December 20, 2014
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Share you stories about DCF/CPS you can help other families

It’s been going on for far to long… The Department of Children and families. It starts off with a simple knock at your door, you let them in because you are a nice person and you are being questioned, then it goes on and the social worker starts making you feel like a bad person, a bad parent. They are not there to give you the parent of the year award they are there for one thing and one thing only, TROUBLE. Granted there are people that should not be allowed to have children but they do not seem to pay attention to them. They get calls from schools, people you were once involved with, a nasty divorce, a nosy neighbor. Then it’s will you do this, or that, can you sign this and that to, then they start questioning your children, and then you have an investigation going.

Now an investigation can go one of two ways unsubstantiated or substantiated. That depends on how much poof they have and how you cooperate with DCF/CPS with unsubstantiated you are OK, but the process of it is long and is hurtful, they want to know everything about you and your children. If your parenting skills aren’t up to the standards they expect forget it. Then you have the substantiated…. it will ruin your life, you won’t be able to work in the health care field, and you will be under the thumb of DCF/CPS. These people do not care, it’s a job, and taking children away is what they do because it brings money.

There are a lot more people out there that have had their run in with DCF/CPS then you know, and I have yet to hear of one good out come. I keep asking for people to come forward and share what they have been through so other people don’t have to, and that this agnecy will start being help accountable for the things they do to families. There are people out there that will listen, there are many groups that are against DCF/CPS, but if people don’t come forward it will continue. Day after day I get emails about the horrible things they are doing, they need to be stopped, we have rights for a reason but they trample all over them as if they are immune to our constitutional rights. Lets put a stop to this, if they have made a visit once they will be sure to return, all it takes is a phone call so lets stick together and start fighting back with the rights we are given. The 4th and 14th amendments are ones they like to break, and you have the right to remain silent, the biggest mistake we all make is talking, like the police, they only ask because they don’t know. And we think simple conversation is harmless well they find a way to twist and turn every single word you say with the fake smiles and all.

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  • Keith G Walker

    I was falsely accused “after winning custody of my son” 27 times by my son’s mother resulting me having to attend Domestic Violence For Kids classes, parenting classes, spend thousands of dollars in lawyers fee’s, develop healthcare issues, have my son removed from my home twice and defend myself on two separate occasions in criminal court. My son mom was never charged for any of the false allegations. Cps “to me” is the worst organization on earth, so much so I decided to write a book titled “Father’s Dey” detailing how I grew up without my father and the trials and tribulations I experienced with the system after becoming one. For more info go to

    • admin


      I am sorry to hear what you have been through, it is an epidemic. Parents are being falsely accused and their children are REMOVED, leaving them scared for life. WE the people MUST stand up and fight back enough is enough. Children are not for sale. We are getting ready to start a protest in Connecticut, people from any other state are welcome… if you look for the posting “it’s time to picket” as we are trying to get as many people to get involved and attend. DCF is destroying innocent families for the all mighty dollar and it must STOP.

      Please feel free to go to the contact us page and leave your contact information , and I will contact you.

      Wishing you the best

  • Keith G Walker

    pls take a moment to view this video. thanks

  • Amy

    This state is going to continue to take our kids and put them with abusers unless parents start standing up for their children. When my children were taken and was put in an abusive foster home I would not be quiet, and I will keep speaking out. I will not shut up while the department of children and families take kids for no reason.


      Yes I have the same problem this State of Connecticut is a Corrupted institution but you can go to the COMMISSION HUMANITIES RIGHTS BUT YOU BRING ALL YOU EVIDENCES YOU ARE GOOD PARENT THEY HELPING YOU

  • Allene Laney

    From florida DCF and CPS in pasco county florida. The judge and Eckerds Community Alternatives are part of this government corruption destroying my family and alot more. Taking parents, grandparents rights away. We all need to help get this hole system shut down im sick and tried of being sick and tried of the evil cruel corrupt people the lies control the bias judge. Taking our children away for money and they could care less about keeping family together and wont let you speak in court. I know there sick games to well and i am going to keep fighting all the way for my childrens children. They also need to be giving the families back their children they adopted out just to make money. We need to shut there power down it has went to there sick heads, they are so twisted. Its so true they really really do alter audio tapes the judge did the day my husband filed a motion to have visits with the grandchildren he slamed him with his nasty comments, me grandma and my son and his director and then the crazy caseworker stood up and said my husband and i took advantage of a office visit when in fact the mother of the children needed a ride to see the children she only has a 1 hr a month to visit and she got there the month before and had only 10 and i new that so i had the time and we took her and they aloud us in with her nice visit. So the crazy caseworker wasnt in that day must of hurt her pride cause she wasnt there so the judge took away my grandparents visits and never gave my husband any. Then guardian of litem went to the jail to see my son and had the nerve to try and talk my son into giving up his rights and told him he could have more children in the furture that trial would cost alot of money he told her to buzz off and the judge thought it was know big deal my son told his lawyer what she had done is that sick or what. The trial attorney loses every trial and the judge takes your rights he knows just how to mulipulate so never give them up the judge can take them but, all you have to do is appeal it right then and there then they can’t do anything to the kids but keep them away from you and pray you win your appeal, This all seens to be a bad nightmare but, its real and this is america they can ruin your being family is family and they have know right to take our children its almost to hard to comprehened so i am hoping all of us from every state can be heard and stop this madness it ruins your everyday life destroying what is the most important to us our familiies.

