving a comment, as well as letting others know they are not alone. I am sorry to hear that you are fighting the system to. Please feel free to contact us,

        Warm regards

  • Karen from Vermont

    This is my story. After divorcing my first husband of whom I have two children with, his family decided to call DCF like every other week to make false reports about me because I would not let them tell me what my children could or couldn’t do. So after months and months of getting harassed by DCF I contacted an attorney for free legal advice. He advised me to tell them that their actions were approaching recklessness and that if the harrassment continued that it would be grounds for a lawsuit. After confronting DCF with this I never heard from them again. In my opinion the system is totally backwards. Hard working parents that take care of their children and don’t abuse them are the ones that are being harassed, while people that are actually abusing or neglecting their children don’t even get a phone call from DCF. It makes me so angry that our system is this way. While DCF is harassing innocent parents who is there to protect the so many children that are alone and being abused? Something needs to change and soon. It is not ok for the state to do this to hard working people that love and provide for their children.

  • Sheila

    I live in Mass. I filed a CRA against my 17 year old for drinking, doing drugs, and truancy. She had become violent as well. Long story short, the court has placed her with my sister, DCF has given an opinion, MY DAUGHTER IS SAFER LIVING WITH MY SISTER!!!! Mind you, there is not a 51 a against me, my sister wants 100.00 per month for child support, my daughter was still drinking and using drugs at my sisters home, I notified the probation officer, my daughter was put on random drug and alcohol testing. The JUDGE AWARDED TEMPORARY CUSTODY TO MY SISTER!!!!!!! I am so upset because I went to te court for HELP, now I have lost my daughter!!!!! If anyone can help me, am begging for itPLEASE

  • Raquel

    Cps makes money off kids tgey take they have a quota to make each year let no one fool you they are not there to help you i know because i been there here is my story cps is horrible they gave me no time. To try and get my 2 kids back ages 2 and 4 before they had the judge terminating my prenatal rights i was found with marijuana in my system at the hospital yes i did it from time to time to boost my appetite some days i cant eat have no appetite whatsoever i tried that and it works but i was.not an drug abuser and drink no alcohol i was stupid for doing it while prego but i promise i wasnt a hard smoker 2 joints got me in a hole lotta trouble i was dumb about the hole situation and talk to them openly one of the ladies said so sometimes you feel overwhelmed and i said yes why did i do that it was used against me they went to my house while i was in the hospital my fiance was there with my 2 kids.the ones they took nya and fatboy because he was drinking a beer around 12 pm playing the video game he then became a drunk that shouldn’t be watching his own kids wow 2 beer cans she saw when she bombard her way in hes over 21 legal to drink and never had any allegations against him of abuse are being an incapable father to our kids never hes more easy going than i am with the kids so that’s vist #1 and the lady from hell that came made it seemed as if he was the worst person on earth remember i had marijuana in my system when i was giving birth to my daughter not the 2 they took i already had an adoption agency working with me for the child i was pregnant with…. they set up second meeting when i got home i never told them i was giving up the baby for adoption which is my private rights the adoptive parents wouldn’t be in town for 1 week they were coming from Holland so i kept the baby in my care for that week dcf seen i was packing and wanted to know were i was moving too at the time i did not find a another apartment yet my lease was up.and the landlord wouldn’t fix anything it was summer and really hot to have a broken ac unit i moved our stuff in storage and got a double jointed hotel room at daysinn it was temporary only for a couple weeks we would have all the money we needed to get back on our feet couldn’t be happening at the worst time but my kids weren’t hungry they were clean we didnt mentally are physically abuse them so no big deal right i know people who have it way worse yeahhh right they had a bed to sleep on and every day while hubby was at work we would go out and do things like parks granny house you know get them out the room like i said before the room it was only temporary and we always had a place dcf set me up to take random drug test no problem i stop smoking immediately they do know it takes up to 30 days to get out my system so no biggie ill stop and in 30 days ill find a job get an apartment and im in there yeah right i took 2 drug test before they took one within the 30 days and another after which it was clean as a whistle they tried hard to tie me to.other drugs no no i took prescribed pills from my obgyn i just gave birth and was still in pain from c section so they had to cut that loose now my fiance is a unstable drunk im out of a job no place for 2 weeks by this time the adoptive parents were here and they pick up the baby i was prego with rosa was her name that was the best option and decision.for me and the child no one judge me i gave a couple joy and life they couldn’t have kids its nothing like having the 2 that i raised and loved so dearly ripped out of my arms as they kicked and screamed mommy tears cannot compensate for how i felt that day.. anyhow dcf act as if they were trying to but bull crap i went to all vists even brought them toys and clothing at the office were i had supervised vists as if i was going to harm them but every vist after i brought them clothes from jc penny and Burlington they never wore to vists they had on some jack up foster kids hand me downs that really piss me off and my daughter nya was always ashy as if they had no lotion whatsoever at these foster home’s so i would always bring lotion to put on her at my vists because she has bad eczema i always kept her.motorized we would buy them happy meals sit and play with them untill the vists were up what bad parents we were altogether they accused me of selling my baby that was flase it was a legit adoption agency they accused my fiancee of being a drunk and incapable of watching them alone also flase i was mentally incapable and needed therapy remember i said i was overwhelmed she basically put those word’s in my mouth i didn’t have a income but my fiance did and i just stop working because i was having to do bed rest for my last 3 months of prego they went around got statements from people i haven’t seen are spoken too in years so how could they possible know anything about the up bringing of my kids i tested clean on last drug test so they couldn’t use that anymore i miss one therapy session it was weekly i wasn’t feeling well at all even ended up at hospital for infection how can they use that against me im homeless according to their reports i got an 3 bedroom apt ready to move in i even called them nd told them ill be moving in on the first of the month which was less than a week ok so me and.hubby took a little road trip to clear our minds went to see some of his family that lives about 1 hour away next thing u know i get a call were am i located i told them o no get back and give us a call when your back im not suppose to take them out of town what my own kids seeing family wow ok so we go back i didnt. Call them right away we went to dennys to grab a bite to eat then on our way header back to the room i seen a police car and a car that resembles the cps worker so i pay it no mind maybe its not her im so blinded by the fact i enter my room with my kids we sat down at table eating watching cartoons the hubby had left he goes to the gym in the afternoon boom boom at my door my heart was racing sacred the crap out of me and the kids especially my 2 year old i look thu peep hole it was her the cops worker from hell the devil sent her personally she went on to give me some type.of affidavit of allegations against me and a court oder to take my kids they cried and cried cant they see these kids love me me and dont want to go with them why do they do this all they do is tear families apart i hate them people who is really abusing there kids starving them locking them in basements and things of that nature by all means do your job but to take my kids i cant explain the feeling and regrets you would have to went thu a similar situation to.understand the pain and voidness they leave in people lives then they want your kids to forget you i will fight till the day i die to see those 2 faces again my tubes are tied now so thats it for me i have to get them back they are my life the reason i live to.see them again

