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What is Your Opinion of CT DCF? Need Input Good or Bad.

please drop a line or two and let us know how you feel about this agency, things you have heard, what needs to change, who is the most corrupt in  ct DCF? Do you think family court is just as dirty as CT DCf? where are our rights? Ideas of getting people educated on what is really going on and ways of changing, i think if we can all pull together we should visit the capitol and start uniting, and standing up for the children and families of Ct, no one else seems to

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  • secret

    Opinion? They show up at my house over 2 weeks after my ex reports a little boo boo under my sons eye and they accuse me of abusing my kid. Ex denied my court ordered visitation for over 2 weeks now,this parasite is interigating me,im being accused of something I didnt do,and this clueless idiot cant figure out why I have an “attitude” Yea fun times. Lets just say I love dcf.

  • noname brand

    Opinions good or bad of DCF. Corrupt or concern? Let me tell you about corrupt and due to ongoing litigation I will not be using names or places other than the state of CT and DCF.
    I moved back to CT from a “different state” (DS) (I grew up in CT and moved to DS when I as 29. And no I’m not a young inexperience woman, I am now in my 40’s). The day I got to CT from DS I had DCF calling to find where I was and they needed to come speak with me. The gentleman I spoke with from DCF was completely that, a gentleman. He came to my new home which was in boxes, literally, and told me a bunch of accusations that were made against me and my boyfriend (who I wasn’t even living with at the time). I was informed that I had up and fled DS because of an open case of child abuse against me there, that I had taken my child out of DS against a court order, that I was drugging my child, that my bf and I were doing drugs, that child was terrified of my bf and he was beating on her. The only child concerned was my youngest who was 8 at the time this all started and is 9 now. Well as the DCF guy, my bf’s mom and I sat on my couch surrounded by boxes I told him I have absolutely no clue as to what he was talking about. I had not been to court, other than for child support, for my child in over 3yrs. There had been custody issues and abuse issues but those had been against my child’s father not me, because he is verbally, mentally and physically abusive. I knew I had a child support hearing coming up in DS in a couple of weeks but arrangements had been made to have a telephone conference for that hearing since I have no car to drive there and it is over 300 miles away.
    DCF Guy said he would have to check into my background, bf’s background, he would have to come back and inspect home since it was still in boxes at some point, also talk to my oldest child (who was visiting exhusband down south), and he talked to my child (the one the call regarded) right then and there without me being in the room.
    DCF guy said after he talked to my child that there was no fear of my bf, my child told him that there was no beatings and is very happy living with Mommy and excited bf was moving in too. (Mommy had given a spanking but no one else and just a spanking on the bum once in a while when not behaving). I don’t normally spank my kids, they have to be really really misbehaving in order for me to spank them. Usually timeouts or losing a favorite toy or a privilege works. And as for the drugs issue, well childs father doesn’t want child to take medication for ADHD and other behavioral problems (father explained to me long ago that child “just needs their ass kicked once in a while then they’ll behave”). I also explained to DCF Guy that I do take medication and ALL of it has been prescribed by my regular doctor which I see once a month (I am disabled due to a degenerative disease and that is why I take medication). I was taking at that time 1 medication that I didn’t normally take, for pain, but it was still prescribed by my regular doctor for a few days while I was moving. That was the only narcotic medication, and again it is not something I normally take or even have.

    Well DCF guy told me I should call DS courthouse and find out what was going on since it was stated by the person that complained that I had a court date coming up. And since that date didn’t coincide with the child support hearing I had coming up in a few weeks, I should look into it immediately. Especially since the date given to him was the following week. (Hmmm doesn’t it make you wonder who else knew about court date??)

    Well I did just that. It took me the rest of the week to get ANY information from DS regarding what the DCF guy was talking about and then I was told they (the courthouse) would mail it to me. It only took 4 days of me calling to get them to do that. They wouldn’t tell me what was on the petition or regarding or anything. NO ONE would even tell me IF I had a court date! I was told I wasn’t entitled to know. I also called DCF in the DS to find out if I had an open case against me. The answer was NO, not even a complaint. FINALLY after days of calling and calling and calling the courthouse in DS someone transferred me to the court administrator. She told me she could send me the petition in the mail but was not able to tell me anything on it, not even if there was a court date on it. Then she then told me NOT TO ATTEND the hearing since I was not properly notified and would not have time to be legally prepared for the case. She stated she would tell the judge she told me not to come and the case would probably be rescheduled. She took my info and sent it to me on a Friday. At the time I kind of laughed to myself because she COULDN’T tell if I even had a court date, but she COULD tell me not to attend since I was properly served. (Go figure!) (I wasn’t laughing a month later though.)
    I got it Monday afternoon. I found out I did have a court order not allowing me to leave the COUNTY (not even just the state but the county, hell I couldn’t even have gone shopping then!!) with my youngest child. I found out that my child’s father was suing me for custody!
    Now on the same day he filed for a change in child support, he filed the custody petition that I had just received. Now I was still living in DS when he filed these petitions and lived only 3 miles from the courthouse, and he filed all this about a month before I moved!! AND I had already made arrangements BEFORE I moved for the child support hearing.

    So how is it I didn’t get the custody hearing petition until after I moved since the support hearing papers were sent certified mail????? (now this is f’n corruption and deviance!!) He and his attorney told the court that they had no idea where I was living that I had just up and took off and didn’t tell anyone (and this was almost 2 weeks before I moved even). So they (he and attorney) sent the order that I not leave the County & petition to an address that I had lived at well over 5 years before!! Which was absolute bull crap since he (father) and his wife had been to my house several times over the previous year and a half to pick up and drop off my child and I received the child support hearing order 3 DAYS after it was issued from the same courthouse.

    Now remember I was told NOT to attend hearing…I received that notification from the court admin on Monday afternoon, well my court date was that Wednesday morning!! I had less than a day to get an attorney and refute all his (fathers) allegations. Which since I had just moved and he (father) had stopped paying child support over 3 months before, I had no money to get one. But on the court petition it says if you don’t have the funds to get one I could call Legal Aid. So I called the number…you will never guess answered the phone. HIS ATTORNEY’S OFFICE!! Now I called 2 other times just to verify it and I had someone else read it and call just to make sure I wasn’t reading it wrong and verify it and it was still his attorney’s office. His attorney is not Legal Aid, as a matter of fact just the opposite, he is one of the highest paid attorney’s in town. How can father afford that when he isn’t paying his child support?? Life is good when you marry up and your wife is rich.

    Since I was told not to go to court and the judge would be informed I was told not to go and I was still trying to find an attorney 300 miles away, I had asked that what ever happened in court regarding this petition be mailed to me or faxed or to call me. I received NOTHING!! I was never called!! So I assumed it was postponed and I would receive a new hearing date in a few weeks.

    WRONG ANSWER!!! Now the judge (same judge who signed and issued a restraining order against father who threaten to KILL my son, my parents, and me, same judge who gave me permission to move back to CT before, same judge that signed permission for me to have telephone conference 3 weeks before (a form that had ALL my new address info on and more)(small town and county he was and still is the ONLY judge there)
    THAT SAME JUDGE GAVE CUSTODY TO THE FATHER and that our child was to live with him in a totally different state!!!!!!!!!! without checking with DS DCF or anything!!!!!!! The judge knew I wasn’t going to be there since I was told NOT to go by the court administrator, that I had not been properly served, that the courthouse had my new address within 4 days of me moving, that the state and county knew how to contact me between moves, that they had my old address and knew exactly where I lived since father and I had been to 3 or 4 support hearings within the last 6 months and they have had my cell phone number for the last 4 years and every time I sent my child with medication our address is on the medicine bottle (which I had to send the prescription bottle because of the type of medication class)!!!! Is that corrupt and devious enough?

