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Welcome to  the place to blog, or read about REAL things that this state is doing.Although we have tried to find the

money, as we are rated a wealthy state that is… but no luck. So please share your stories, read the blogs and real incidents that have occurred right here in good ol’ CT.

Talk about the corruption, money hungry, overpaid uneducated people we have running the so called “wealthy” state of Connecticut.

Maybe the people sweeping the dirt under the VERY bumpy rug are, but us, the people who reside here, raise our children here,

don’t seem to have the money they claim we have… and the circus run agency’s they have knocking on our doors to question how you are raising your children. Hmmmm. DCF, just know they are like the police, they only ask question’s because they don’t know.

Trust me when I tell you, unless they have a warrant, tell them Jerry Springer is on, tea would be great but I like vodka instead, and close the door. And if you want a chuckle, ask them how many children die in the care yearly. They claim to “just want to help”. They won’t respond. Think it’s time to change the name to Corrupticut. Oh yea, where did Rell go to college?

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  • Only Peter Schiff can save CT and if CT passes him up then CT can suffer the long running game of destruction played by both the Democrats and the Republicans there. CT will continue to become a giant ghost town at the hand of the Left & Right. See the rest of you who are tired of the crap in North Carolina! Texas or Georgia if you want your kids to go to school for free.

    • Nicole Howard

      Peter Schiff!!?? That THING is barely human! They really don’t come any scummier! If you think that guy has anything to offer anyone who nets less than $1 MILLION a year you are out of your mind! Are you unaware of how he he stamps his feet like the spoiled little shit he is & says that people don’t deserve a LIVING wage, that the poor & underpaid are greedy for wanted to be able to pay rent AND buy food!? Who do you think the scum at DCF goes after?? It’s not the uber-rich of this State, not the overly educated, it’s those who can’t AFFORD to fight them! Not the scum sucking prejudice hateful bastards like Schiff who teach their children to hate the less fortunate while we who have less to give teach our children love & compassion!~

      • mom of three

        Need help asap. I have to find a lawyer and someone who can put my insane amount of evidence in to something everyone can read and hear. My disabled child was stolen!

  • Court

    A national advocacy group notified Connecticut on Monday that it once again is in contempt of federal court orders dictating the state’s treatment of vulnerable children.

    Children’s Rights, which represents children in a class-action suit filed against the state in 1989, suggested that the only remedy might be new management at the Department of Children and Families.

    “This is now and has been a leadership and management issue,” said Ira Lustbader, associate director of Children’s Rights. “These kids simply cannot wait another eight months for a new administration.”

    Gov. M. Jodi Rell leaves office in eight months, giving the next governor the opportunity to name new leadership at an agency that long has been under the supervision of a court monitor as a result of the case known as “Juan F.,” named for a plaintiff representative of a broader class of DCF clients.

    The notification that the monitor has found the department deficient is the first step in a court-ordered process that could lead to a negotiated remedy or a contempt finding.

    “All options are on the table,” Lustbader said.

    Lustbader said the deficiencies are sweeping and systemic, involving what Children’s Rights says are the department’s failure to recruit foster parents and lessen the reliance on institutional care.

    There also are longstanding shortages for services involving mental health, substance abuse treatment and dental care, he said.

    DCF promised to resolve those issues two years ago, when Children’s Rights previously notified the agency it was in contempt.

    No one from DCF would be interviewed, but the agency said in a prepared statement it has made progress.

    “There can be no dispute that the Department has made major forward strides in improving services for children and families; more children receive services to help them stay safely at home, fewer children are placed into care, more children achieve timely permanency, and fewer children experience repeat maltreatment,” the statement said.

    The department said in the statement that the monitor relied on DCF’s shortcomings in meeting two of about 20 goals or “outcome measures.”

    “This single measurement of complex data is misleading because it confines understanding of performance and masks important progress the Department has experienced in meeting the goals and objectives of these two outcome measures.”

    But Lustbader said the shortcomings go to the heart of the agency’s mission and raise questions about its management.

    “We’re not fiddling at the edges of the department here,” he said. “This is a basic, fundamental function of what the department does for kids and families. This is a pretty major swatch of what that department exists to do with taxpayer money.”