  • jessica richardson

    I recently had my son at 11 months old taken because the mother of my husband.. Got mad at me and made up allegations of how me and him would fight in front if him and so on this has been ongoing since January 1, 2014. At one point she mad my husband lie and told him if he did lie she would make sure we never see my kid again. Now they did there investigating they charged us with neglect based on very she said.Now I been fighting and digging ever since to get him back and the same story I get is if I continue to have my own plane and do everything on my plan which i have completed everything in that list and we’ll as had my own place for me and him for six months now and I have completed everything on plan on for months now and still yet to get him back and I don’t know what to do my mother in law started she will forever have temporarily custody and I am losing hope can someone please help me

  • Leslie Turner

    I took my daughter to her pediatrician on Friday because of a bruise on her face. She is 7 months old. Was told to the ER to have an X-ray done. The nurse called dcf. They came to the room andsstarted grilling me. Sent us to a hospital in Boston ma to be completely checked over. Nothing shows on her X-ray’s that were done. They then started ti pit my boyfriend and I against each other. They then started to sit there and keep on trying to tell me that I did this I did that to the point I was in tears and saying no no no. They wouldn’t even listen to me at all and toldme that I had to give my daughter to them. It was to the point that I was ready to spit nails at them I just grabbed her pacifier and squeezed it. I wasn’t even allowed to say bye toher and was escorted out of the hospital. Don’t know where she is or if she even realizes that I’m not there. Having a hard time sleeping and eating. I haven’t done anything wrong. But I’m feeling like the criminal here. I just want her home sleeping in her crib. This is my first child and I more than anything want her home. How do start to go about fighting this?

  • Tina Sbrega

    DCF is trying to take my son because he is on too many medications and sees too many doctors for medical issues. The judge has so far sided to them and is placing a chins on my son and is requiring me to go back to court soon. Mind you we have all the medical evidence to prove why my son is on the meds that he is on. Where are parents suppose to turn? It doesn’t help my ex husband who rarely sees his son is going against me. Yet, he is still on probation for beating me up. They think he is telling the truth and I am a liar.