    • Wendy

      hi, I am so sorry for what you have been put thru. I am contacting you because you are dealing with Pasco county DCF, Eckerd, these guardian of litem and What I have seen take place this last year is honesty inhumane. at no time have the children involved in the case I am a part of been protected or have things been done in their best interest. I would have never believed the things I read online about DCF and CPI being corrupt. how could anyone believe such horrific stories about the agency that is their to protect our children. anyway, I am more than willing to share my story and ongoing situation but right now I am just in search of people in the same area as me and hopefully dealing with the same people. id like to get together as many of us as possible and I plan to go public with everything. I even plan to suggest funding cuts and maybe if we find enough people with the same stories from the same agents we can look into law suits. what ever needs to be done to end this insanity. my grandson has been completely traumatized by these people. anyway, if you would like to talk further you can email me at and of course anyone who reads this and has been tortured by these people please email me. I need to save my grandson and hopefully stop this from continuing onto other children and innocent families in the future. I do want to be clear that I am not looking for people who are mad at DCF because they got caught or are truly guilty but don’t like the way they are being treated. I don’t mean any disrespect but if that is the case than it lowers our reputation. with that said I also want to make it clear that if you are guilty of something and you are honestly being treated wrong and your children are being done wrong than I want to hear from you as well. just cause someone makes a small mistake that quite honestly the majority of parents do at some point, not intentionally, things just happen but most households correct it and move forward, and fortunately no one gets word of it and takes your human mistake and turns your world upside down accusing you of being unfit and you know the rest of the story. if you are sitting in your home with your children running wild while you are nodding out on the sofa high as a kite than please, get some help and realize how precious your babies are but your case is not the kind I need. before I close I want to apologize for rambling on like a made woman. I just began writing hoping you would be interested in contacting me and my heart starts to explode. I know I have not said what is going on with my family but I will post my story. it will horrify you that such things are legal and actually take place. I will shut up for now. its been a long time since you posted so I don’t know if I will hear from you or not but at the very least maybe someone else will find this post. for everyone else in all other areas, lets all stay strong and not lay down and take this. these are our children for god sakes. before I go I need to say one more thing … on top of it all, the hardest thing for me to swallow is all the house holds that I see or hear about where these people are needed. the children who need protecting and saving. the parents who care more about their drugs, the parents who just don’t care so the child is so neglected. and the saddest part of even that is that no one, including myself feels there is any where to turn or reach out to for help for these babies because of what they have seen go on in cases like the one I am dealing with. the way things were handled in this case people have sworn that they will never call the police or cpi for anything ever. they will take things into their own hands first and that is scary because they are talking about a man who abused his six month old child so severely that only time will tell the extent of damage caused. my niece called the police and this was a year ago … three days later the man was walking the streets with no worries and every one else in the family has been treated like they were the bad guy. there is so much more to the story but I wanted you to see how these agencies are effecting people and families in ways they cant imagine. they are making people know that if anything ever happened similar to them that to call the officials would only ruin their lives and their children so they are willing to “take it in to their own hands” as they put it. okay, im done now!!!!

  • annepen222@YAHOO.COM

    please someone help me i live in torrington ct i feel like i can’t breathe dcf has destroyed me my life will never be the same

    • Mother Innocent

      apply in United States Court District send all the documents an evidences You are Good Mother or father continue fight for you child they destroy our lives never they listen you and become CORRUPTED made the complaints well i hope you see this note

    • Amanda Turk

      A good attorney is kevin ferry from new Britian ct. he may be able to help. look him up.

    • Laura

      please pass this along to every news channel, every politician, every Church, everywhere you can think of-

  • jaydenmommy

    hey im 17 and my mom took custduy of my son three months ago she has tempuary gaurdian ship she got threw dcf i got a 51a filed on me because i leave my child with my momk when i went out at night witch to me is normal because its a babysitter right no they said i was negelectiing him now i am pregnant for my second child and ddcf is waiting to take this one to how can i go about keeping both my kids my child is not liveing in a safe place right now trust me i was takeing away from my mom for being molested by her boy friend and they granted her custidy

  • against the system

    The system is destroying so many families, why is it that people that have been hurt by this agency do not stand up to the harm they have caused to the many families

    • Mother Innocent

      Yes You are right the destroy our lives they take my girl in not investigate well the case and they corrupted in Court and I lost my custody right know My girl is run away in they care not only I have the worry were she is and also my pain for lost her custody but i continue fight for her in another court I wait another Judges review my case never.

  • fighting for a voice

    DCF is threatening legal action against me. after checking myself into the hospital on july 11th, i found out i was 38 weeks pregnant (which is another long story). in the week i had to prepare for the arrival of my second daughter, DCF involved themselves because the hospital ran a drug test on me and i tested positive for marijuana. now DCF has lied to make my fiancee look like a drug addict. the report is filed against me (neglect on my 1st daughter-not second daughter) and once they ran a quarry check on my fiancee they sunk their teeth into him. the social worker has been to my house twice and now wants a third visit, if i don’t give her a third visit she has threatened to go to the courts. she has nothing on me and has twisted things ive said about my fiancee. also, his ex (whom he has 2 other children with) has been falsely accusing us at the same time. we have heard not to allow them into our home a 3rd time, because now they are just fishing. the case has been opened since july 11th and they refuse to finish their recommendation before a last meeting. i need someone to tell me what my rights are. i cannot afford a lawyer, and i know that i need one. can anybody help? i have already spoken to my case workers supervisor, his supervisor and the ombadosum (or however you spell it) office and everyone keeps telling me that they have known her for yeaars and not ever had to take her off of a case, like i should just trust her. im scared they are going to get away with lying about me and get away with the bias they have against my fiancee. someone help me please.

  • Amanda Turk

    At 3 years old I was raped while in D.C.F custody. D.C.F knew of other alligations of sexual abuse concerning the same people with my sister. They failed to protect me. I was raised by connecticut D.C.F . I could go on and on However I reccomend that if anyone feels their rights as been violated find an attorney and don’t give up until you do.

  • illiannalove

    Hello im a 31year old mother i gave birth to baby girl on may3rd 2012 on may5th cpi worker cristine salaz came in to trinity hospital i didnt have no idea they where coming until she walk through the room door but ok i left the hospital empty handed and heart broken how can they do these things i have finished my case plan and have to repeat one more thing again i was told that i cant go to church beacuse there are kids there and i cant watch my godchildren but im ignoring that because i know im not a bad person and GOD knows to judge webb he changed my visit to onece a month for an hour he is so crule and back wards i even was told by my counselor i should go stay in a group home because i cant take care of things when i had my own place for years and i have a job i dont like this dcf and cpi ripped my heart out of my chest they are crule and hope it haunts them for the things they do to good people im not crazy i may look slow but im smart and i know my rights these people needs to be in are shoes there are people ouy here today that dont deserve their kids but they dont do crap i hate how they run things and im not giving up its not happening at all im fighting and im staying strong for my baby illianna