    The judge just went on whatever his attorney said that I had disappeared and I had an open DCF case against me in another state (CT)!! (frankly after a death threat wouldn’t ya think to check into things a little more if they say I just disappeared??)(And if I had just “disappeared” how did they know I had an open DCF case anywhere against me?? and wouldn’t the first place to look for a case would be the one I had just been living in?????) THE ONLY REASON I HAD AN OPEN CASE WAS BECAUSE THEY (FATHER AND STEP) CALLED IT IN THE DAY I MOVED TO CT!!!! because in less than 24 hours DCF was calling to come visit. The day I moved just before I disconnected my computer I sent out a mass email to my friends n family list stating I was moving and I would let everyone know my address as soon as I reconnected BUT they could still reach me on my cell phone.

    NOT knowing what had happened in court, because NO ONE SENT ME ANYTHING (again!!) regarding the outcome, I followed the previous custody order and let my child visit father for long holiday weekend just after school started. Child had already started school here in CT. Well I dropped her off to him at meeting place (which happens to be a CT State Trooper barracks for obvious safety reasons). I did not want to send child, child did not want to go. Father had not even seen Child since MAY. Father did not even want child on Father’s Day!! His wife was pregnant and about to pop any day (his words). They didn’t have baby until July. Father didn’t even call to let Child know baby was born! Didn’t even call until over 2 weeks later. Child didn’t see Father for entire summer, most of the spring and part of the winter. Any excuse NOT to take her was a good excuse for them.

    I went to go pick child up from visit. Well after waiting for a half hour, I called Fathers cellphone. This is how I found out he got custody of her…
    “oh didn’t my attorney call and tell you??? I got custody of her now…hahahaha”.

    NOW lets talk about CT DCF…the gentleman was of course concerned when he first met us, as he should be since it is his job. He checked everyone out my entire family, and I have a LOT of family here in CT. He checked me & my bf out where we had lived also in the DS. He checked with DCF there also. He checked out my bf and his family. I told him everything. This is my child’s life we are talking about. Any skeleton in my closet is not worth my child’s life. Any embarrassment or shame I have or had in my life is worth telling him about if it means that a proper investigation is done. And DCF guy did a proper and through investigation. He did scheduled visits and unscheduled visits. And DCF guy was never ever “back stabbing” or lied.

    I am still trying to get custody of my child back. I have had to fight with courts in DS and courts in totally different state. I informed father of move in advance I even tried to get father to visit with her before we moved. I did everything that I was supposed to do. I have had to borrow monies from family in order to get an attorney in DS. Monies that I have no idea how the heck I am going to pay back. But that doesn’t matter. What matters is that my child has never ever ever lived away from me or my older child. That my child is being isolated from the only people that have been family, and when I mean isolated I’m saying she isn’t allowed to talk to me on the phone without them listening on speaker phone, she is only allowed to tell me about what she did at school that week and is only allowed to be on the phone with me (and only me not allowed to talk to anyone else) for less than 10 minutes. My child has special needs and takes medication, they (father and step) refute that even though it has been diagnosed by 4 different doctors/specialists. My child is being drilled that no one else but they tell the truth, everyone else are liars, especially me. No one else is smart, we are all stupid and have no idea what we are talking about. They are smarter than the doctors even. Only they are to be trusted. My child is terrified to hug or kiss me, talk to me or our family in front of them. My child turns absolutely sheet white like going to pass out terrified if child is in same room with us in front of them. Child was not even living with father until over a month after I put in for an Emergency petition of Relief. Child was living with his mother. Same house different apartment. Child didn’t even have a bed!! in fathers home but had to sleep on the floor cause would have “accidents” when stayed over previously. Baby got a whole new room months before it was born, but it took him 9 years to get my child a bed. Father has lived there since our Child had been born. OVER 9 YEARS!!! hell he didn’t even want to sign our child’s birth cert.

    He would only visit with Child every other Sunday between 1pm and 6pm when he would pick child up and bring to his mothers. He couldn’t be bothered with any of Child’s schooling either. Well at least until he was married and then he wanted every other weekend visits from Friday to Sunday. And now since his new baby has been born, to keep his wife and baby safe they sit in the backseat and my little 9 yr old child sits in the front of the car. And unfortunately yes it is perfectly legal, not at all safe for my child but it is perfectly legal. What the hell do car manufacturers know right, its only a RECOMMENDATION that they sit in the back, that airbags can kill small children in the front… (And yes I am being sarcastic as all hell right now)

    When I brought up these matters to the DCF in father’s state, they were all brushed off. The fact that he now owns 2 shotguns (1 right by the only door in the apt and the other by his nitestand) and he has had Domestic Violence cases in the past BESIDES mine. Not a problem cause a lot of people hunt out there…HE LIVES IN THE FREAKIN CITY!!!! There are over 30 child molesters and sexual deviants within a 2 mile radius of his apt, 1 lives in a house behind his and another 2 houses down from his, not to mention the crack dealers, hookers, and gangbangers. And no I am not exaggerating or being melodramatic.
    My child gets beat up in new school because of special needs. But that is “just kids being kids”. My child was a “country” kid, not a “city” kid. No “street smarts”. Never needed them before. And my child is NOT ALLOWED by father to talk to school counselor about it!!

    CT DCF, DS DCF, doctors, past teachers, other parents, family, and my attorney are trying to help me get her back. Current teachers won’t talk to me even though I have every legal right to have any and all information regarding my child. The doctors they have taken Child to won’t talk to me and again I have every right. They won’t talk to CT DCF or DS DCF either because they are a totally different state, they only have to talk to that states and since they won’t acknowledge any issues they won’t talk to them.

    So now let me tell you CT DCF has done a thorough job, and a good job in my case. I applaud my caseworker and his hard work on my case. He has gone extra lengths to get investigations done and written up and inspected in time for my court case in Different State, even though they keep putting him off to an extended date. He has gone the extra mile to comply with that state’s rules also and to also try to get the assistance of the Totally Different states as well but to no avail. My caseworker knew exactly what this case was about from the beginning, it was about custody. And now I have to fight tooth and nail to get it back. I didn’t lose all custody just physical custody, but to me that is way too much.

    I have heard other horror stories of DCF caseworkers in this state and others, I just thought maybe it was time something good was said about them and how they can help. Some of them really do want to help, its not just a job, some really do care for the kids and their families. And if you think they are corrupt even if it is just a few, have hope that not all are. Try to request a different caseworker, try to take a different attitude with them, take the initiative to get counseling or assistance, if you don’t know where ask the school counselor, the phone book, your church or ask social services. Doing something is better than nothing. AND KEEP NOTES OF EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • marley

      this is a letter i wrote to the dcf commissioner yesterday….would you beleive i finally got a response from her….here it goes….Good afternoon, I have written to you before with issues that I feel you need to work on and have resolved as soon as possible. Im sure many have written to you about these issues and am sure they have gotten no responses as well! But the fact remains that you have accepted this job and are being paid by the tax payers and therefore you must respond, that is the right thing to do, as well as work on what these people are asking of you. 5 of my grandchildren were rudely taken out of their homes and ripped away from their parents and family because you felt the need to put them in your care where they would be safe, given medical attention and provide education for them as well as therapy. That is the law, is it not? If you agree with me, then answer this…..Why was my 2 year old who has never been hit by her parents or anyone else, physically abused by TWO of your LICENSED foster mothers? Why was my 7 year old grandaughter hand hurt on broken furniture that was in one of your foster homes and had a rash between her legs that was not seen by a medical Dr until we insisted? Why was my 2 year old granddaughter transported by a dcf worker from thomaston, ct to torrington ct and back without a car-seat? I mean isn’t that the law here in ct? Why was my 3 year old granddaughter separated from her brother and sister? Why was my 15 year old granddaughter threatened every night by an Asian girl who was also a foster child with a knife up to her neck? Why wasnt she put into school while at this foster home?Why was she out of school for 4 weeks? Again, isn’t that the law also in ct? Why did she witness her foster mother smoking pot with her neighbor and cheating with her neighbors husband in front of these girls? Isn’t smoking pot against the law here in ct? Why was my 11 year old grandson slapped by a staff worker at the care for kids center in new haven? Why did he try to commit suicide while in their care…Why is he getting beat up every week at the center for children in hamden ct? Why does he have a black eye? why aren’t you having his head checked out since twice he was kicked in the head and then punched in the head on three different ocassions within a matter of 3 weeks? Also he has been known to have seizzures! NONE of this has ever happened to them while living at their homes!! Why is my 15 year old grandaughter now suffering from post tramacic symdrone? Now with reading all of this, are you willing to respond with some answers? Do you have any answers for us? Do you realize when you punch in to work for the state of ct that you need to work on these issues, or do you pick and choose what you feel on working on that day? I WANT ANSWERS!!!!!!!! I want you to justify this please tell me why there hasn’t been arrests made. Is dcf above the law? THATS the question that I want answered!!!!! Because if you’re not then I expect some arrests to be made. My grandchildren will be suing this state as well as their parents.. I will make sure that this letter goes out to every newspaper here in ct and the surrounding states as well, they would love to hear how you are doing your job here in ct. God help all of you who are allowing this to happened to our children! Please respond with something, maybe an acknowelgement that you have read this letter, if not, I WILL write you everyday until this is resolved and my grandchildren are apologized to by your agency for what you have put them through..