  • Leslie Turner

    Well it’s been 2 months since dcf in Massachusetts took my daughter. Still fighting for her. They want me to do therapy and patenting classes. Everywhere I have called says there are waiting lists. I get to see her 1 hour a week. Found out the foster family she is with speaks mainly Spanish. I don’t want her there. Seeing as how I only speak English. Seems like the social worker is dragging her feet helping me get this stuff done. I want to speed things up but don’t know how to. Can someone help me? Want to go into court next month showing that I am trying to get this crap done.

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  • Kerryhana George

    Life is all about good and bad experience. It was all good and lovely when i met Mark, he was a good business man until things become rough for him and his business empire started liquidating. I was a very courageous woman so i decided to sell my inheritance to assist him. We both struggle together and built the business world again. This time around the business was growing from strength to strength. I was surprise one Sunday evening when Mark came home with her secretary and he told me that we cannot continue with this pretense called love. I was shocked and heart broken, i was in a friend, house for three weeks crying all days until i met Nicky my old friend at the supermarket, she directed to me to the, I contacted Priest Andrew and he told me that Mark was been manipulated by some spiritual spirit and he told me to provide some amount of money for some items which he is going to use to destroy the evil spirit. I never believed in him but i have to give him a trial. To my greatest surprise, Mark called and started apologizing 4 days after i sent Priest Andrew the money. I was very happy and will continue to be happy for the good work Priest Andrew has done in my life. Problems are been solved when good people like Priest Andrew are on this planet, please contact him through, if you need any support in any problems in life.

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  • anita

    Hello right as this I’m at court DCF is trying to take my kid’s away from me I was forest to leave my home to go to my mom with the kids just because som e called said my fiance tough my eight yr daughter which he didn’t DCF and the police made him state a false
    information now I’m fighting to keep “my four beautiful kid’s

  • sarah

    dodogodssolution. you save me! I lost my job, and I could not find any for months. I could not take care of my bills, and I almost lost my home because I was some months behind in mortgage payments, until a close friend told me to contact you. Within days, I received a call from a well established company, and after a couple of interviews I was offered a General Manager position with an excellent salary, and benefits. Thank you very much for your Work Spell. You are the Real

    dodogodssolution his email address is

  • misty

    cps took my baby away from me when I finally got to take him home from the hospital with me all because im slightly autistic ever since then my heart hasent been whole its only whole when im with my baby son . I think cps takes without giving the mother a chance to actually be a mom they ruined my life by taking my son. I know that I can raise my son and take care of him and me both even with my dissabilaty

  • Angel Moreland

    My son was beat up by students that go to U and Me day care. 3 times this has happened and now dcf is involved and because my son was abused at a daycare nothing is being done all I get from dcf kids will be kids. If this had happened at my home I would of been in jail but since it happened at a daycare nothing is going to be done!

  • jai

    I read some of these and i just don`t see them taking kids without more reason. O have dcf in my life right now and they have been helpful. Getting help with my disrespectful preteen daughter, getting help for myself and my own issues, getting both my kids on the ymca after school for free….they are working with me…..i cut my self up when i had a breakdown and my kids were home, my oldest saw so did the neighbor who called the cops who brought dcf …anyways they could of took my kids, im a convicted felon on felony probation and just this year got out of three years on prison…..all you gotta do is do what you gotta do and folow the rules just like prison….stay in the yellow lines and dont talk during count time….dcf…no drugs.. stay inside get a hobie whatever just do what u gotta do…sucks yea but its not hard

    • admin

      I am glad that you have DCF in your life and they are “HELPING YOU” Blind you are, if you think for one minute that DCF does no wrong, or that they don’t take kids without a reason, this is a wake up call, THEY SURE AS HELL DO.
      In regards to the “rules” and “following, that is all you have to do” You must be a DCF social worker or just very, VERY blind.

      Catch up with us when your case is closed…. you may just have a different story to tell about how lovely DCF is. If you are a worker, then sure, this fairytale would be real in your world.

  • katie

    My house got raided by the police because they assumed my husband was selling drugs. The police took baby powder and charge my husband with coke and also charged him with all his father’s pills because they weren’t in a bottle. My husband gets arrested and a police officer calls me to come bail my husband out for 40$ I go down to the station with my son. It’s 730 at night. I get there I drop the money off and as I’m walking out the door dcf was there call me over and tell me I’m an awful mother for bailing my husband out, 730 is way to late to have my son out, and they took him. They said there were tons of drugs in the house because they just believed what the police said. They didn’t even give me the option to leave mu husband till the results came back k they just took him because they said by bailing my husband out I didn’t care about my son I only cared about my husband. Even thought I knew the truth there were no drugs. So now my husband and I are battling dcf trying to get our son back. My mother does have him however when I talk to her she tells me it’s not my child anymore. He used to be a loving grateful little boy and my mom has completely changed him. My son is my entire life, my everything and I’m having a really hard time with this. Dcf said I was a neglectful mother. Can u believe it. Because I bail my husband out with my son. And it’s not like we were waiting for him to get out. I dropped the money off and was heading for the door. My case is in MA however dcf no matter where u live is all the same. Try to take unbroken familys.. brake them and then say hey I fixes these families. Dcf is a ****ing joke.