  • destiny

    I did try to accommodate DCF, MY first mistake I let them in that wasn’t good enough, They wanted more and more. Regardless what your rights are they don’t care, In 2004 I lived in Bristol Ct. A crazy neighbor called DCF on me because she was mad at me she alleged I was on prescription narcotics, I later found out many calls put into DCF are Bogus, unfounded, either vengeful neighbors, sometimes even family members. so I let these nut jobs question me, look through my cabinets ,I did a drug test, which was negative, They also went to my sons school and questioned them without my permission.Then I decided I had enough, two weeks later I saw the DCF State car you can’t miss it, with there LOGO all over LOL pull up the driveway. I answered the door , they stated they wanted to talk more, I politely told them I refuse to engage in any more nonsense. PLEASE DON’T BOTHER ME ANY MORE, One week later I received a letter in the mail stated I was cited for mental neglect. I called and asked for my report to be sent to me, When I received the report it most of it was redacted. I could hardy read it, the black marker filled the sheet .A woman named Stacey—- was assigned to me . I was her first case she was on the job training, with another worker who had been there a big 2 years. The Blind leading the Blind. In closing the MAJORITY of the so called DCF workers are arrested continually for Drugs, Abuse of Clients, Domestic Issues, These tyrants have no people skills,and the list goes on and on. I believe all DCF workers should be Drug tested monthly, trust me they would have a reduction in workers, but they won’t do it, too costly they will say. I will tell you the less you say is better. Don’t be intimidated by the children robbers, You do not have to let them in your house, you don’t even have to speak with them, they use the little neglected check mark for intimidation purposes. There are so many children living in unfit homes with DRUG ADDICTED parents,or children that are visibly abused and DCF does nothing about it. HOW MANY CHILDREN HAVE DIED IN THE HANDS OF DCF CUSTODY, until they answer that DON’T LET THEM IN.

  • not home in Virginia

    “This single measurement of complex data is misleading because it confines understanding of performance and masks important progress the Department has experienced in meeting the goals and objectives of these two outcome measures.”
    Does this department believe that it is the only one in the country to undergo this type of oversight? The mere fact that this State run department would release such aa statement not only shows their failure to move forward but also incompetence with which it is run, from the top down. The truly saddeneing thing is that the ones who truly suffer are NOT those at the top of the agency but the children it has sworn to protect. In order for our State to move forward we will need this generation, the one that is currently being neglected by this department, to see that changes are being made on their behalf. If this does not occur I shudder to think what the future holds for these, the most innocent, of victims.

    • admin

      Thank you very much for you feedback! And I agree what does the future hold for the victims? Of an agency with pride saying they just want to help, but let us scar you for life

  • admin 2

    This is by far one of the most touching yet true comments anyone has left. It has also opened my eyes and mind to dig deeper, fight harder, and make as many people I possibly can more aware of this disturbing situation

  • Beth

    DCF needs to justify their job so they take kids at any given chance

    • admin

      Thank you Beth for your comment…. and i agree with your statement. Please feel free to comment anytime. Thank you again

    • DCF is the main cause why these childre are growing up angry.No wonder why they are so confused these days.They are what you call,Legalized kidnappers and we need to stop it or our country will be full of angry people.Look around,our children are the ones that are next to run this country they will be making the decisions for us when we grow old,if we keep making them angry and confused.This country will be faced with bigger problems.

      • admin

        Melissa, first off thank you for your comment, I agree on everything you said. Living in fear is what these people “social workers” seem to thrive on. I truly believe that if everyone unites, shares their story with DCF and would like us to publish it, it would bring awareness, and that is something they DO NOT WANT. It is Not hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil. It’s EXPOSE the evil. The workers that have broken the law, disregarded your right’s threatened you, and much more. Things are going to change. Not today, not tomorrow, but they will. And the more people come forward, give names and locations of workers that have broken the law, stomped all over your rights took your children without a warrant or the 96 hour hold which is to be used ONLY WHEN A CHILD IS IN IMMEDIATE DANGER.

  • Laurie m beck

    My kids when 4 , 8 12 , 14 now 14, 19 , 22, 25 want to sue DCF and all other involed for violating their rights for ten years and make all accountible and still violating they have alot of problems due to DCF and courts , judges and more for giving them to wrong parent unlawfully and especially when one had alot disabliities and hes emotionally damaged he want to fight can someone help us? he needs a pro bono lawyer in State of Connecticut wants to take to supree court federal hes mad and wants to make all accountible due to his life is now he has no life he feels cause of their wrong choices and hedidnt get a chance for a possitive life he would of rather been with me but he was brain washed and now realises it. Thanks so much Sincerly Laurie Beck his Mother 860-680-6278

    • admin

      To anyone that has question’s guidance of unjust actions by ct dcf…

      I came across this number and it seems like these people actually care and can point you in the right
      direction, legal help etc. It’s called the Victim Advocate…..