      • you are a whore


    • Anonymous

      Keep record of everything. I wish you luck. CT DCF is no better. Hang in there

    • concerned father

      d c f don’t care that my ex-wife lays around naked in front of her brother, kids and myself when I’m there to visit or that she gets drunk every night til passing out or that she will leave the kids there while the brother is asleep and him not even know they are there or that she gose with the kids to the boyfriends house and gets drunk and they fight and my children tell me they don’t want to be there and that shes angry every day yelling and cussing in front of the kids so who do we ask for help?

    • concerned father

      d c f don’t care that my ex-wife lays around naked in front of her brother, kids and myself when I’m there to visit or that she gets drunk every night til passing out or that she will leave the kids there while the brother is asleep and him not even know they are there or that she gose with the kids to the boyfriends house and gets drunk and they fight and my children tell me they don’t want to be there and that shes angry every day yelling and cussing in front of the kids. I know someone from d c f that knows my ex-wife and he is the head of this district and he told me I need to get my kids from her then when we got in front of a lawyer he denied even talking to me. So who do we ask for help? D C F is really a piece of crap.

      • admin

        I am sorry to hear that your children are being exposed to things that they should not be. I would go to court and file for custody!!!!

    • michael wascher

      I help some friends make their appointments and she had 2 kids in the system with DCF at that time the daddy now has the kids back they are seperated/never married. The dad was the one reported for the abuse and she only has mid week visitation once a week. She is pregnant with a new boyfriend and he has a temper but I and she knows he will not hurt any of the kids, DCF and the magistrate says if she wants to keep her baby unsheltered hat daddy has to leave and cannot be around any of the kids. DCF also wants her to get rid of her dog of 4 years “it would be less money you have to spend”. The previous daddy and her were doing just fine and making ends meet before all this happened and noe both parents are having hell trying to pay for everything that DCF and the court has ordered them to do.
      Past record for the second dad weather he was found guilty or not is being held against him even when charges were stopped. Also a new charge that trumped up by a disgruntled neighbor is being held against him and he hasn’t even been to court yet, he’s automatically a bad person and can’t be around kids.

  • suzie something

    1st DCF is a bunch of lying kid nappers!DO NOT BELIEVE ANY THING THEY SAY TO YOU! they twist shit try to make you look like a lier, I had 1 worker tell me its my job to make people not like you & think your a bad person its my job to tear your family apart! you do not have to open your door to a dcf worker ever! I found that out @ 1 of their parenting classes if there is a Real danger then they have to get a court order Fu*& them they made my oldest daughter go crazy! left for me to clean up the mess they created, our family was fine our house was fine , my husband & I both worked, we had food, clothes bills paid, nothing to want for, our kids Drs, all testified that we were good parents the kids were all in good health etc.. we had schools all give their in put for all the conferences we went to the kids behavior etc.. everything all good but do you think it was enough HELL NO!were not even drinkers & they made us go to classes for parenting, alcohol, and drugs we dont do ANYTHING! EVEN AFTER WE PASSED THEIR DRUG TEST WE WERE MADE TO DO THESE THINGS UNTIL THE CASE WAS CLOSED! WHAT A CROCK OF SHIT! DCF SUCKS! 4 real think about it ANY ONE who has had any kind of experience with DCF it has never ended in a good way, shit i knew a crack head who did’t have a roof over her head for her kids and she didnt have the complications we did,wtf is up with that I’ll tell you they don’t want to deal with the problem or older kids they are harder to adopt out they want little kids, a bunch of legal kid nappers!

  • missing my babies

    do not trust CT dcf! I just had a baby sept 29th 2010, she had a few minor health issues and was in nicu, my other 4 kids (1 I only have on weekends cause he lives with dad) we were playing outside on october 8th we came in around 615 to clean up and start dinner, my kids love playing in the dirt, riding bikes, running etc normal kids, we just came in the back door, and I got their coats off, and there was a knock at the door it was 2 police officers and 2 dcf workers, the female dcf worker gave me papers and said theyre taking the kids for medical reasons, I called my lawyer which gave me no help since they had court papers signed by a judge, they came in my home uninvited and grabbed my 5 yr old and 2 yr old, I held onto my 3 yr old for dear life while using other hand to hold the phone, my 8 yr old the one there on weekends was hysteric screaming crying dont take me dont take me, they grabbed the 3 yr old out of my arms all my kids were screaming and crying for me, they took them no coats no shoes nothing, we didnt even have dinner yet. I totally went bizerk while trying to comfort my 8 yr old, I called my mom to come get him, she took him to our pastor for help its been almost 4 months, they took my baby right from nicu, she will never know me as her mom, theyre not together, they placed my 3 with my ex husbands father and step mother, their dad is in prison for arson. instead of placing them with my mom who saw them daily, theyre with strangers. I still only get to see them once a week for an hr and half if that, the workers forever run late and tell us we cant make the time up. We were a decent family, we didnt do drugs, we didnt drink, we attended church, my husbands a certified emt, he works 60 hours a week to support us, we took our kids to community events, they were well fed, always had clean clothes, had tons of toys, and had all medical/dental visits updated and were not behind on anything!my 5 yr old asks me every visit when can i come home, my 3 yr old is asking me if im her mommy, what have they done!!!!!my trial isnt until april 11 I have another case review on March 29th 2011 please help!!!

    • nee

      hope you have a shi_t load of patience. whatever you do do what they say. tell your mom to file a motion to intervene asap. she can do it for free and the clerks are very helpful good luck you’re going to need it

  • missing my babies

    p.s. word of warning, dcf is not your friends, dont talk to them as if you are their friend, do not disclose any past abuse, domestic violence, etc from your childhood, they will immediatly think your doing the same to your children! and without a court order they cannot enter your home, after they took my kids, one came to my home? im like wtf do you want” but without an attorney present dont answer their questions, or allow them in your home

    • admin 2

      With or without an attorney present you have rights. The right to remain silent. Unless they have a warrant do not answer the door. No matter what you say to them even if you think it is good, they will find the bad, that’s what they are trained to do. Along with take children away.

  • mandmsmommy

    Dcf is so corrupt! Back in November my sister had her girls taken away. I live in TN and flew there to petition to get them with me. The judge ended up ordering an expedited icpc ( which is expedited paperwork to approve my home safe!) so the girls could get out of the foster care and in with a relative. Since then dcf has lied to us numerous times. The girls have moved three time because they were abused in their foster homes. The girls should be with family by now. They have another court date Feb 2nd but who knows if the girls will go to their destinations then. Dcf says that now I need to be a licensed foster parent in order to get them. Which, my husband and I are already in classes to get licensed. But that will take another 6 weeks! I think DCF likes to see kids suffer and be moved around. Do they just let anyone off the street get licensed?? I have been fingerprinted, backround check…home study approved! My hubby is a chief in the navy..he has security clearance!!!