    • admin

      Thank you for leaving a comment and sharing your story. DCF is out of control, removing children from safe, loving homes. They will act like they are going to help you, but everything you say they twist, turn and lie. Taking things out of context and filling reports with nothing but LIES. DCF has gained A LOT of power, unfortunately people not coming forward and telling their story has made it that much easier to legally kidnap children. Kids for cash.

      More and more people are reporting to us that they have reached out for help from DCF, help was the last thing that was given. Parents who have called for voluntary services, DCF removes the child(ren).

      How can we change what DCF is doing to our children? END SILENCE, speak out, name the social workers that have lied to remove your child(ren).

      Contact us:

      Thank you again for leaving your comment and sharing your story.

  • Mark

    What a bunch of hooey. DCF is an underfunded program trying to save children from bad situations. You can either make sure your children aren’t in that situation, or you can try and prevent them from doing their job.

    • admin


      I agree…. this agency is destroying families. It is our belief that silence has allowed them to continue to take children from good homes. We MUST end the silence and say NO MORE.

  • Lovingmommy24

    Hi my name is summer I’m 24 single mother of 4 children. Dhs came in my home 10/1/13 its now 2/3/15. They took my kids because my house was dirty I have completed everything they asked and they were heading to place them back well I got my oldest son back September 30 2014 they started this plan to where all the sudden my 2 youngest were very ill for me to take care of and they were very sick but I am able to take responsibility well I volunteer to give up my son then they told me they wanted my daughter so I gave her up… Because the foster mom knows exactly their medical needs :/ now I’m pregnant again. I signed my daughter over a week ago and my lawyer told me to take my son and my new baby and get out of Arkansas well were trying but the case worker came over a couple days ago and said the case wasn’t over yet. Idk what to do because my lawyertold me to have a good life with my boys but dhs is still involved but they gave my oldest son back last year… ? Any advice

  • lynn

    There was a issue at my home but my child wasn’t there but my girlfriend child was dcf was called and case opened,now they are wanting to talk to all parties and are asking questions regarding the child who wasn’t there said report says there was drug paraphernalia found but not removed from home question is do they have right to investigate the mom who’s child wasn’t there to my knowledge there were no allegations made towards them dis the mother have to cooperate and can there be a case due to mom refusing to cooperate

    • lynn

      Florida is state where question coming from

  • Aferdita Demirovski

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    possible to bring him back back but all was in vain. I wanted him back
    because of the love I have for him, I begged him but he refused until I
    explained my problem to someone online and she suggested that I should
    rather mail a spell caster that could help me cast a spell to bring him
    back but I am the type that never believe in spell, I had no choice than to
    try it, I mailed the spell caster, he told me there was no problem that
    everything will be okay before three days, that my ex will return to me
    before three days, he cast the spell and surprisingly in the second day,
    that was around 4:00pm. My ex called me, I was so surprised, I answered the
    call and all he said was that he was so sorry for everything that happened,
    that he wanted to return to me, that he love me so much. I was so happy and
    surprised. Since then I have made a promise that everybody I know will
    never have a relationship problem, that I will refer them to the spell
    caster to help them. Anybody could need the help of the spell caster, his