      Office of the Victim Advocate
      505 Hudson Street
      Hartford, Connecticut 06106

      Telephone (860)550-6632
      Toll Free (CT) 1-888-771-3126
      Fax (860)560-7065

      call, ask questions, tell them where you got the information from and what ct dcf has done to your family.

    • CPS Injustice

      I’m glad they want to sue. That is a great thing. We must make them pay!

  • Mitchell Albrecht

    I am looking forward to shareing my personal story and run in with corruption in Connectcut ! I hope to post soon some leagal documents and some details of what I have been through over the past decade or so ! I also have to close friends who are currently dealing with mistreatment by CT DCF, I also hope to get them to post their stories as well ! The more the marrier, together we can get things done ! Bring some civility to this civilization ! Thank you !!

    • admin

      Well that was by far one of the best motivational comments left, lets wake up and all get together and do something about this bullshit. Unity -strength in numbers is the only way we could even attempt to battle this situation. If we all took FIVE minutes of our time and wrote your story here and once I have enough people with situations that were handled wrong, and proven to be wrong, then we can stop this. Being a mother I could never imagine the feeling of someone taking my son and not being able to tuck him in or wonder if he is being cared for, or beaten, or killed while in the care of this so called agency. As most of you know I refer to this agency as the circus run agency. They lie in sworn testimony’s. The children that are taken are referred to as just another number in the system.

      I beg people to please take the time, spare other parents the pain… it really will help, please let’s do our part. I have dedicated my life to this site so I can help others.

  • admin

    I must tell you, Susan Hamilton is NO LONGER THE COMMISSIONER, and what you posted was basically cut and pasted from this site. Please know that all comments are welcome, but be sure you have the facts straight. Thank you, and I am glad to ensure you she is no longer in her position.

  • lisa scheck

    mitchell-i agree.we all need to tell our stories n hold dcf accountable for their actions.i,for one,will give up names n my story at any everyone else:be wary of these dcf workers-jan roberta(investigator who took my kids from their fathers care while i was recovering from heart surgery even though i was the custodial parent bbut didnt tell me-i found out a wk later by mistake),elizabeth mawheaney(daughters caseworker who is not abiding by the courts ruling that i get visitation),tom martin(mawheaneys supervisor who knows i havent had my visitation in 18mths n wont give me a visitation date),mary cummins(martins supervisorwho,also,knows the entire situation n still hasnt given me my visitation),christine nucci(my daughters paast worker who got my section 8 pulled bcause she didnt do her job-the ceiling on my apt fell in n she told me to get ready to go to the shellter w/my son n shed call secction 8 to tell them where i was resiiding.i told them 2 days later but it was 2 late.i lost my housing).im terminally ill n i want 2 b able 2 c my daughter.her father died of lymphoma last fall.ive been keeping a journal of everything that happened so that 1 day i can give it to my daughter(or my son can give it to her if im deceased)n shell b able 2 c i loved her n fought 4 her.

    • admin

      Mitchell~ You are so very right. I have spoken to so many people in the last few weeks with the same story, the lies, false reports, removal’s that were not needed and done wrong. The abuse that the children they take are enduring where they are placed, when there was no abuse of any sort at home. To many people with the same story for it to be a coincidence. There is an epidemic of illegally kidnapping children going on in Ct. It will only continue and get worse until people start sharing your story’s! Be heard! This is the place to do it, so many thousands of people view this site, and when people start coming out with what they have been through it will raise eye brows, people of Ct will unite and stop this. But staying silent is only enabling DCF to hurt other families. There is nothing to be afraid of, if your story is told the amount of support people give is amazing. And I am so very thankful for the people who continue to come here and give feedback to this battle.

    • CPS Injustice

      I’ll be happy to give out names too.S.C. Ralph Campbell(DSS Investigator) Lori Sanders Langston (Social Worker) Crystal Sanders (Supervisor). All of them are working together to take kids from loving homes and families.