    • admin 2

      Don’t quote me on this but, if you petition the town hall that the children reside in for temporary guardianship I believe it will save a lot of time.
      Also, there a lot of advocacy groups out there to help, for free. just Google advocacy groups for children. Good luck, and yes the system is beyond messed up, if you look at some of the other comments that have been left here you may find help through others as well. Or leave a post asking for help and what to do on the site. More people need to speak up as you did and fight for the children, the state makes more money if they are in foster homes, and the things that go on there are inhumane. Thank you for your story Corrupt

    • admin 2

      I would like to add that if you would like to publish your story on our site it might be beneficial due to the fact that many people and advocacy groups are linked to our site. Please let us know and we will do all we can to help.

  • nee

    a living,lying nightmare bunch of state paid people. been involved since 1997 when my grandkids were first taken. now in court with great-grandkids. had 5 grands placed in my care since 97. department opposes great grankids for whatever reason they can claw out of files over 10 years old. have raised 7 kids . two of my own 5 of my daughter. what a waste of states money. all of this from a department that can’t manage to get out from under feds.

  • nee

    don’t even ask what happens in foster care. don’t ask why my 3 year old great granddaughter has another bruised lip and clothes from a year ago when she still lived at home. and don’t ask why the foster mother owns a 2010 brand new car but the winter coats they’re wearing are from freakin 2009. don’t ask cause you won’t get an answer, just another family is one of the few that was able to successfully sue the department after my 18 month old grandson ended up with broken ribs and a lacerated liver. the settlement is in trust. 3 workers were suspended. it does happen

  • Shannon Drumm

    I am currently involved with CT DCF and they have and continue to ruin my life DAILY! I am misurable with out my children and my husband is currently being accused of monsterous acts that when i (secretly) asked my daughter (at 4 yrs old) if they were true responded….no. But its ok for DCF to take her and our 1st daughter together away from me after making him leave the house and I delelovped a blood clot because of all the stress and had to be put on medication because of the stress, anxiety and depression the state was inflicting upon me. and then take our next daughter away RIGHT OUT OF THE HOSPITAL!!!! Now they are in the proscess of terminating our rights while my life falls to shit and my husband sits in jail for something he did not do and they have no real evidence of. My girls have come to visits with more cuts, scrapes and bruses since beiing taken away from us then they EVER got at home. If anyone knows of any lawyers that can help me PLEASE write me. our “public defenders” is just as corrupt as they are and they is not helping me get my 3 babies back. please help me :'(

    • admin

      Here are some links, these people may be able to help. DO NOT GIVE UP. KEEP FIGHTING
      * – Resource information and services for adults accused of child abuse, neglect, sexual abuse or harassment, or domestic violence.
      * The A-Team – Multidisciplinary team, providing research and defense consultation for falsely accused men, regarding all manner of such allegations.
      * CBC fifth estate – Scandal of the Century – Follows the story of the Klassen family who were falsely accused of sexual abuse by three foster children. Site features timeline, new evidence, discussion forum.
      * Child Abuse Defense Kit – Resources for the wrongly accused, particularly those accused of child abuse. Includes Lawyers & Expert Witness Lists
      * Concerned Citizens for Legal Accountability – Overview of the alleged Wenatchee sex abuse cases, and related issues.
      * Creative Therapeutics: Sex Abuse Hysteria – Review of a book, Sex Abuse Hysteria – Salem Witch Trials Revisited, on the trials.
      * The Epidemic of False Allegations of Child Abuse – By Armin A. Brott, regarding the large number and origins of these accusations.
      * False Allegations of Child Abuse – Information from someone available as a medical expert in cases in which he’s convinced that an allegation of child abuse is false. EXCELLENT SITE
      * False Allegations Of Child Sexual Abuse – Resource directory for false allegations of child sexual abuse and molestation.
      * – How to defend against false allegations of sexual abuse, sexual assault, or rape.
      * falselyACCUSED – Resources from a criminal defense legal team to help those who are falsely accused of sexual abuse.
      * The New Inquisiton – For the falsely accused of abuse.
      * Register of False Accusers – List of purported serial false accusers, for the protection of victims of perjury, false accusations and sexual hysteria.
      * Sexual Allegations In Divorce – Support for men who have been the victims of Sexual Allegations In Divorce (SAID).
      * Sexual Harassment False Accusation – How to combat false accusations of sexual harassment with defamation of character, unfair dismissal and employer investigations.
      * Support for People Accused of Abuse (SPAA) – Organization of men and women who have been accused of domestic violence.
      * Texans Against False Allegations (TAFA) – Organization dedicated to educating and supporting teachers, foster parents, and other child care providers in a fight against a system out of control.
      * Witchhunt Links – Links to child abuse witchhunt related articles and web sites. Includes articles in the Skeptical Inquirer and Skeptic magazine, sites of activist groups, and book reviews.

      It’s not going to be easy but it will be worth it. I will send you some important numbers tomorrow. Start with t he above…. and do not stop. The ct dcf is used to just ripping families apart and nobody saying a word. No more. The more people that are able to share their story, the closer we are to going public with it all. So please tell your friends, get involved. The more people that come out, the shady things they do and the lies they tell. This msg is for everyone!!! ALWAYS KEEP YOUR PAPERWORK, AND ASK FOR IT,ASK FOR A REPORT YOU HAVE TO DO IT IN WRITING, ASK YOUR WORKER WHO YOU SEND THE REQUEST TO. YOU WILL BE AMAZED THE LIES THEY TELL

  • Nien Nunb

    DCF and CPS are horrible. Being a cautious parent investigating the many dangers to my child in this ever-changing country, I came across many credible articles about these malicious opportunists. As the aboriginal man had to be most cautious of natural predators and warring tribes, teaching their children of the dangers around them, the modern parent must likewise prepare their family for the predatory practices CPS. It is important to teach your children about the dangers around them, and teach them about the 4th and 5th Amendments in this unchecked, hostile environment we live in. It is clear the law is extremely weak in protecting children from being ripped from their parents without just cause by these “protective” “services”. This weakness has been exploited for the financial gain of these “service” providers, their sustained funding levels requiring a predetermined number of children to be ripped from their closest loved ones without consent each year. Job security in a semi-“legalized” kidnapping. Sick.

    They have never been to my house, but I will exercise my 4th and 5th amendment rights to keep these kidnapping scum from collecting a ransom on my child. This is an issue for all of us, Left and Right. It is not just a “teaparty” issue like some might say. If you are in the least bit in disagreement with the State with how a child should be raised, you are at a great disadvantage should an investigation takes place. Last I checked, the best way to raise a child has not yet been perfected, especially by the State. Only by competing ideas do a people thrive. This is coming from someone who does not spank, and went to an Ivy league college. A liberal! I will gladly stand up for any of your rights on the Right side of the spectrum, even if you have a different parenting style, religious belief, or schooling style than I do. The myth is that only unfit parents are at risk. The fact is we are all being victimized by the very ominous threat of what they claim to have the right to do. Our country is no longer a fertile breeding ground for healthy families. This is an issue for parents and children of all political persuasion, economic standing, religion or lack thereof. These paid kidnappers are a downright threat to families and children everywhere. A threat to LOVE ITSELF. A threat to the safety, security, life, liberty and happiness of children everywhere. Down with these thugs. DOWN WITH THESE THUGS I SAY. COME TOGETHER FOR YOUR CHILDREN!

    • admin

      THANK YOU!!!!! Thank you so very much, everything you said is everything I feel and write about, please feel free to post at anytime. I was in shock when I woke to read this. Tears came to my eyes, the truth of what cps really is, and how Parent’s are not going to understand it until they are at your front door, taking your child away kicking and screaming for mommy and daddy. There is not enough thank you’s, I just pray that people will open their eyes to what is going on

    • rBg

      Mr. Nien –

      To say the least your post has reminded me and livened my spirits knowing that yes, we do still have a voice to be heard and with that comes choice. The choice to not live in fear, the choice to raise our family’s how we see fit, the choice to take back the fundamental liberties and God given rights we were promised as United States citizens.