  • anne auclair

    Hello my name is Anne Marie Auclair and I have a truly inspiring story to tell I need help maybe some legal advise anything……. when my daughter was4 years old I was home one day she was in her room playing I was in mine smoking a joint all of a sudden bang in the Door troop d Danielson state police in Connecticut I asked what the problem was with my door closed and he said he had a Warrant for some persons name I never heard of and said if I don’t open the door there kicking it down. …….obviously I was scared and didn’t want my daughter to see that so I let them in they never produced a Warrant and charged me with risk of injury to a minor well couple days later I get the knock and its dcf I was very young and very afraid at this point I was going to lose my child so I lied and told her that I was not here right now but if she left her card I would give the message. At this point I felt I had to send her with my father until I got my life together so I knew she would be safe well my brother got into it with my father and brought her back too ct at my mother’s house Well somehow dcf found out and took her from my brother at my mom’s house inn Connecticut I cannot begin to describe the hell my life has been sense that day. ……at first I’ll admit I went down hill I hated myself every week every visit the pain cut so deep her begging me to take her home when I knew I couldn’t I was alone I had no one I turned to the streets and whatever could numb my pain then I went to jail and I refocused and regrouped I had gotten pregnant with my son I was having visits with my daughter weekly from Rhode island to Connecticut I was working graduated parenting classes had my son approved to live with me here in Rhode island and Connecticut still terminated my rights for her after I lost her I wanted to die I willingly gave my son up for adoption when he was almost one because I felt unworthy and I felt like I was betraying her like how dare I have another without her if I’m not good for her I’m not good at life well after years of barley existing I started changing my life completely around and I have many people in my corner today but every day I still cry begging God for another chance I was never bad to my baby and I know I’ve made mistakes but I’m a good hardworking productive member of society today and God has answered my prayers jahila was adopted in 2012 April 29th this year she will be twelve and guess what my baby has contacted me I want my daughter back and she wants to be home if anyone reads my story and has any legal advice or could help me in anyway to let me know what can do what we can do this. praying that God will work threw this post and threw someone who could help in any way who reads this post and may be interested in knowing full details and are willing to help in any way please thank you
    #broken family #reunite

  • stressedbeyondbelief

    I have an open case with DCF where my sons father called and stated that I was abusing my 15 YEAR OLD SON! Haven’t really heard anything from them since the interviews. However, the social worker called today and asked if should could come out on Thursaday to discuss the case. I responded via email …She later sent me an email asking for my DOB. Does his mean I they found me guilty?? I can’t believe this. Why else would she need my DOB?
    Update: Does this mean they are getting ready to add me to some sort of registry?? Wouldn’t it be standard to do a background check during the inital process. We are not at the end of the 45 day window. Why now???!! When they come on Thursday they will be sharing their findings

  • Troy Wiegand

    Dcf are total morons they dwell on someones over 20 year old charges then if that wasn’t bad enough then the dummy dcf lady from Concordia,Kansas went to the police department in Salina,Kansas then she threw all of my charges in my face lime disorderly conduct my stepson he was 22 years at the time he pushed me hard enough where my head hit the wall so then I swung on him if you seen my stepson you would understand why I did what I did he’s a big boy but both of us were arrested that day so it’s not just one sided then the moron dcf lady brought up about my probation violations that happened over 20 years ago I was like are you serious dcf has no life just judging people when there hurting the kids alot more by not giving the kids to the grandparents that really want them kids our granddaughter would tell you that she would want to live with me and her grandmother I ask our stupid Kansas governor Sam brown-noser oops I mean Sam Brownback for help I explained everything to the fake he said he would help us get our granddaughter he said he call the dcf lady from the Concordia office I said ok so he called me back later in the day he claims that he’s just keeping me up to date that he left a message with the dcf then once he hears from the dcf idiots he’ll get back ahold of me so then I waited and waited and waited 5th day still no phone call from Brownback so then I called his office because I was wondering what’s going on our governor the way he acted was not very professional he’s a coward instead of saying he couldn’t or wouldn’t help he had the dcf moron call me and she acted really rudely she asked me why the hell I called the governor she doesn’t even know what the word respect means lmao we love our granddaughter and she loves us and nothing can ever change that we’ve been in that little girls life more than her mother and daddy ever has been and her mother was to busy doing other things so our granddaughter would be in our care months at a time I have no faith in the dcf or our governor Kansas is made up of people that’s to judgemental and people that has no heart and if the governor lied to me kinda makes you wonder what else he has lied about can’t never trust a liar and once you tell a lie then you have to tell another lie to cover up the last lie it’s like an on-going cycle pretty confusing to me our governor needs to be voted out of office and word of mouth can do alot of good

  • Justin

    My name is Justin and I am going after DFC for taking me from my childhood home and putting me in a place that abused me and my brother in my home we were never beatened or tormented. We never had that until DFC put us into a foster home. Now im going to get back at them

  • Josephine Lopez

    Hello my Name is Josephine Lopez,  

    I have been through a lot of unanswered questions about my five babies. That were wrongful taking from me in a basis cps case. They trenmatted parent and child relationships. On the allegations of smell of miraj I have completed the service’s they asked of me. Even though I didn’t have too. I have been fighting for my family rights to be together.i just had twin girls and they took them because I had an open case in the time of delivery. I lost all 5 of my babies, they made me leave my kids father and never had intending of returning Any of them me I have turned around over and over again. I just don’t know what to do anymore the relative that have them are his ex wife older kids. They are just made cause the want their dad to play” Simon say” with them so they have him doing things to earn their trust back. I’m not gonna play their game. I WANT MY BABIES SO BAD ALL I DO IS CRY OUT FOR THEM NOW. I’M BREAKING NOT EVEN MY KIDS DAD WANT TO BE AROUND ME CAUSE I’M SO SAD.PLEASE HELP ME!