      • anonymous

        I agree ralph Campbell is a lier and falsly accuse people I done 2.5 in county jail and 1 yr in prison because of his dumb butt I’m trying to go thru congress and above to get law changed here in sc

  • m.lock

    hi. I’m so glad i goolged about DCF. I have had many run ins with them.7 times to be exact. All unsubstantiated until the current one. 4 out of the 7 were total nonsense i.e. false reports. The 3 i admit were due to an arguement with the father of my daughters yet they were not present at the time. my children are happy, healthy and never once been even tapped on the rear. I have never lost my temper with my girls… NEVER! I’ve had drug and alcohol testing which came up neg 3 times. My issue is this…… since my last investigtion when I lost my temper on my boyfriends truck, not him… My children we removed from my home and placed with my mother for 45 days. that was enough for me to seek all the help i could find to never allow myself to lose control of my anger and most importantly to never lose my children who suffered greatly as a result im being removed. I’ve kept working on myself and have not lost my temper with anyone til this day. on June 2nd i was taking my 3 yr old and our new adopted dog out for ice cream when the dog just jumped over my lap and out the window. i swerved trying to re gain control of my van when i hear my daughter say “mommy I’m falling”. i looked back and discovered that she was fastened in her carseat correctly but it wasn’t connected to the seat of the van. This was a result of switching carseats from one car to another. i assumed that when my boyfriend took it out of his truck, he secured it to my van, but was running late and just put it in my van. I immediately pulled to side of road to correct the situation that instant. in the pannic of it all, i pulled over a little to far and hit the gaurd rail. when cops came,i told them what happened. I was arrested for endangering a minor and charged with a felony for it. DCF came along a took my children AGAIN and are still keeping the case open past th 45days and my children are still with my mother. i recently got a letter stating i am being put on the registry for child abuse/neglect. I WAS CORRECTING THE SITUATION RIGHT THEN AND THERE! NOT DOWN TO THE NEXT TURN OFF, NOT AFTER I GOT TO MY DESTINATION.. IMMEDIATELY! HOW IS THAT NEGLECT? how do i fight?

    • admin

      You can go to the contact us section and we can give you suggestions that have helped others. The story’s of false reports, b.s complaints, children being taken and put in foster care for profit…. so many story’s true story’s. And it is sad, we need to stand up and fight back. There is a petition on here that you can download. Search for please hear my cry, print it fill it out, and send it to the address on the bottom, they are being sent to Washington. But as I said, go to the contact us, and we will help however we can.

  • m.lock

    my daughters are suffering tremendously as a result. school is about to begin and they need to be home.

  • fed up

    dcf is are dirty players

    • admin

      Yes They are. Children for profit, and everyone seems to turn a blind eye. There is a Nationwide protest on August 12,th in regards to dcf and the wrong they have done and are doing. for more info please contact us, on the contact us page and we will give you the information