      I would like to speak with you and response to your post but I am currently at work and don’t have the time, but if it is OK with you, I would like to make your comment an actual post that people can debate about and speak about, I would appreciate if you would get back to me, because I would also like to talk to you about some other things as well.

      Thank you in advance for your post, taking the time to exercise your 1st amendment right and for renewing something I was almost about to lose and that is we are not entitled to all of this, we have to stand up and fight for it, we need to take what is ours and remind the government, it is us US citizens that should be making the decisions and deciding what is best for us, not the dirty money hungry politicians currently running Washington. I hate to blanket all politicians like that I know some are good, but not enough, and that is what needs to be changed!

  • allison

    The first person was accurate, NEVER EVER EVER EVER believe anh cps, dyfs, or any other child service personel tell you. From personal experience, AND having a best friend of 16 years working alongside them, even he says not to. They will do ANYTHING to get a case against you or information from you to take that child away. Do you know how hard it is to adopt a child today? Do you know it costs hundreds of thousands of dollars!? Do you know each worker gets a beautiful pat on the back, a plaque and extra bonuses for getting a case closed (ie: haveing the child taking from their “neglectful” parents and put up for adoption/poster parenting) Dont believe a word they say, they WILL PRETEND to be your friends, don’t be a stupid fool and fall for it. I am currently suing for a WHOLE LOT of money and I am going to win. Just research on google/yahoo/w.e on how vindictive, unprofessional, egotistical, and only out to prove what their “first findings” were, otherwise they’d be considered wrong. Make sure you ALWAYS say you have an attorney, even if it is not true, make sure you ALWAYS say you will fight, contact the head boss, etc (unless of course you really did something wrong), If they are smart they will back down, if not.. they will end up in debt for about 4 million dollars like my past case workers are… false, fake, people who like to abuse their power and only take into their “evidence” from what other of their workers say. ALL THEIR EVIDENCE is WITHIN their own office, nothing outside. NO labs, no psychs nothing.. they are liars, manipulators and if there weren’t perverted men in the world, I’d make sure they were put out of business.. out of commission.

    • admin

      Thank you for your comment, nothing but the truth. If more people would just take a good look at what is being said…. if more people would want to put a stop to this. Put your hand up, say lets do this, have you not had enough????

      CPS-DCF +=corruption=dishonesty,bribery,profiteering, breach of trust,crookedness,shadiness,vice, EVIL,extortion…………….. please add more

  • nee

    whatever you do don’t let them in. made that mistake back in 97 when i didn’t know dcf from a hole in the wall. came in my parents house at 1 a.m with a police officer claiming they heard my daughter was in the home. I had only had custody for less than 8 hours, they were all sleeping,took my grandkids out in their pajamas cause their mom was sleeping in same room. didn’t find out until last month can’t come in your home without a warrant if they bring the popo. wish I had known that ten years ago.

  • nee

    my granddaughters attorney told her after court one day in front of her dcf worker do not talk to them. if you need to talk to someone talk to me they are only going to use whatever you say against you. he said this to her in front of the worker. young mothers make the mistake of talking thinking they are their friend, hello, they just removed your child. every time you call them listen close and you can hear them typing every word you say

  • Vi

    Being a grandmother raising grandkids who were exposed to horrendous domestic violence between the parents and drug use, my only complaint is that cps did not work fast enough. Families who do not have the funds to hire custody lawyers have to rely on cps for help to protect their little relatives and the damage done emotionally in the first 5 years can last a lifetime. However, once the kids came to live with me an overzealous teacher called cps on me over a change in add meds. I knew this was against the law, so nothing was done other than cause extreme stress that wasn’t needed at the time. When you really need help they won’t help you. I think the schools, juvenile justice system, cps, etc. are all in cahoots and are taking away freedoms and basic rights even if it is sometimes the childrens’ rights for safety.

  • I think this is among the most vital info for me. And i am glad reading your article. But wanna remark on some general things, The site style is great, the articles is really excellent : D. Good job, cheers

  • This post appears to get a good ammount of visitors. How do you advertise it? It gives a nice unique twist on things. I guess having something authentic or substantial to say is the most important thing.

  • Foster Parent

    Yes , I too as a Foster Parent can say that not only the Bio parents get LIED to but us as foster parents get it worse .. We get Blacked Balled if we try to fight for the Rights of the kid’s that come into our homes . And yes Jennifer Birden is just one of the big Liars at the Torrington DCF office …These oor kid’s dont have a chance if they are going thru the Torrington Office cause it’s not about the kid’s it’s about weather the worker likes you or not and if they can put personal feeling aside…In which they can not they are very immuture and act like High School girls over there. So in the end it will be the kid’s to suffer.

    • admin

      Thank you for your comment….. I would like to comment about the scrutiny they are put under. You are not supposed to get emotionally attached to the child and or children. But how could you not show anything and do your job to the children that have been removed from an unsafe home, or the more common is taking young children based on lies. Ct dcf/cps same messed up agency, they are just waiting for innocent children to get adopted so they can make $$$$$$$ that is what they see.. they do not see inside these children,into their sole and they use foster parents as a temporary dumping ground.

      It is extremely disgusting and in humane what they are doing. I will keep asking for everyones help to put an end to this. It’s wrong, and we do have the power to put a stop to it, or just keep looking. The other way.but It does not take much, we can help. Visit us on facebook ~ you can leave an email there spread the word, clearly it’s money so heads are going to keep turning the other way. But for the parents out there… wouldn’t you have some peace knowing that there are people that do care, and we are trying to put a stop to this. Foster parents you are right on the frontline, yes your hands are tiedbut you can surely. Be an asset to the stp to this.

  • Kelly

    I have quite a bit to say about the DCF. I am now 27 and have long since been out of the system (thank God), however, what I experienced and what I remember still doesn’t make a whole lot of sense at this point.

    My mess started when I was fifteen and I did some things a fifteen year old shouldn’t have done. My dad, coming from an Italian upbringing, pretty much “beat my ass”. (Looking back, he did the right thing) I, being rebelious, used a bruise on my shin to incriminate him; I succeeded. Within hours of talking to my guidance counseler at my local highschool, managed to get myself removed from my home.

    I remember sitting at the DCF facility in Norwalk and flat out being told how lucky I was that there was an opening in a home in Greenwich as “I would never make it in Bridgeport”.

    Long story short, I was put in a home with other kids who came from severely broken households (mostly alcoholic and drug addicted parents). The State mandates some counseling, but let me tell you, the counselors provided may need their own heads checked. And how is it that these foster parents are deemed “ok” to handle the goblins that come along even though these children have been removed from their nightmares. I had a “foster brother” who was probably 7 at the time. Mom was a druggie…the kid used to freak out and scream and cry and pretty much go nuts…he got sent to his room everytime…Really? If you grew up with a crackhead mom, you’d probably be a little screwed up too, and being send to your room probably wouldn’t fix it. Im not looking at the DCF like they need to work miracles, but at the same time, you are breeding kids to end up in jail or rehab just like their parents because you DONT have the appropriate homes or staff….

    …Just to continue with my personal story, I did well at my new highschool and even got a part time job. The problem is that social workers change everytime the wind blows. My last one kept showing up at my job even though I told her that it was embarassing and that I wished she would let me know prior to her arrival.

    The final straw was when my “foster dad” passed away, and his wife pretty much went nuts after his passing (to be expected). I had enough and wrote a letter to the judge expressing my interest to leave. I also made him aware that if he did not allow it, I would take every action necessary to legally emancipate myself (I was two months shy of my 16th birthday). The judge responded by telling my parents that there was no way I was capable of writing the letter he received and that they did it. Thank you for doubting my abilities. I, was smart enough to say “fuck you”, but what about the rest?