  • Kia

    I am very worried, so I’m not sure how it started but cps was visiting my boyfriend and our child while I was at work. I never quite heard or knew of cps so I payed the worker no mind and the case was closed. A year later my boyfriend and daughter got hurt in a car accident and I was driving and ended up gettig accused of the entire accident as if I tried to kill them. Did three mnths in jail describing what happened beat the case and had to agree to do a mental eval with cps. Did that and got diagnosed with a disorder of being paranoid…..did 3 more mnths in a mental institution. Then let me out with all kinds of court orders. My boyfriend had custody the time this went on.
    My daughter gets took away from him from being accused of neglect. They came with police and said sum things and juz left with her.
    Me and boyfriend gt back together to work on getting daughter back, been doing the plan given to us. We have recently got pregnant again and our worker tells us he doesn’t know whats gonna happen when I have my baby. I had 3 other workers during this pregnancy and they told me not to worry, my baby would be kept with us. I get a new worker with less than 2 wks be4 my due dat and he tells me that. Can cps take my newborn? I live in Louisville :( help

  • blessed

    can someone help me DCF have came and took you my mother I’m trying to get her back what can I do now they’re trying to take her house why I don’t know

  • stevieray

    I have two sons,mother has not been charged for two allegations of child abuse and child neglect,I tested dirty for meth and weed,I been testing but stopped I got trail starting on may 14,will the charge me if I don’t drug test for them cause my location of works in Kern county,and my fathers in ICU after 8 hour surgery with stage 4 cancer? Plz I’m scared IMA go to jail

  • stevieray

    I live in Palmdale California my attorney is Sue Dell

  • admin



  • admin

    Thank you for your comment left and you are 100% correct they will continue to take our kids and put them with abusers. We are planning a protest and have it out to all the site’s, there is no date as of yet. Sadly everyone goes quiet when the PROTEST topic comes up or they will say “yes I will be there” What is REALLY an issue is what DCF is doing now, if parent’s think that it’s hard now just wait and see. For all of those who say “not me” Well it is really really sad how parents could just ignore this, you do not even have to be a parent you just have to be sick and tired of OUR children getting taken for money!

  • admin


    Please find the article “it’s picket time” we are getting ready to do a large protest..

  • Laura Braatz

    DO NOT TRUST DCF!!! I have a very, very long history with DCF. I entered the system when I was 3 turning 4. By the time I was 18, I had been in several home settings, several emergency shelter, group homes, residential facilities, long term hospitals, etc. I was moved over 20 times as a ward of the state. When I was 13 I told my foster mother about the physical and sexual abuse that happened to me and my older brother (my younger brother was placed by himself somewhere else) at the very foster home I was in. My foster mother immediately called my social worker, Bernie Uleski to inform her of what I said. Bernie’s response was the following “My records were lost in a fire. The family that abused me for almost 2 years was no longer acting as foster parents.” I learned a few years later that Bernie had lied. My older brother ran into the family and they were STILL FOSTER PARENTS!

    I could go on and on about the abuses I have suffered while in DCFs custody, I even began to write a book about it. But I am writing to you today because I am a grandmother, who has been given temporary custody of my 2 year old granddaughter. My granddaughter has been with me without her mom, my daughter since June, 2013. I have had temporary custody since October, 2013. During this time New Britain DCF has repeatedly lied, manipulated and done everything they can to make this case as confusing as possible, although they claim they are unable to make any recommendations, other than they do NOT support my petition to the court for permanent custody. The father of my granddaughter has only seen her three times in her life, does not provide any type of support and calls her infrequently thus my granddaughter has absolutely no idea who he is. Furthermore, he resides in Florida because he cannot come to Connecticut due to several warrants out for his arrest. He has a lengthy rap sheet involving drugs, use and sale of (within school limits), guns, illegally obtained, assault, etc. My daughter is bi-polar, but refuses to accept it, is not any medication, has never been able to hold down a job for more than a month or so, is currently unemployed and has been since the day in Oct, 2013 that I filed in court, has no apartment and had not been able to keep one for more than a month, was arrested for assault, risk of injury to a minor (several other counts) for repeatedly striking me in the head and strangling me and repeatedly striking her 2 year old daughter (who was in my arms) and ripping my granddaughter from my arms and deliberately throwing her on the ground, has been hospitalized on three separate occasions in the last year in a psychiatric setting for threatening to kill herself, was incarcerated by the criminal court judge for two weeks for non- compliance of his orders, been in several physical altercations, including trying to strangle her father, while he was driving, WITH my granddaughter in the car, has warrants out for her arrest for prostitution from Chicago, etc., etc., etc. Most importantly, my daughter continues to deny she has any mental health issues and is not in any treatment, nor on any medication thus, she is unable to control her behavior when she is angry.