  • meg

    I live in connecticut.For the past 6 months i have been going through the most traumatizing and humilating experience with DCF.My daughter who is only 1 &1/2 (my only child) was taken away from me for 4 weeks in april by her father in an ex-parte motion( which DCF advised him and told him to do).They manipulated him and gave him false info. about the situation.Story is: I was at a friends house with whom i haven’t seen in over 15 years (since high school).My daughter and i were “VISITING” him.My friend from high school was pushed off a cliff and survived.He has some brain damage and etc..While visiting him he mentioned he was depressed and showed me a journal that was disturbing.I immediatly contacted his family and tried to get him help.He(the father) had called and threatend to come there and he did.I called the police and they spoke to me and his family.They checked on my daughter and looked through his home (THEY STATED IT WAS PERFECTLY SAFE).It being late at the time i decided to stay the night and get my friend to griffin hospital in the morning.The next thing i know DCF is knocking on his door (the next day)and has all these questions?!Her father admitted to me that he put alot of false statements in the ex-parte motion and DCF helped him write it.What happend is he called my ex -husband and because my ex and i were not on good terms and neither her father ..They were saying horrible things about me.My ex said my friend does drugs and my daughers father.My daughters father and ex husband also discovered a website that had my friends name ,address and etc.. that contained buying or selling drugs or etc..I had absolutely no knowledge of this website!!I questioned my friend about this website and he says he has no idea of any website with his name on it..That day after DCF left his home and no more than 2 hours later they came back with police ,her father and ripped her out of my arms!!So,since then i have taken drug tests (passed) phych test (passed) and they found everything unsubstantiated!!!!!When i got the first visit from the dcf worker at my home she even complimented how lovely and nice my home is.Now,the women who was doing the investigation says her supervisor at dcf is having us in “TREATMENT” ??I have even requested copies of the file,investigation protocall and case narrative .Because in my heart it was ridiculous and lies of what they said.The new women /social worker won’t give them to me and said i need to get a lawyer if i want that.I contacted an attorney and they said that i have every right to see what they have documented (I HAVE RIGHTS) My daughter thankfully is small and can’t understand this drama (THANK GOD) She is the most cared for,loving,happy,funny and amazing child!DCF knows this when they see her and still will not leave me and her alone!!!It has been the most traumatizing experience and i wouldn’t wish dcf on my worst enemy (if i had one).The thought of there visits to my home only bring back the traumatizing event of her being pulled from my arms that day!!!My daughter almost died during my emergency c- section and had meconium aspiration ..She was in the intensive care unit for 2 weeks .After her release and being home with me for 1 week she got the rsv flu and went back to the hospital.Being a mom this is so traumatic when you know your doing your best and have your childrens best interests at heart.Dcf has humiliated me even with her pediatrician and daycare.I spent so much time researching the “best ” in connecticut before she was born to only be under a microscope with them!It is very hurtful when you know your a good mom and have to live in fear of your child being taken away to someone who you don’t know or wonder and worry constantly what there “REAL ” motives are!!DCF cause more harm than good !!! There are real kids in danger out there and they focus on people like myself who are good just to say they did something right!!!!

  • Laura

  • jc

    i need help please help me

  • Mother Desesperate

    please i need report the corruption of my case in Juvenile superior Court can you let met Know how i can do
    thank You

  • Lindsey Greenberg
  • tempestuous

    Pay attention to the main Hartford PD’s office rather than DCF itself. There you will find what you are looking for.

  • screwed mother

    Torrington DCF sends 20 something’s to JUDGE 50 +y/o old Mother’s who’ve lived through ABUSE and BREAST CANCER AND REAL LIFE………and I’m a Negligent MOTHER when the father won’t pay support, left us penniless, cheated while I was in Chemo, 2 kids with learning disabilities, spends his money on girlfriends and himself………..and I should just move on ???? and be NICE to my RAPIST after 20 years of marriage ??? DUMB KUMKWATS………DCF………the FATHERHOOD Initiative is a JOKE when he’s an ABUSER

  • screwed mother


  • Billy R

    I am shocked by the stories here. It is a La Costra Nostra-styled racket. Although I must warn you, even those GAL’s that are court appointed can be tainted even though paid through paltry state funds. Those individuals are subject to contracts issued by a state agency. The administered contracts are only as good as the state agency officer initiating
    the contracts. The specific officer initiating the contracts has anything but the best interests of the child—or the taxpayer in mind. You see, it is not fiction when one speaks of Blacklisting in the state of Connecticut. GAL’s that question or perhaps are “too much of a social worker” in the eyes of a specific civilly immune state agency employee can be blacklisted. Blacklisting comprises of withheld earned pay and non-renewal of a contract. Blacklisting is also confirmed to have been a utilized methodology in the realm of “Surrogate Parents.” Taxpayer money is played with as if it is a private pile of treasure reigned over by a few specific players within state agencies. There is plenty of blame to go around and the problem not only falls on private GAL’s (which I agree wholly with the assessments here), but more so on public GAL’s and surrogate parents—whose hands are TIED due to the corruption with the state agencies administering contracts. For example, at one surrogate parent meeting (in front of hundreds of professionals vying for positions as surrogate parents), the presenter gleefully stated that anyone in the audience would not have a contract renewed by her personally, if they angered her in any way . This power over tax payer money IS the corruption that needs to be dealt with.