    • bernice

      judge william r webb has done the same thing to my daughter he took her girls place them with her aunt after trashing us the grandparents say we cant have them my daughter is in her case plan they say she is not she is working very hard she just had a beautiful baby boy they delivered him and sent dcf after him brand ifroble is the case manager she says she dont like us they were at one time going to give us the girls then judge webb said we failed to protect them but he dosent say what we did to fail them we passed home study and back ground check and have a new house they keep coming up with more lies at every court visit we are just heart broke grandparents we had 1 time a week visit ever since they took them now we get 1 time a month only to see the girls we are not allowed to see the baby they get federal money each child they sell they are a black market baby selling ring covered by the government we are not giving up our grand babys are so beautiful and so missed by the family they were taking july 12 2012 i guess 2012 was a good year for these home recking baby thiefs good luck to you we will pray that god intervenes in this mess of baby thiefs

  • illiannalove

    i am getting the news involved if anything gose wrong to because its on fair please somebody send me an angle and lets stop these people from hurting families and mothers or fathers i bug these people everyday i speak to my lawyer everyday and tell her everything they say i write down whats being said and i record them to so i have audio recordings if its about me and my baby i dont care if its against the law to do it but i realy dont care im fighting tell the end i refuse to sign any paper work the workers hand me because they are sneaky

    • Laura

  • illiannalove
  • leela

    I need a good lawyer to fight dcf in Miami Florida does anyone know of any

  • Amanda

    I live in Vermont, my boyfriend made some mistakes when he was 15. He is now 30 he hasn’t done anything to anyone for the last 15 years. Dcf hired their own physiatrist to do an evaluation and of course the evaluation turned out the way Dcf wanted it to. My boyfriend was forced to move out of my house and was told he can’t come back until the physiatrist says it is ok. So both Dcf ad their physiatrist get paid until the physiatrist says otherwise. And my boyfriend can’t go see a different physiatrist because Dcf won’t refer to anyone else. Help me

    • Christopher Nuzzo

      Dcf is ignoring that I had my daughter seeing a pediatric psychiatrist for 18 months because of hyperactivity and they instead had a “trauma” counselor manipulating my child into thinking normal things are a way of molesting kids. Things like getting my 6 year old daughter dressed for school. They act as if parents aren’t supposed to do that because they see their kid naked. Duh! I also saw her naked every time I changed her diaper, or when I had to apply diaper rash creme. I researched the “trauma” counselor’s credentials and all she is classified as is a licensed social worker. But yet they say she finds problems that the person with a doctorate in pediatric psychiatry can’t.

  • Laura
  • Nancy
  • Nancy

    We should get the thousands of victims together and fight with everything we’ve got to free the innocent children and stop the widespread abuse of parents and children by DCF career criminals. Socialism is at its’ core, and it will destroy the country if we let it.

    • henaultsr

      amen but how meany of those thousands would fight alot of people say they would but dont when it comes down to it me i would go to hell and back for my son and have been and still thair and will not stop till i get my son or die

      • Nancy

        Henaultsr, What we need to do is start protesting everywhere.. The White house, DCF/CPS offices and anywhere else we will be seen and heard at. The news needs to see us ALL and drawing attention to DCF/CPS black hearted soulless child selling business. Only then will they regulate and punish those agencies. Those people (I believe most of them) belong in prison. If we don’t do that then even if we get our kids back there will be hundreds more children stolen and sold. Quietly winning one case wont help all the children, this needs to be exposed to the fullest extent possible. Its good to talk about it on the internet because at least we know we are not the only ones going through this but it is not enough. We need to plan and get the plan into action. No more going quietly into the wood work, and please don’t think of taking your life! Don’t let them win. Once people see others outside of DCF buildings holding signs demanding the return of our civil, constitutional rights, and demanding regulation of these criminal activities going on and being allowed to continue, others will join in.

        • henaultsr

          i agree 100% trust me when i say they will not when i have aready sue them once for what they did to me when i was id dcf coustdy and im ready and willing for a long fight and the poeple will win anyone can contact me at

        • henaultsr

          look u say u want to do something then not get back to people fighting dcf is a daily thing u just can,t say things then do nothing i gave u all my emails

          • Nancy

            Starting Sept 15th if we all go outside the DCF/CPS offices and protest which ever location kidnapped our children. Bring friends/family and anyone else who wants their Constitutional rights restored and this government sanctioned child trafficking business to stop. Stay as many days as possible, others will join in when they see us, especially if they are going through the same situation. Every month on the 15th of the month, do the same thing. News reporters will start to notice and the story will be bought out in the open. Either the Government restores our rights, or they are exposed as condoning child selling for profit. The system gets either terminated all together, which it needs to happen and DCF is bought to justice and punished with prison where they belong. America pretends to be so civilized yet they are selling children for profit. If they don’t correct this it will be obvious the government condones this behavior. It will then be in their best interest to tear down the broken system and create a REAL child protection agency that works in its place.

          • Nancy
          • Nancy

   Anonymous is working on exposing DCF/CPS here is their contact page on facebook to give them your story so they can expose corruption regarding your case too.

      • Nancy

      • Nancy

        Know all of the evidence against your family before making any agreements with the prosecutor or social services. This includes items of “discovery” that your lawyer should examine such as the video taped interview of your child’s interview. Do not rely upon a police report and affidavit only of what occurred. The protective order to have your children removed from the home will probably slate the evidence to the authority’s view of what happened, and there are some who will not tell the truth in an affidavit or police report.

    • Nancy

      Henauslsr, please contact me. I’m interested in doing something similar to “occupy Wallstreet” we have a right to protest and I am ready. I am not going to sit back and let this happen.

  • jewelz

    I live in Medford MA. In 2009 DCF went to my ex husbans and there was abuse found on my son’s by their grandmother and their dad. Then in 2012 my ex was arrested for assault on my older son and in 2013 my ex father in-law was arrested for assault on my younger son and my son’s are still in the home with them. How can DCF let my son’s stay there. What do I do someone help. I have no money for a lawyer. My are being abused and DCF is not doing anything

  • Nancy
  • bernice

    my grandchildren have been stolen by dcf and eckerd family alternatives they have placed them with a couple that wants to adopt them we have had visits once a week since 7-12-2012 now we have had that reduced to one time a month all they have done all along is lie so the family cant get the kids 2 girls 3 years old and 1 year old and a boy 1 month old if someone can help us we love these babys and they are selling them our hearts are broken we live in pasco county florida they have destroyed our family by stealing these 3 beautiful children please help stop this black market baby selling ring

  • chuk

    I just had my 2 month old took away from me and my wife thay said because I have tools and heavy equment at my house hold it is not safe for my kid to live here and took him and the mother and moved them out of county and will not talk to me and tell me what I need to do to get them back

  • chuk

    my 3 nefues were beaten and tourched them locked in a closet and feed only bread and water for 6 months and when my sister got them back thay were so afraid to to eat even talk in fear of being beatin. the foster mom and dad tried to sell them to a family in florida for slave work this happen in sunbright Tennessee fight for the kids that should not be placed with people that hurt and mistreat kids keep them with the real mom and dads .