    DCF has stated that they have concerns for my granddaughter being with me because of my strained relationship with my daughter and because of my DCF history. My issue is the confusing role DCF is playing in this case, as the workers associated with us have told me repeatedly there is no open case and they have no legal rights to make either me or my daughter comply with their recommendations, although they insist on seeing my granddaughter every two weeks and my daughter once a month. There has been physical neglect charge substantiated against my daughter; should have been physical abuse but DCF has refused to read the police report and then lied stating the police report says my daughter did not hit my granddaughter. Furthermore, the DCF workers Ms. Hunter, Ms. Covington, their supervisor Ms. Riccelli have repeatedly lied and manipulated the facts of the case, as well as me and my daughter to further their own agenda. The report submitted to probate court, prepared by Ms. Hunter contains lie after lie after lie after lie… I have explained to both workers and via email to their supervisor that the laws of logic does not allow for the errors to be true and unintentional mistakes. If the errors were mistakes then they wouldn’t ALL be negative for the parties depicted, there would be both positive errors describing events and people, as well as the negative depictions of the parties character. This report was a deliberate attempt at deceiving the judge in Bristol probate court. None of them, including Ms. Riccelli’s supervisor, nor Mr. Blue, director of the New Britain DCF office have done anything to rectify the report, to correct the numerous errors, even when I explained that I have proof that would prove the report is wrong.

    Furthermore, both Ms. Hunter and Ms. Covington have lied to myself and my daughter . They tell my daughter that they do not want my granddaughter to live with me and they are going to do everything they can to remove my granddaughter from my custody. Then DCF tells me the exact opposite, in that my daughter is not ready to care for my granddaughter and has done nothing, made no attempts to change her situation so that she could take care of her daughter. When I addressed the issue of the constant discrepancies between what is said to us, DCF had the nerve to first say that it was my daughter misconstruing DCFs words, and then to follow up with it is my ex-husband and his family relaying inaccurate info to my daughter and myself.

    The other concern, my DCF history, is confusing to me, in that all other parties had to sign a release of info consent form for DCF to view their records. Why didn’t DCF need my consent to view my records (yes, DCF records, but included medical info, schooling info, etc.)? Did I, as a child give up my right to privacy? Are foster children or any child with the misfortunate history of DCF involvement not afforded the same rights to privacy as everyone else?

    The probate court has transferred this case to the juvenile court in New Britain, claiming DCF advised them they were filing a petition. Today is the first day we appear in New Britain.

    I really need help. I am fearful that DCF is trying to place my granddaughter back with my daughter for several reasons, none of which have anything to do with what’s best for my granddaughter. I believe they are retaliating against me, trying to discredit me because they think I am going to sue them, (CAN I.???? They have violated my rights, condoned the abuse o children, used my childhood in DCF care against me, and so much more) because as a child I was somewhat difficult and in being so made my social workers life miserable, had in fact had one social worker fired, also, believe that DCF thinks if my granddaughter is with her mother, it will be easier for them to get custody of her and eventually adopt her out so that they can receive the $250k from the federal government. I know this sounds paranoid. I am not a paranoid person. Everything in me is raising red flags, telling me that there is something terribly wronge here, I just can’t pinpoint it yet.

    If there is anyone who can offer advice or a lawyer who can offer me some time, I would appreciate it beyond anything measurable. Please…I know, can’t say how, but just do that if my granddaughter leaves me now, something horrible is going to happen. I wouldn’t be able to live with myself, knowing I’d failed to keep her safe. So again, please,if you can help me protect her…..

  • brokenmommy

    Dcf also have my children to the charming abuser. Then took me to court. Not only did the dcf work straight out lie she put in co workers head that I was mentally ill. My own abuse advocate jumped on me after excusing herself to speak with dcf worker. She also have the nod to the people doing my evaluation. My child advocate was literally rubbing elbows with the abuser in the mediation room with at least eight people there. They claimed that I was making up the things my child said and did. He was contemplating being me with a rod in front of my children. The abuser lawyer used to work for dcf btw

  • admin

    If ONLY people from all over would stand up to DCF/CPS… the destruction of our families is high and it is being done in ALL states. I know Florida is bad, as well as New Hampshire, Georgia, Connecticut, New York. The entire east coast is being abused by this agency, and I have said it a million times it is ALL FOR MONEY title 5 funding in Connecticut, and in all states when a child is removed they get money from the federal government as well as the state. It is truly disgusting that the destruction of American families is due to the profit they can make from the pain they cause. As we are attempting to plan a protest (far from the fist and will not be the last) but it is sad to see how many do not show. The truth is this, TELL YOUR STORY, who the social worker was, the lies they put into the “report”. Many say they are “scared” well keeping yourself and your story in the lime light naming names, will play a huge roll in saving your family. If you act as if you are a push over and they see your fear THEY WILL SENSE IT AND FEED OFF IT.