    At the end of the day, not every kid that winds up in DCF’s custody is an idiot. They’re actually a a lot smarter than most that are employed by the State. So please, don’t ever belittle those up us that get caught up in your messed up system because you never know when you’ll be surprised!

  • totally against DCF

    NEVER EVER TRUST DCF now that should be a law. I have my own horror story I will not go into details for it is a long story but a very true one to say the least. I am willing to do whatever and I mean whatever it takes to get some kind of justice for families. I already went to a womens prison once because I wanted to be with my children and a family situation turned ugly but I would do it all over again to be with my children and DCF was a big part of everything that did go wrong but I do have evidence that I am so willing to use against this agency that my ex-attorney told me to hang onto so WHEN I take these people to court I will have a leg to stand on my only problem is that I need help from people that arent afraid to fight the good fight.

    • admin

      NEVER TRUST DCF, a smart woman!!!! and a woman that is not afraid, thank you so very much for your comment. I am sorry to hear that you had to go to jail, but it was to see your children, I am NOT saying to go break laws ANYONE do not break the law…. but you did what you felt you needed to to see your children.
      I have to say I admire how upfront and honest you are, your fearless attitude and how you are willing to help. We need more people like you, so our children do not have to fight this fight. Lets do what needs to be done now!!

      Thank you again, I am hopeful that others will see that the more people come together the more we unite the more of a message that will be made.

  • totally against DCF

    I would love to talk to other parents that are going through situations with DCF and feel the need to do something more, something to get to the higher people like the governor or even higher as in the president of the united states. We need to make DCF held legally responsble for their actions especially when they break court orders and we the parents lose out when we lose our children but who holds DCF responsible when they break the court orders. I think its up to us to find a way and never stop looking . The children often become victims once in custody and it doesn’t stop there. The parents lose in more ways than one. Speaking from experience I can share some of the losses that I have endured in my situation: A job loss, depression, suicidal times, family turning on one another and bonds that I thought were strong only fell apart and where do u go when your whole family turns against you and blames you for DCF involvement, and when you have absolutely no support system, thats when you hit rock bottom hard. Believe me there are days that all I do is cry but for the most part I want to find a way for myself and others alike to finally become vindicated and to maybe get back a little of what we lost, but first we have to come together and decide what legal actions we need to take. Class Action Settlement, anyone? I’m ready, actually i’m more then ready!!!

    • sharon


    • admin

      That is something that is being worked on, check your email..

      • I would also like to do ANYTHING to help the cause. I have not seen my children in over 19 months and DCF is the culprit. I have not done anything to deserve the lose of my children. Can you please forward me any news in regards to a petition or class action settlement? I am currently trying to start my own civil rights suit against them for this crap and am also looking for any advice on tha as well including the name of a really good attorney here in CT who can actually help and commit to ride this out with me. HELP ME!!!
        -Ron R.

  • totally against DCF

    There is only one judge I trust and her name is Christine Dunnell, I just hope that I have the right spelling. I would trust her judgement in my situation any time but from what I was told she is now retired and I have tried to send her a letter asking for help or advice to no avail.
    There was a female judge Crawford in New Britain family court but has since moved to Waterbury as a criminal judge so i’ve been told. Judge Crawford seemed to be ok but I believe certain information was kept from her in court. If she knew the truth that DCF was keeping her from hearing I know the ruling would have been different.

    • sharon

      exactly happening in my case…..dcf lies and the courts believe them….but, no one in the judicial system wants to hear anything….I sent a very large packet to my grandsons public defender, and, talked with him, but, he ignored my letter…so, evidently he is not going to push NOR FIGHT the issue HOW DCF caused this to happen even though I can & have proved it…..I need a miracle……

  • Sharon


  • totally against DCF

    I just found out where (in my opinion) the best judge is located. I believe she was sent to me by GOD on september 14, 2005. I was serving time in a womens prison for a family situation that went so wrong with so many lies, mostly by my own mother with whom I am still living with because she needs my help. DCF was involved and even though my children are older now (21 and 19) DCF is still involved because my 19 year old is going through college and DCF is up to their old tricks again and because of that my daughter might not be able to finish going to school because she is having a hard time getting her books and her DCF worker has not been returning any calls and her first homework assignment is due on Tuesday, I think thats January 31, 2012. Well I am not waiting around to see what happens next with my daughters education on the line we didnt go through all sorts of hell for nothing. I will be looking to try and make contact with the judge that heard my story of abuse by my mom and how DCF was a nightmare and the advise she gave to me I will never forget. She is one reason that I still believe in a justice system no matter how corrupt it is. I thought that she retired but I just found out she is now in New Haven and I will do my damndest to find her and talk to her, but no matter what happens I will be looking forward to the justice that I will get against DCF because I have what I believe to be is strong evidence, proof that they totally messed up in my case over 5 years ago and they really need to be held accountable for their actions by any means necessary by one and all that have any problems with DCF, remember THEY ARE NOT GOD they are just people with a name and a badge so lets take their jobs away from them like they take our children away from us!!

  • marleytellier

    DCF here in torrington, waterbury and danbury they are having meetings once a month involving the parents as well. It has a name and its being called,………………….. I beleive they have been pushed rightfully so by many of you who had the courage to stand up and fight for our childrens rights.Now is the time to write the supervisor of your towns DCF office with your concerns. Their first meeting happened three weeks ago and my daughter was one of the parents who was asked to join them and speak on behalf of the parents.It was sad however that she was the only parent of those asked that attended.Now is the time to flood the dcf office with your concerns so that it can be brought up at these meetings.Lets make sure that they stay on track at these meetings and are bringing all our concerns to the table….please take the time and join us in giving them all the info they need to work on

  • marleytellier

    “Strenghtening Day at DCF” is the name DCF has given to their newly formed meetings that are occuring once a month here in CT.The purpose of these meetings are to work together with the parents in changing the ways they have handled our children in the past.My daughter is the parent who they asked to speak on behalf of the parents in our town of torrington. What we need to do is write the supervisor of your towns dcf office with your complaints and susjestions to bring to these meetings.We must make sure that these meetings are productive and that they stay within our laws that protect our children.They need to hear from all parents, remember it is because we have spoken up that these meetings are finally happening!!!

  • marleytellier

    I need to put some info out there about the false reporting occurring in our state of Connecticut. There has been so many false reports made to get back at the parents for issues that are not even related to child neglect or abuse.The children are therefore used as amunition for a fight that does not involve them.They DCF needs to impose a serious punishment for those who are acting with a vindictive nature.Why would you want the children to pay a price for something they never did. TO me, this is a very serious issue that has been on going and needs to be brought to a halt with serious punishments following.

  • weepingwillow

    I’m at the end of my rope. I just gave birth to my 3rd daughter and came home from hospital with an empty womb, empty arms & home. DCF took my newborn and 2 daughters away. details when Ihave more strength

  • Christelle M.

    As a foster/adoptive parent, I feel I’m the other end of the spectrum (as compared to other commenters here). From where I stand, it look like the DCF has the best intentions but the application leaves to be desired. I’ve heard more than one case worker say that they have to follow the law, regardless of how they feel about it. Unfortunately, each case is different and the law won’t always go in the direction of the child’s best interest. The focus right now seems to be on immediate intervention (hence the number of comments on this site from people whose children were allegedly taken away for the wrong reasons) and parental reunification – believe it or not. There is a hidden face to the DCF children story that most people don’t realize: the DCF (at least here in CT) will do everything they can to reunite children with their biological parents. Our family has been waiting for two years for an older child referral. Meanwhile, we read stories about children who went through 8, 12, 19 (!) placements before parental rights are terminated. Why? Because the DCF gives too many “second” chances to people who cannot be trusted with children. Most of the children available for adoption through the DCF have been in the system for an average of eight years and have been through numerous attempts at reunification with their biological parents. By the time adoption is considered, those children have been hurt in ways you cannot imagine, both by their biological parents and the system. There’s a thin line between protecting children and hurting them. That’s a thin line the DCF is forced to walk on day after day. And only law reforms will change that. Biology is the least of what makes someone a parent. That’s something many people still have to understand.