  • Kindness Ohio

    I live in ohio Im dealing with cps we have to all come together in all states we need good strong organization in all states we need all parents / families to come out of hiding I will be starting up my support group meeting again If anyone would like to come to my support meetings anyone can call me my number is 330 249-1541 Let’s all join together to fight against cps to bring all of our innocent children home safe to there loving parents / families

  • helplessinct

    Please somebody help I live in waterbury and DCF has my two babies in a foster home with two guys and DCF is try to tell a judge they r better parents then me

  • Bonnie

    Never give any info to dcf, they will break laws, twist it all up, start wars in your family, take away your children and many times for no reason at all. They filed physical abuse on my ex (we are divorced) than never stepped foot in his home. I continuously begged them to help him with his anger. They continued to ignore. They told me he still has everything right to see his son. After 5 51a rports were filed. Still no help. They told him they had no worries about him! Than started telling me they had worries about him only after he threatened to kill their children!! They called the police on him, he got his hand slapped and they dropped our case! It has been a nightmare with them. From Massachusetts.. please let me know if there is anything I can do???

  • Al

    I have such a different question than most have posted here. Mu husband and I have become licensed recently and I’m somewhat slighted by lack of information regarding individual children we’ve had an interest in. My question is. Just how long and how much red tape are we going to have to go through before a final adoption. We have passed every criteria with flying colors, we’ve had testimonies from multiple peoples regarding our character. We have a very large home with plenty of land, money, free time on our hands, LOVE, commitment and one hell of a strong desire for children but it just seems slower than molasses in the dead of winter to get info and appointments. Can anyone shed some light for us. Thanks in advance. Al

  • carrie

    Hi my name is carrie i am not going to give my name to do with the fact of dcf in florida finding out and using what i say against my family…… i am going to tell you a story that my family is now going though…………….. started in January of 2008, my brother and his wife had just brought a baby girl into this world, bought her home then 4 months later they lost her due to not feeding and burning the little girl with cigarettes,she wasnt changed properly and she was always sick….. My mother the (childs grandmother) took the baby in……………while the grandmother starts raising the baby had just start receiving threats about caring for the baby because the baby was removed from the parents………then around march the parents had another little girl who was very small because of poor nitration while in the womb…… they brought her home…..and again dcf took the baby away for she was only 2 weeks old and hardly hanging on to life because of non feeding……….and again the baby’s grandmother started fostering the child……………both parents refused to do parenting, anger management and provide safe housing for the mother stayied with a child molester ……….and both the parents stop caring for the kids and told people that each child can be replaced…………. and the treats always continued…… of parents visits neither parents never came to see or spent in holiday time with the children. as of December 2012 the parents had another little girl which the mother was proved unfit again and the father had sole custody of the little girl….the father was very mean to the little girl smacked her around, burnt her with cigarettes, threw in a car so hard to the point she had a black eye…….he would call her names and hit her with things,the father had always leave the child so he could do meth runs no matter how long he was(2 days at the most)or where the baby was at………… matter how much we called dcf, dcf could never prove the abuse……….. sept 2013 the father lost the child due to dirty urine 3 times, and having no stable housing……..the father went on a rampage blaming the grandmother for the loss of his 3rd child, and starting that he would do anything in his power so the grandmother would lose the grandchildren no matter the cost……….after about two weeks later he decided to by more meth and went to visit the children and the grandmother. the father then decided to make the grandmother breakfast in bed with a cup of coffee. Without the grandmothers acknowledgment he slip the meth in her coffee…..The father then leaves and about four hours later he the father comes behind dcf…………Then the grandmother is asked to pee in a cup then to find out it was dirty with meth……………the grandmother has been to court has down everything they had asked of her and so much more… and dcf still tells her she is unfit to have those babys back with her…………..pam one of the dcf workers has told the judge that those baby’s had nothing no toys clothes and outside toys( which both kids had a trampoline, swimming pool, swingset, horses, and every other outside toy they could side they had their own little computer, toys that filled every room,clothes to the point that she couldnt hang anymore up, and pairs of shoes for every day of the mouth). but according to pam the dcf worker they had none. Pam continues lieing to the judge starting that the grandmother has not done nothing. dcf would come to the home and would disprove the home study cause they choose not to give the grandmother back the kids….the kids ended up going to another foster care when we soon found out they were being abused dcf refused to remove the children from the foster care mother….. pam has sent texts along with one of the mothers friends to have the grandmother kill her self and that the kids would be better off. the judge would grant the grandmother visits ( told dcf they had to) every time dcf would come up and refuse the visits with the grandmother……the children are not even aloud to tell her they love her or call her grandma……recently pam has asked the grandmother to by them all clothes cause they had none the grandmother went out and spent 500 hundred dollars……………pam has refused the grandmother a visit so she can hand over the clothes just so pam could tell the judge that the grandmother refused to help………….we are at our last point in all of this is there any advice that anyone could help us with to help get justice on all the wrong doing from dcf.



  • Karen from Vermont

    This is my story. After divorcing my first husband of whom I have two children with, his family decided to call DCF like every other week to make false reports about me because I would not let them tell me what my children could or couldn’t do. So after months and months of getting harassed by DCF I contacted an attorney for free legal advice. He advised me to tell them that their actions were approaching recklessness and that if the harrassment continued that it would be grounds for a lawsuit. After confronting DCF with this I never heard from them again. In my opinion the system is totally backwards. Hard working parents that take care of their children and don’t abuse them are the ones that are being harassed, while people that are actually abusing or neglecting their children don’t even get a phone call from DCF. It makes me so angry that our system is this way. While DCF is harassing innocent parents who is there to protect the so many children that are alone and being abused? Something needs to change and soon. It is not ok for the state to do this to hard working people that love and provide for their children.