    As long as people allow this to happen, and low all of the illegal ways they come up with to steal your children. When you become a parent you are supposed to take care of your children and do whatever you can for them.. to protect them. And DCF comes in and takes them from good homes and leaves them with such a void inside, the inability to TRUST, FEEL SAFE, and the worst part about the pain they inflict on the child/children is that they will never feel safe in their own home ever again.

    I truly feel that NO matter where you are from contact us and we will publish any story that anyone would like to share. We must expose what is going on, kindly share that with anyone you know that is having any issues with DCF or ANY KIND of corruption.



  • Sallie Sommer

    I agree, I have been dealing with Eckerd Comm Alternatives in Pinellas County Florida for over 2 years now. something that started out with a small assumption has lead into a huge long frustrating drawn out case for myself and my son. I have done everything that Eckerd has asked of me and yet I’m still caught up in the system! I have more than proven myself and they continually ask for more.

  • admin

    Contact us at
    We will try and assist you

  • admin

    Thank you for your comment as well as your insight, people need to stand up. If that doesn’t happen we will be fighting this battle, more children will get hurt, more rights will be walked on etc.

    If you would like to help in gathering people that would be excellent.

    Thank you again

  • admin

    Thank you for the name of the attorney, as we have not heard of this attorney people need help with DCF and the mess they are making of families.

  • admin

    If you know this attorney have him contact us, family law as well as DCF attorneys are needed for MANY people. We can be contacted at

    We are contacted daily by DOZENS of people seeking help.

  • admin

    Please contact me at The Department of Children and Families CONTINUES to DESTROY families. What they call “helping” is actually stealing children, leaving families scorned.

    More people need to come forward, the silence left only leaves the door open for them to continue.

  • admin


    Horrifying what goes on within this agency, the harm that children face. As shown by statistics more children are HURT IN THE CARE /SUPERVISION OF THIS AGENCY THAN IN THE HOMES THEY WERE TAKEN FROM.

    So do we continue to ALLOW this to go on? Do parents want to continue to stay silent? If you have a story and you want it to be heard, please contact us a confidential email can be sent to us at Many people say they are “scared” to speak out… I am scared of what is going to happen to the children if people do not come forward. PROTECT YOUR CHILDREN, PROTECT YOUR FAMILY SPEAK OUT!!!!

  • admin

    Please contact us at

  • admin


    I could not agree with you more!!!! As we have said this countless times, SILENCE only allows them to gain control over our families. Speaking about the injustice is crucial to any change, this agency has far to much power and it is we the people that give it to them by staying silent.

    Contact us to tell your story

  • admin


    This was spot on… the system only cares about money, whatever benefits them.

    “Did DCF ever consider a birth mother loves her children more than a system”

  • admin


    Please contact us, our email is

  • rebekah argueta

    Everyone fighting cps look up the school of hightower cps worker in houston texas

  • Tina Sbrega

    Same with my ex husband. My son came home 6 months ago with a hand print bruise on his back. My son’s teacher and therapist reported the incident and DCF dropped the case two weeks later. Said there wasn’t enough evidence and that dad won’t admit to hitting him. You would think the picture would be all that you need. Yet not in Vermont. They blamed it on me and said that I just lie about me ex to get him into trouble.

  • brokenmommy

    When you say taken for money. Are you talking about the people dcf seems you to to jump their hoops

  • brokenmommy

    I think one or a few of us should contact Oprah or another accredited daddy time talk show. Then go on to details of the STAND against dcf to get more people to show. We should offer to take lie detectors and ask dcf workers if they are willing to do the same. Do all of this on television.

  • rBg

    Nope, we are talking about how the federal government 5e and 5b funding. If they can get the child labeled with a disability under the DSM5 they get even more money. That is why the silence must end and we must unite.

  • rBg

    That is a great idea but would never work. Many have tried and the CT DCF is so tight lipped and organized, and I do not mean organized as in taking care of the children, but more organized in the corruption and collusion like you would hear associated with organized crime.

    The local papers and news wont even write articles on it because DCF refuses to make a statement and the news or papers claim they will not ever run a one sided article so it is sort of like a catch 22 but with organized crime.