    • rBg

      And I can say that I agree with most of what you say, but I also have to say the corruption and the laws that DCF breaks in many of their cases is purely disgusting. There are always 3 sides to every story; your side, my side and the actual truth. It is hard to get a good perspective of what is actually going on until you have a chance to step back, or have spoken to as many people as we have, with their horrific stories. We know people personally where DCF’s agenda was nothing short of taking the children for no good reason.

      If the DCF was really trying their best and on the up and up, why would they have been under FBI investigation for over 20 years, and continue to be investigated. All I am saying is I can see you have a different perspective of DCF, and I appreciate you taking the time to post it, that is why we are here to have open discussions, I have never blocked a comment in my life, but when I step back and see the money made by the children they take, speak to these families, listen to some of the stories and try to contact DCF about their side of the story it is always the same no comment. What do they have to hide if all they are doing is following the law?

  • Marlene Gulyas Tellier

    Then you have the children’s story to listen to! Many children who have been in the Dcf system are harmed in more ways then one! They are battling pts caused by the ways Dcf CHOOSE to run their agency. I am personally witnessing those effects from my grandchildren
    One now is displaying a serious OCD disorder that was not present before Dcf touched her life! Please don’t try to excuse Dcf from all the wrong doing that they KNOW they are doing.

  • marlene gulyas tellier

    And you have stated that they do everything to reunite the families again? Really? Please don’t write statements when it simply just isn’t true.DCF renutification means 2 sisters living 2000 miles away from each other who hasn’t seen each other in over a year now.can you kindly explain again what DCF thinks they are doing with reuniting families? They have torn apart many families beleiving that they truly made the right choice! Ask Meaghan’s Hinchbey a torrington investigator who not only single handed DESTROYED many families but thrives on her power to do so! She found 5 foster parents for my grandchildren who physically abused them? What gives you foster parents the right to put your hands on some one else’s children? Did they tell you that you are allowed to use physical harm on some one else’s child? Or did they tell you you were not allowed to do so? Dcf is a agencey run by Satan and whoever he employs to do his dirty work will certianty be caught up in Gods battle against Dcf!

  • Mark Cohen

    I have an unsubstantiated case open with DCF of CT. I was told very little to nothing and had to wait for the final decision to request a copy of the decision. When I received it I was amazed (looking back not really now). They have portrayed me as a completely unstable person and made statements they said I made to them that also painted me in a very bad light. I am not able to hire an attorney as of this time and I am forced to battle the system alone. I have attempted the rational approach, however, it came to me very rapidly that I was dealing with a system that only did what suited their needs. Strangely enough they state they only wish to help my family when they are actually causing severe damage to my children and my character. I will admit one thing I am nnot perfect and have made some errors in life. This does not give anyone license to lie and twist the truth in the name of justice and morality. If anyone reads this who has the skills and fortitude to help me I will gladly provide you with any information I have to help my children. Their Mom is truly trying to push me out with the help of her so called Attorney for the kids. Who has made a name for themselves with DCF of CT as a great defender of children. In my opinion this attorney has found a niche for creating wealth. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

  • Molly

    What DCFand their employees get away with is absolutely the most pathetic and revolting kind of sub-human behavior possible. Under the pretense of protecting children and the family unit, they are able to destroy lives and emotionally damage children for life. I can’t understand how the rest o f the state authorities can look the other way and sleep at night. But it continues to happen every day. I have experienced it personally and it is the most cruel thing you can do to separate parents and children, especially when the reports are unsubstantiated. Something needs to be done but it is serious problem and I don’t think anyone is willing to expose them.

  • lisa scheck

    in 2008 i had heart surgery n 3wks after i was sent home my liv room ceiling fell in.after heart surgery but b4 the ceiling incident the father of my 2 youngest children called dcf to say he wanted all 3 kids while i recovered(what he really wanted was the 2 of my children recieve).i told dcf he had watched the kids b4 w a bad outcome.after 2wks in his care dcf took my kids from him n never let me kno.i had a restraining order against him so i couldnt go over mom-at this point-called the new london police for a ‘well being’ check cuz i hadnt called her.they(cops)asked what happened w my kids n when i replied that they were next door w their dad he said,’no-dcf took them a week ago’.he then went to my exs house n he had an envelope for me that said i was to appear in court in 12hrs if i wanted my kids.i was about to get them back when the cieling fell in n it took me awhile to find a dec of ’08 i got my eldest son-jeremy daughter decided she wanted to b adopted by her foster(her dad died during this time period n i think the back n forth was 2 much 4 her).my youngest son,zachary shockey-wheeler,has cerebral palsy n autism cant walk or talk.his physical therapist wanted to adopt him n i thought it forward to ’10.i signed termination of my parental rights papers w the stipulation that she b openly adopted n they would give me pics n info on my ’11 i found out by mistake that my daughter,caitlin shockey,had been molested at her pre-adoptive home.back in ’09 theyd found blood in her underwear(8 1/2yrs old)n was doing poorly in wasnt until after the second time she was found w blood in her underwear that she was taken to a dr.a dcf worker told me about it assuming that i knew what was going on.she later-quietly-gave me the info about my daughter being molested n being moved into a ‘safe home’ n later to another pre-adoptive family.her new worker was elizabeth mawheaney.i tried for 4mths to contact her about my daughter w no success.i,then,tried to contact her supervisor-tom martin.he called me about once a mth to say i had to wait until he could get the paperwork to verify the open-adoption stipulations.every mth he had that same that time my oldest son(who lives w me),jeremy brown,bumped into caitlin n the adopters in walmart.they had no knowledge that this was an open adoption n didnt kno i was looking for her.a few days after the adopters found out what was going on they called dcf.tom martin then called me n let me kno,’i gave them your phone number.if they want to call u its up to them–dcf doesnt want to b involved’.right now i have an open case for my son,jeremy brown, because we r impoverished,i have AIDS,he has adhd n hes been depressed.they r trying on june 26th to terminate my parental son is 16yrs old.i would not cooperate w them because my worker is elizabeth mawheaney-the same woman who ignored me 4 4mths when i found out my daughter had been molested.i have only talked to this woman for less than an hour.i tried to work w her even though i didnt want to but she started lying n twisting what was said.i had told her,tom martin n tom martins supervisor that i would not work w her because shes disrespectful n she lies.i said i would work w another worker.their answer was to try n take my son away.a few days ago she called me and asked about her doing a site visit.i told her no.i have ptsd n that night i had severe nightmares about my son,jeremy brown-that dcf took him n he ended up being raped/molested,that because of that he tried to kill himself,he ended up stealing a car n was scared of going to court so he tried to kill himself again.jeremy says to me,’dont worry mom.we’re good people so they cant take me away’.im not so so stressed n worried that besides nightmares i have started to have a rash for no reason that i continuously pick at.also,ive had to be put on anti-depressants for the first time in my conversation w dcf is safe-they WILL lie n twist your words.

    • admin


      You have been through a lot… a lot of hurt. DCF is nothing good you know that all to well. You speaking out and telling what you have endured will help others, I commend you for the many comments you leave on our site, and the advice you offer to others as well. Your words are ALWAYS welcome here, if ever there comes a day that you would like to share with countless people… what DCF office you had to deal with as well as the workers the ones who lie just because!

      Sadly so many have no idea how destructive this “agency” truly is. They are now hiring spies to induce the home wrecking process. Have people come to your door about lowering your electric bill but how odd it is you get a DCF worker and a cop at your door two hours later. With them saying there was a call made to the hotline and the un- identified caller “smelled pot” YES DCF is doing this and the story, well the truth of this is on the front page go to latest and it will say “DCF sending spies” something to that effect. But it is real and they have many different ways they are doing this to innocent families.

      Lisa never give up for what you believe in, keep speaking out so many stay silent and it makes it worse. When DCF shows up and makes all kinds of accusations that are LIES then speak out. TELL WHO name the workers, the investigators the DCF office tell it all. Never wait doing so mmay end up in you children being removed. TO ALL contact US corrupt ct and we will find you the help that is needed to get these child thieves away!!!