  • Sheila

    I live in Mass. I filed a CRA against my 17 year old for drinking, doing drugs, and truancy. She had become violent as well. Long story short, the court has placed her with my sister, DCF has given an opinion, MY DAUGHTER IS SAFER LIVING WITH MY SISTER!!!! Mind you, there is not a 51 a against me, my sister wants 100.00 per month for child support, my daughter was still drinking and using drugs at my sisters home, I notified the probation officer, my daughter was put on random drug and alcohol testing. The JUDGE AWARDED TEMPORARY CUSTODY TO MY SISTER!!!!!!! I am so upset because I went to te court for HELP, now I have lost my daughter!!!!! If anyone can help me, am begging for itPLEASE

  • Raquel

    Cps makes money off kids tgey take they have a quota to make each year let no one fool you they are not there to help you i know because i been there here is my story cps is horrible they gave me no time. To try and get my 2 kids back ages 2 and 4 before they had the judge terminating my prenatal rights i was found with marijuana in my system at the hospital yes i did it from time to time to boost my appetite some days i cant eat have no appetite whatsoever i tried that and it works but i was.not an drug abuser and drink no alcohol i was stupid for doing it while prego but i promise i wasnt a hard smoker 2 joints got me in a hole lotta trouble i was dumb about the hole situation and talk to them openly one of the ladies said so sometimes you feel overwhelmed and i said yes why did i do that it was used against me they went to my house while i was in the hospital my fiance was there with my 2 kids.the ones they took nya and fatboy because he was drinking a beer around 12 pm playing the video game he then became a drunk that shouldn’t be watching his own kids wow 2 beer cans she saw when she bombard her way in hes over 21 legal to drink and never had any allegations against him of abuse are being an incapable father to our kids never hes more easy going than i am with the kids so that’s vist #1 and the lady from hell that came made it seemed as if he was the worst person on earth remember i had marijuana in my system when i was giving birth to my daughter not the 2 they took i already had an adoption agency working with me for the child i was pregnant with…. they set up second meeting when i got home i never told them i was giving up the baby for adoption which is my private rights the adoptive parents wouldn’t be in town for 1 week they were coming from Holland so i kept the baby in my care for that week dcf seen i was packing and wanted to know were i was moving too at the time i did not find a another apartment yet my lease was up.and the landlord wouldn’t fix anything it was summer and really hot to have a broken ac unit i moved our stuff in storage and got a double jointed hotel room at daysinn it was temporary only for a couple weeks we would have all the money we needed to get back on our feet couldn’t be happening at the worst time but my kids weren’t hungry they were clean we didnt mentally are physically abuse them so no big deal right i know people who have it way worse yeahhh right they had a bed to sleep on and every day while hubby was at work we would go out and do things like parks granny house you know get them out the room like i said before the room it was only temporary and we always had a place dcf set me up to take random drug test no problem i stop smoking immediately they do know it takes up to 30 days to get out my system so no biggie ill stop and in 30 days ill find a job get an apartment and im in there yeah right i took 2 drug test before they took one within the 30 days and another after which it was clean as a whistle they tried hard to tie me to.other drugs no no i took prescribed pills from my obgyn i just gave birth and was still in pain from c section so they had to cut that loose now my fiance is a unstable drunk im out of a job no place for 2 weeks by this time the adoptive parents were here and they pick up the baby i was prego with rosa was her name that was the best option and decision.for me and the child no one judge me i gave a couple joy and life they couldn’t have kids its nothing like having the 2 that i raised and loved so dearly ripped out of my arms as they kicked and screamed mommy tears cannot compensate for how i felt that day.. anyhow dcf act as if they were trying to but bull crap i went to all vists even brought them toys and clothing at the office were i had supervised vists as if i was going to harm them but every vist after i brought them clothes from jc penny and Burlington they never wore to vists they had on some jack up foster kids hand me downs that really piss me off and my daughter nya was always ashy as if they had no lotion whatsoever at these foster home’s so i would always bring lotion to put on her at my vists because she has bad eczema i always kept her.motorized we would buy them happy meals sit and play with them untill the vists were up what bad parents we were altogether they accused me of selling my baby that was flase it was a legit adoption agency they accused my fiancee of being a drunk and incapable of watching them alone also flase i was mentally incapable and needed therapy remember i said i was overwhelmed she basically put those word’s in my mouth i didn’t have a income but my fiance did and i just stop working because i was having to do bed rest for my last 3 months of prego they went around got statements from people i haven’t seen are spoken too in years so how could they possible know anything about the up bringing of my kids i tested clean on last drug test so they couldn’t use that anymore i miss one therapy session it was weekly i wasn’t feeling well at all even ended up at hospital for infection how can they use that against me im homeless according to their reports i got an 3 bedroom apt ready to move in i even called them nd told them ill be moving in on the first of the month which was less than a week ok so me and.hubby took a little road trip to clear our minds went to see some of his family that lives about 1 hour away next thing u know i get a call were am i located i told them o no get back and give us a call when your back im not suppose to take them out of town what my own kids seeing family wow ok so we go back i didnt. Call them right away we went to dennys to grab a bite to eat then on our way header back to the room i seen a police car and a car that resembles the cps worker so i pay it no mind maybe its not her im so blinded by the fact i enter my room with my kids we sat down at table eating watching cartoons the hubby had left he goes to the gym in the afternoon boom boom at my door my heart was racing sacred the crap out of me and the kids especially my 2 year old i look thu peep hole it was her the cops worker from hell the devil sent her personally she went on to give me some type.of affidavit of allegations against me and a court oder to take my kids they cried and cried cant they see these kids love me me and dont want to go with them why do they do this all they do is tear families apart i hate them people who is really abusing there kids starving them locking them in basements and things of that nature by all means do your job but to take my kids i cant explain the feeling and regrets you would have to went thu a similar situation to.understand the pain and voidness they leave in people lives then they want your kids to forget you i will fight till the day i die to see those 2 faces again my tubes are tied now so thats it for me i have to get them back they are my life the reason i live to.see them again

  • jessica richardson

    I recently had my son at 11 months old taken because the mother of my husband.. Got mad at me and made up allegations of how me and him would fight in front if him and so on this has been ongoing since January 1, 2014. At one point she mad my husband lie and told him if he did lie she would make sure we never see my kid again. Now they did there investigating they charged us with neglect based on very she said.Now I been fighting and digging ever since to get him back and the same story I get is if I continue to have my own plane and do everything on my plan which i have completed everything in that list and we’ll as had my own place for me and him for six months now and I have completed everything on plan on for months now and still yet to get him back and I don’t know what to do my mother in law started she will forever have temporarily custody and I am losing hope can someone please help me

  • Leslie Turner

    I took my daughter to her pediatrician on Friday because of a bruise on her face. She is 7 months old. Was told to the ER to have an X-ray done. The nurse called dcf. They came to the room andsstarted grilling me. Sent us to a hospital in Boston ma to be completely checked over. Nothing shows on her X-ray’s that were done. They then started ti pit my boyfriend and I against each other. They then started to sit there and keep on trying to tell me that I did this I did that to the point I was in tears and saying no no no. They wouldn’t even listen to me at all and toldme that I had to give my daughter to them. It was to the point that I was ready to spit nails at them I just grabbed her pacifier and squeezed it. I wasn’t even allowed to say bye toher and was escorted out of the hospital. Don’t know where she is or if she even realizes that I’m not there. Having a hard time sleeping and eating. I haven’t done anything wrong. But I’m feeling like the criminal here. I just want her home sleeping in her crib. This is my first child and I more than anything want her home. How do start to go about fighting this?

  • Tina Sbrega

    DCF is trying to take my son because he is on too many medications and sees too many doctors for medical issues. The judge has so far sided to them and is placing a chins on my son and is requiring me to go back to court soon. Mind you we have all the medical evidence to prove why my son is on the meds that he is on. Where are parents suppose to turn? It doesn’t help my ex husband who rarely sees his son is going against me. Yet, he is still on probation for beating me up. They think he is telling the truth and I am a liar.

  • Leslie Turner

    Well it’s been 2 months since dcf in Massachusetts took my daughter. Still fighting for her. They want me to do therapy and patenting classes. Everywhere I have called says there are waiting lists. I get to see her 1 hour a week. Found out the foster family she is with speaks mainly Spanish. I don’t want her there. Seeing as how I only speak English. Seems like the social worker is dragging her feet helping me get this stuff done. I want to speed things up but don’t know how to. Can someone help me? Want to go into court next month showing that I am trying to get this crap done.

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  • Kerryhana George

    Life is all about good and bad experience. It was all good and lovely when i met Mark, he was a good business man until things become rough for him and his business empire started liquidating. I was a very courageous woman so i decided to sell my inheritance to assist him. We both struggle together and built the business world again. This time around the business was growing from strength to strength. I was surprise one Sunday evening when Mark came home with her secretary and he told me that we cannot continue with this pretense called love. I was shocked and heart broken, i was in a friend, house for three weeks crying all days until i met Nicky my old friend at the supermarket, she directed to me to the, I contacted Priest Andrew and he told me that Mark was been manipulated by some spiritual spirit and he told me to provide some amount of money for some items which he is going to use to destroy the evil spirit. I never believed in him but i have to give him a trial. To my greatest surprise, Mark called and started apologizing 4 days after i sent Priest Andrew the money. I was very happy and will continue to be happy for the good work Priest Andrew has done in my life. Problems are been solved when good people like Priest Andrew are on this planet, please contact him through, if you need any support in any problems in life.

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  • anita

    Hello right as this I’m at court DCF is trying to take my kid’s away from me I was forest to leave my home to go to my mom with the kids just because som e called said my fiance tough my eight yr daughter which he didn’t DCF and the police made him state a false
    information now I’m fighting to keep “my four beautiful kid’s

  • sarah

    dodogodssolution. you save me! I lost my job, and I could not find any for months. I could not take care of my bills, and I almost lost my home because I was some months behind in mortgage payments, until a close friend told me to contact you. Within days, I received a call from a well established company, and after a couple of interviews I was offered a General Manager position with an excellent salary, and benefits. Thank you very much for your Work Spell. You are the Real

    dodogodssolution his email address is

  • misty

    cps took my baby away from me when I finally got to take him home from the hospital with me all because im slightly autistic ever since then my heart hasent been whole its only whole when im with my baby son . I think cps takes without giving the mother a chance to actually be a mom they ruined my life by taking my son. I know that I can raise my son and take care of him and me both even with my dissabilaty

  • Angel Moreland

    My son was beat up by students that go to U and Me day care. 3 times this has happened and now dcf is involved and because my son was abused at a daycare nothing is being done all I get from dcf kids will be kids. If this had happened at my home I would of been in jail but since it happened at a daycare nothing is going to be done!

  • jai

    I read some of these and i just don`t see them taking kids without more reason. O have dcf in my life right now and they have been helpful. Getting help with my disrespectful preteen daughter, getting help for myself and my own issues, getting both my kids on the ymca after school for free….they are working with me…..i cut my self up when i had a breakdown and my kids were home, my oldest saw so did the neighbor who called the cops who brought dcf …anyways they could of took my kids, im a convicted felon on felony probation and just this year got out of three years on prison…..all you gotta do is do what you gotta do and folow the rules just like prison….stay in the yellow lines and dont talk during count time….dcf…no drugs.. stay inside get a hobie whatever just do what u gotta do…sucks yea but its not hard

    • admin

      I am glad that you have DCF in your life and they are “HELPING YOU” Blind you are, if you think for one minute that DCF does no wrong, or that they don’t take kids without a reason, this is a wake up call, THEY SURE AS HELL DO.
      In regards to the “rules” and “following, that is all you have to do” You must be a DCF social worker or just very, VERY blind.

      Catch up with us when your case is closed…. you may just have a different story to tell about how lovely DCF is. If you are a worker, then sure, this fairytale would be real in your world.

  • katie

    My house got raided by the police because they assumed my husband was selling drugs. The police took baby powder and charge my husband with coke and also charged him with all his father’s pills because they weren’t in a bottle. My husband gets arrested and a police officer calls me to come bail my husband out for 40$ I go down to the station with my son. It’s 730 at night. I get there I drop the money off and as I’m walking out the door dcf was there call me over and tell me I’m an awful mother for bailing my husband out, 730 is way to late to have my son out, and they took him. They said there were tons of drugs in the house because they just believed what the police said. They didn’t even give me the option to leave mu husband till the results came back k they just took him because they said by bailing my husband out I didn’t care about my son I only cared about my husband. Even thought I knew the truth there were no drugs. So now my husband and I are battling dcf trying to get our son back. My mother does have him however when I talk to her she tells me it’s not my child anymore. He used to be a loving grateful little boy and my mom has completely changed him. My son is my entire life, my everything and I’m having a really hard time with this. Dcf said I was a neglectful mother. Can u believe it. Because I bail my husband out with my son. And it’s not like we were waiting for him to get out. I dropped the money off and was heading for the door. My case is in MA however dcf no matter where u live is all the same. Try to take unbroken familys.. brake them and then say hey I fixes these families. Dcf is a fucking joke.