      Again a million thank you’s. Telling what you have been through may save another family from being dismantled. You are also showing people to speak up as are a few other people that are faithfully posting new information or stories on here.

      Best wishes to you Lisa, thank you so much

  • Disgusted

    They are kidnappers they violate people’s rights they need to be stopped. They act on assumption not proof this is America they need restrictions placed on them I can’t stand them ,

    waste of tax payers money take your children give them to strangers when the family is willing to take them they all sicken me.

  • Panther

    I am a victim, and have been a victim since I was just about born. Though I was an abused child myself, I learned many things in life while being raised by DCF. They are manipulative, lying, and conniving people, and I do not mean just a few, I mean them as a whole! I was taken from my mother at age 3, when my mother broke my nose in front of a DCF worker, though it took them almost 6 months to take me out of that dangerous situation. Then was “returned” to my mother a couple years later when DCF thought it was going to be safer, but it was really getting a LOT worse.
    When I went back to my mother she practically killed me several times, saying I put her through enough sh*t, and I had to pay for what I did wrong. My sister was also put into a group home for 3 months, and she hated me just as much as my mother, because she thought it was MY fault she was taken away from our mother.
    I was in DCF custody til I was 19, and the things that happened to me while in their custody was outrageous, unnecessary, and crude. I was beaten, stripped of my childhood, abused more than when I was with my mother, molested, raped, and taken advantage of throughout the entire time I was in their custody. I am now 44 years old, and still dealing with DCF and other things that they are involved with in my life.
    I had a child with my (now ex) GF when I was 23 years old, and she was 16. I know bad thing there to begin with. But she was also in DCF custody at the time. Ou first daughter was born in DCF custody, and I was NOT allowed to see her, be in the hospital for her birth, or have my name on her birth certificate. My GF ran away from a group home because our daughter was being abused while she was in school trying to get an education. We debated on whether or not we should take our daughter, and chose not to so I did not wind up in jail for kidnapping, child abduction, and harboring a run-a-way. Our second child was in conception and DCF had already KNEW they were going to take him away also. As we were still fighting to get our first child back in our custody. As soon as the baby was born, DCF had already had someone in the hospital waiting for the information upon height weight, etc.. He stood with us for almost 9 months, and we told our doctor that he has been having some problems ingesting his food, he would eat (drink) the formula, but then when we went ot burp him, he would literally throw up so bad, it went flying. The doctor said it was normal. But we knew something was wrong, and we DEMANDED for them to check into it because he was losing weight. They supposedly did a few minor tests, and said they found nothing wrong with him, and to come back in 2 months. So we went on with life and dealt with the situation with him throwing up and so forth. 2 months went by and he lost almost 4 pounds. the doctor said he would be back shortly with some information for us upon this situation. When he came back DCF was with him to take our son away.
    We went to counselling Psychologists, parenting classes, child care classes and more for almost 6 years. And we still had no chance of getting either child back. So since noone was willing to help us in the state we were living in, we decided to move to the next state over and see if things were going to change for us.
    We arrived at our new home in a motel for several years. Stable, and competent. One of the things DCF had a problem with was we had no place to live for a time when making the transition from when they took our little ones. We lost our income and my job when DCF got involved in our lives. They wanted us to do SOOOO much stuff, and not caring how much time was take off of work to do it. So I lost my job due to this situation. So now I am jobless, working towards disability due to some memory problems I had, which is most likely caused by what I went through with DCF myself.
    So now my wife got pregnant with our 3rd child. She was simply an angel, she never smiled til she was almost 3 months old, never really cried much unless she was hungry, or wanted her diaper changed. I was a proud father that day, since DCF was not involved in the situation even though we were stil going for visits in the other state to see our first 2 children. I also delivered my daughter on my brand new couch, and did not even care. She was mroe precious than anything I could ever buy with money.
    Anyways, my wife was angry with me because I was asked to go help a friend that was having a mild heart attack and did nto want to go to the hospital, so I had to go pick him up and take him home. So I went next door, got them to take me to his job, and take him back hom. Mind you this was on Feb 10th. I got home and my daughter was in bed, as it was 8PM. I told my wife I took care of her all that week and needed time this weekend to take care of the neighbor to make sure I made the right decision and NOT take him to the hospital. She said fine.
    Monday came by and I saw her side of her face red, like a rash. I asked my wife hwo she got it, she said she fell on some toys the evening beforehand. I said OK, Off to preschool she goes. She never returned home since then =~( That following Monday, I woke up to almost 2 dozen police banging on my door. I answered the door, and the police told me to come outside, I asked what I did wrong, and they replied that I did nothing wrong. It has to do with my wife. So I went outside after getting dressed. They put me in the back of a cruiser, and took her away. I lost it when this happened. I could not think straight, first I lose my little girl, now my wife. No one told me anything up to now. Come to find out she hit my child with a shoe on the side of her face, puncturing her eardrum. (And yes, she has problems with her ear to this day). Anyways…
    I petitioned the courts to have custody of my child the following day. They said NO because of my past with them in my life. The courts said that my daughter had no idea where I was when her mother hit her with a shoe, so they did not know if I was in the other room or if I was even in the house. So they refused to let me have custody of her. OUT of the courthouse, not that day, but a few months later, they told me my daughter had an accident and she hurt the side of her face, near her right eye, while she was staying with one of the foster families. How does a child get hurt falling on the edge of a fireplace while in such a “safe” place!?!?
    Since then I have not had custody of her, and was FORCED to give her up for adoption. I had to decide whether I wanted to have an open adoption or a court appointed one. So I took the open adoption, as I thought it would be a lot better for all of us at that point. But I was wrong.
    My daughter is going to be 18 in December, and she can not make ANY decisions on her own without having the fit hit the shan. There is so much I could say, but need to end this now before I start getting emotional and angry. I will write more at anotehr time. All I know is… DCF should not even be existant! They have shown up at the adoptive families house a few times in the last few months, and they have seen, and heard things that were NOT appropriate, and they STILL allow the adoptive father to have custody of her, instead of what SHE wants. and that is to live with me!!

  • Kenny Aldrich

    they operate without impunity we should never have allowed this org. on American soil. we need a program but not one that runs slip shod against human rights and the constitution in general.sorry but the truth IS the truth. they once attempted to bully me but since their brains are in their pants they FAILED. no one should be bullied especially good honest citizens that would NEVER put a child in danger. I’m one of the very few that can say I beat them! and can further say although they operate without inpunity as an org. they can be SUED individually. no matter what they tell you.and no matter what THEY’VE been told.this org. needs to be shut down too many criminals involved not the least of which pedophiles. this band of ne’er do well are in many ways WORSE than BCM at least THEY have to adhere to the constitution I wouldn’t allow them on my property let alone my house. they CAN be stopped you just have be educated enough to know how. I did it so there’s one bit of proof.

  • hals

    i do not know if moving is the answer but they adore using past and anything against you as guilty til innocent and acrew up everyone’s lives to keep the corrupt system going and these incompetents in business with constant work

  • wayne something

    they are nothing but a child laundering and no one wants to see it and no one will stand up to them and they only take kids from good homes the ones they should take are left to die if this service was used the right way the world would be a better place

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  • Hi

    This site is somewhat of a joke; sorry to dishearten you who fall into the thought of “im a victim”. Guess what, life isn’t fair. Ive been on both sides of the courtroom and your actions somehow put you there….in your situation. Especially this “Marley”; grow up!! Read a lot of your comments and am sickened by the sympathy act! Add some “anger” to your fire and you become hate itself; masked as a “savior” for those who actually are “victimized”. Then I read up and see the other side to your “story” only to find out you are just a talented “author” of a fictional book. People, take responsibility and don’t give up on your children. Dcf is a no nonsense angency…..Trust me I know. But with will and luck; along with good choices will reunite you with your children. Godspeed!