  • admin



  • admin

    Thank you for your comment left and you are 100% correct they will continue to take our kids and put them with abusers. We are planning a protest and have it out to all the site’s, there is no date as of yet. Sadly everyone goes quiet when the PROTEST topic comes up or they will say “yes I will be there” What is REALLY an issue is what DCF is doing now, if parent’s think that it’s hard now just wait and see. For all of those who say “not me” Well it is really really sad how parents could just ignore this, you do not even have to be a parent you just have to be sick and tired of OUR children getting taken for money!

  • admin


    Please find the article “it’s picket time” we are getting ready to do a large protest..

  • Laura Braatz

    DO NOT TRUST DCF!!! I have a very, very long history with DCF. I entered the system when I was 3 turning 4. By the time I was 18, I had been in several home settings, several emergency shelter, group homes, residential facilities, long term hospitals, etc. I was moved over 20 times as a ward of the state. When I was 13 I told my foster mother about the physical and sexual abuse that happened to me and my older brother (my younger brother was placed by himself somewhere else) at the very foster home I was in. My foster mother immediately called my social worker, Bernie Uleski to inform her of what I said. Bernie’s response was the following “My records were lost in a fire. The family that abused me for almost 2 years was no longer acting as foster parents.” I learned a few years later that Bernie had lied. My older brother ran into the family and they were STILL FOSTER PARENTS!

    I could go on and on about the abuses I have suffered while in DCFs custody, I even began to write a book about it. But I am writing to you today because I am a grandmother, who has been given temporary custody of my 2 year old granddaughter. My granddaughter has been with me without her mom, my daughter since June, 2013. I have had temporary custody since October, 2013. During this time New Britain DCF has repeatedly lied, manipulated and done everything they can to make this case as confusing as possible, although they claim they are unable to make any recommendations, other than they do NOT support my petition to the court for permanent custody. The father of my granddaughter has only seen her three times in her life, does not provide any type of support and calls her infrequently thus my granddaughter has absolutely no idea who he is. Furthermore, he resides in Florida because he cannot come to Connecticut due to several warrants out for his arrest. He has a lengthy rap sheet involving drugs, use and sale of (within school limits), guns, illegally obtained, assault, etc. My daughter is bi-polar, but refuses to accept it, is not any medication, has never been able to hold down a job for more than a month or so, is currently unemployed and has been since the day in Oct, 2013 that I filed in court, has no apartment and had not been able to keep one for more than a month, was arrested for assault, risk of injury to a minor (several other counts) for repeatedly striking me in the head and strangling me and repeatedly striking her 2 year old daughter (who was in my arms) and ripping my granddaughter from my arms and deliberately throwing her on the ground, has been hospitalized on three separate occasions in the last year in a psychiatric setting for threatening to kill herself, was incarcerated by the criminal court judge for two weeks for non- compliance of his orders, been in several physical altercations, including trying to strangle her father, while he was driving, WITH my granddaughter in the car, has warrants out for her arrest for prostitution from Chicago, etc., etc., etc. Most importantly, my daughter continues to deny she has any mental health issues and is not in any treatment, nor on any medication thus, she is unable to control her behavior when she is angry.

    DCF has stated that they have concerns for my granddaughter being with me because of my strained relationship with my daughter and because of my DCF history. My issue is the confusing role DCF is playing in this case, as the workers associated with us have told me repeatedly there is no open case and they have no legal rights to make either me or my daughter comply with their recommendations, although they insist on seeing my granddaughter every two weeks and my daughter once a month. There has been physical neglect charge substantiated against my daughter; should have been physical abuse but DCF has refused to read the police report and then lied stating the police report says my daughter did not hit my granddaughter. Furthermore, the DCF workers Ms. Hunter, Ms. Covington, their supervisor Ms. Riccelli have repeatedly lied and manipulated the facts of the case, as well as me and my daughter to further their own agenda. The report submitted to probate court, prepared by Ms. Hunter contains lie after lie after lie after lie… I have explained to both workers and via email to their supervisor that the laws of logic does not allow for the errors to be true and unintentional mistakes. If the errors were mistakes then they wouldn’t ALL be negative for the parties depicted, there would be both positive errors describing events and people, as well as the negative depictions of the parties character. This report was a deliberate attempt at deceiving the judge in Bristol probate court. None of them, including Ms. Riccelli’s supervisor, nor Mr. Blue, director of the New Britain DCF office have done anything to rectify the report, to correct the numerous errors, even when I explained that I have proof that would prove the report is wrong.

    Furthermore, both Ms. Hunter and Ms. Covington have lied to myself and my daughter . They tell my daughter that they do not want my granddaughter to live with me and they are going to do everything they can to remove my granddaughter from my custody. Then DCF tells me the exact opposite, in that my daughter is not ready to care for my granddaughter and has done nothing, made no attempts to change her situation so that she could take care of her daughter. When I addressed the issue of the constant discrepancies between what is said to us, DCF had the nerve to first say that it was my daughter misconstruing DCFs words, and then to follow up with it is my ex-husband and his family relaying inaccurate info to my daughter and myself.

    The other concern, my DCF history, is confusing to me, in that all other parties had to sign a release of info consent form for DCF to view their records. Why didn’t DCF need my consent to view my records (yes, DCF records, but included medical info, schooling info, etc.)? Did I, as a child give up my right to privacy? Are foster children or any child with the misfortunate history of DCF involvement not afforded the same rights to privacy as everyone else?

    The probate court has transferred this case to the juvenile court in New Britain, claiming DCF advised them they were filing a petition. Today is the first day we appear in New Britain.

    I really need help. I am fearful that DCF is trying to place my granddaughter back with my daughter for several reasons, none of which have anything to do with what’s best for my granddaughter. I believe they are retaliating against me, trying to discredit me because they think I am going to sue them, (CAN I.???? They have violated my rights, condoned the abuse o children, used my childhood in DCF care against me, and so much more) because as a child I was somewhat difficult and in being so made my social workers life miserable, had in fact had one social worker fired, also, believe that DCF thinks if my granddaughter is with her mother, it will be easier for them to get custody of her and eventually adopt her out so that they can receive the $250k from the federal government. I know this sounds paranoid. I am not a paranoid person. Everything in me is raising red flags, telling me that there is something terribly wronge here, I just can’t pinpoint it yet.

    If there is anyone who can offer advice or a lawyer who can offer me some time, I would appreciate it beyond anything measurable. Please…I know, can’t say how, but just do that if my granddaughter leaves me now, something horrible is going to happen. I wouldn’t be able to live with myself, knowing I’d failed to keep her safe. So again, please,if you can help me protect her…..

  • brokenmommy

    Dcf also have my children to the charming abuser. Then took me to court. Not only did the dcf work straight out lie she put in co workers head that I was mentally ill. My own abuse advocate jumped on me after excusing herself to speak with dcf worker. She also have the nod to the people doing my evaluation. My child advocate was literally rubbing elbows with the abuser in the mediation room with at least eight people there. They claimed that I was making up the things my child said and did. He was contemplating being me with a rod in front of my children. The abuser lawyer used to work for dcf btw

  • admin

    If ONLY people from all over would stand up to DCF/CPS… the destruction of our families is high and it is being done in ALL states. I know Florida is bad, as well as New Hampshire, Georgia, Connecticut, New York. The entire east coast is being abused by this agency, and I have said it a million times it is ALL FOR MONEY title 5 funding in Connecticut, and in all states when a child is removed they get money from the federal government as well as the state. It is truly disgusting that the destruction of American families is due to the profit they can make from the pain they cause. As we are attempting to plan a protest (far from the fist and will not be the last) but it is sad to see how many do not show. The truth is this, TELL YOUR STORY, who the social worker was, the lies they put into the “report”. Many say they are “scared” well keeping yourself and your story in the lime light naming names, will play a huge roll in saving your family. If you act as if you are a push over and they see your fear THEY WILL SENSE IT AND FEED OFF IT.

    As long as people allow this to happen, and low all of the illegal ways they come up with to steal your children. When you become a parent you are supposed to take care of your children and do whatever you can for them.. to protect them. And DCF comes in and takes them from good homes and leaves them with such a void inside, the inability to TRUST, FEEL SAFE, and the worst part about the pain they inflict on the child/children is that they will never feel safe in their own home ever again.

    I truly feel that NO matter where you are from contact us and we will publish any story that anyone would like to share. We must expose what is going on, kindly share that with anyone you know that is having any issues with DCF or ANY KIND of corruption.



  • Sallie Sommer

    I agree, I have been dealing with Eckerd Comm Alternatives in Pinellas County Florida for over 2 years now. something that started out with a small assumption has lead into a huge long frustrating drawn out case for myself and my son. I have done everything that Eckerd has asked of me and yet I’m still caught up in the system! I have more than proven myself and they continually ask for more.

  • admin

    Contact us at
    We will try and assist you

  • admin

    Thank you for your comment as well as your insight, people need to stand up. If that doesn’t happen we will be fighting this battle, more children will get hurt, more rights will be walked on etc.

    If you would like to help in gathering people that would be excellent.

    Thank you again

  • admin

    Thank you for the name of the attorney, as we have not heard of this attorney people need help with DCF and the mess they are making of families.

  • admin

    If you know this attorney have him contact us, family law as well as DCF attorneys are needed for MANY people. We can be contacted at

    We are contacted daily by DOZENS of people seeking help.

  • admin

    Please contact me at The Department of Children and Families CONTINUES to DESTROY families. What they call “helping” is actually stealing children, leaving families scorned.

    More people need to come forward, the silence left only leaves the door open for them to continue.

  • admin


    Horrifying what goes on within this agency, the harm that children face. As shown by statistics more children are HURT IN THE CARE /SUPERVISION OF THIS AGENCY THAN IN THE HOMES THEY WERE TAKEN FROM.

    So do we continue to ALLOW this to go on? Do parents want to continue to stay silent? If you have a story and you want it to be heard, please contact us a confidential email can be sent to us at Many people say they are “scared” to speak out… I am scared of what is going to happen to the children if people do not come forward. PROTECT YOUR CHILDREN, PROTECT YOUR FAMILY SPEAK OUT!!!!

  • admin
  • admin


    I could not agree with you more!!!! As we have said this countless times, SILENCE only allows them to gain control over our families. Speaking about the injustice is crucial to any change, this agency has far to much power and it is we the people that give it to them by staying silent.

    Contact us to tell your story

  • admin


    This was spot on… the system only cares about money, whatever benefits them.

    “Did DCF ever consider a birth mother loves her children more than a system”

  • admin


    Please contact us, our email is

  • rebekah argueta

    Everyone fighting cps look up the school of hightower cps worker in houston texas

  • Tina Sbrega

    Same with my ex husband. My son came home 6 months ago with a hand print bruise on his back. My son’s teacher and therapist reported the incident and DCF dropped the case two weeks later. Said there wasn’t enough evidence and that dad won’t admit to hitting him. You would think the picture would be all that you need. Yet not in Vermont. They blamed it on me and said that I just lie about me ex to get him into trouble.

  • brokenmommy

    When you say taken for money. Are you talking about the people dcf seems you to to jump their hoops

  • brokenmommy

    I think one or a few of us should contact Oprah or another accredited daddy time talk show. Then go on to details of the STAND against dcf to get more people to show. We should offer to take lie detectors and ask dcf workers if they are willing to do the same. Do all of this on television.

  • rBg

    Nope, we are talking about how the federal government 5e and 5b funding. If they can get the child labeled with a disability under the DSM5 they get even more money. That is why the silence must end and we must unite.

  • rBg

    That is a great idea but would never work. Many have tried and the CT DCF is so tight lipped and organized, and I do not mean organized as in taking care of the children, but more organized in the corruption and collusion like you would hear associated with organized crime.

    The local papers and news wont even write articles on it because DCF refuses to make a statement and the news or papers claim they will not ever run a one sided article so it is sort of like a catch 22 but with organized crime. • Free Website Templates - Downlaod Full Themes