  • Marley Tellier

    Its been 2 years since all my grandchildren were returned to their rightful homes and families. The Torrington DCF office is responsible for the emotional harm and physical harm that they have caused to them. And I also blame Jodi Katz as well as I have written to her many times with my complaints on what clearly is being done wrong within this agency. I cant get into some details of this as we are presently awaiting trial for one of my grandchildren that was raped by a man who they, dcf social worker Megan HInckey, placed his daughter, my grand daughter, back into the custody of after they were warned and told of his actions. They took my grandchildren out of their homes because of an allegation against my grandson that was brought on by what had happened to him. THey DCF treated him as the abuser instead of a victim and treated him as such. They were told by therapists that they believed he was harmed by another adult but they refused to investigate it. After he was placed in a institution in hamden ct, he was physically abused nine times and was treated badly as well as the living conditions were disgusting and should be shut down. Because of Meagans FAILURE to do her job legally, he has suffered more than he could cope with. He tried to commit suicide while in their care and sent him to a hospital where he was locked up for a week. Did they investigate why he tried to kill himself at the age of 11? NO! This website and especially courtney was a GOdsend to me as she educated me on my rights and the childrens rights as well. She took the time to personally talk to me on the phone. I encourage all of you to speak out on what you have endured by this agency. We all need to smother them with our stories of truth and educate others on how to deal with this sick, disgusting agency.Dont forget about your right, FREEDOM OF SPEECH, and dont let them intimidate you when they question you on your posts that you write. Get the word out on the workers who are destroying your family so that others can be helped as i have been helped by reading other stories as well. The day the trial ends is the day DCF will get an earful again by me truly. As i have stated before, ” We have not forgotten your actions DCF and you will be judged and prosecuted for your actions.Courtney, God bless you Always

  • Vincent Valentino

    I am a 24 year old father facing the corruption that is the executive super power DCF, They are trying to take my child away which at this point i realize is for money. I want to stand up with everyone else because even if they some how win i refuse to throw in the towel i will fight till my last breath against the disgusting power structure that is supposed to be in place to help families not destroy them for money. I am curious to know if the ombudsman office is part of that corruption and if i will do more damage if i message them i already sent an email to you guys in reference to exactly what i am planning on saying, but i dont want to send it until i get the opinion of someone whom may know what kind of outcome that will bring. My kid deserves to be home and these people are so obsessed with money they are causing pain to not only myself and my childs mother but to my child. I want to stand up and fight against this injustice as a community but also i want to be able to act and be directed to the proper information to help my case. Not to be selfish but this is destroying all the personal work i have done on myself, i am once again funneling down into a spiral of depression worse and worse every day because i feel helpless and voiceless

    • Vincent Valentino

      Im referring to the torrington DCF office btw

    • katde75

      Not sure if you ever got a response, but Ombudsmen and Attourney General are on DCF’s side.

  • Diane

    Do not underestimate the powers of the entity. I hadn’t believed that phone taps or FB compromising was done IT IS DONE & very cleverly. Unless you are on an absolutely secured line which is almost impossible for most. If you feel or better yet know you’ve been compromised DO NOT TAKE or MAKE any calls of fellow parents or advocates nor should you use that pc especially social media . You could compromise the caller as well as yourself.

  • Diane

    Amazing, simply amazing what the powers of this particular entity can do with technology. I’m in complete disbelief on how they can destroy lives, families and reputations. Do NOT use FB secret groups as they are not safe from these powers. They even have the capability to hijack someone’s private IM, enter a group, pretend they are the hijacked person and completely destroy the person they are pretending to be. Am I making this up? NO WAY. This has happened and will happen if you use FB when you stand up. They can also dub voices onto a phone, leave a message and completely fool the person receiving the message. It happened to me. They can also block a person’s call from going through on a phone. How do I know? Because on an IM with a person, gave them a secure phone to call, phone is on my lap, it dims but does not ring, fellow poster IM’s again tells me there is no ringtone after dialing, try again and it dims again, doesn’t ring. Get off of IM and guess what the phone now works.

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  • Melissa Olson

    Hi, thanks for giving me another place to share our story. Our Prayer’s are someone will eventually hear us so we can get our 3 Precious Innocent Little Girl’s Home.
    There is just so much to tell, I Dont know where to start so its very clear to all that corruption can & does happen within our systems. Our daughter’s Parental Rights were terminated after months of bullying, lieing, manipulating, twisting, repeatedly changing her plan, unethical, abuse of power, unprofessional, falsifying, etc by CPS Employee’s & their so called “Team”. Despite all her efforts & repeatedly telling the Judge, Her Court Appointed Attorney (another joke) We the Grandparents live in New London, MN & our daughter who is mother of our 3 granddaughters lives in Hillman, MN with her husband & her 3 girls are placed right across the road which is an extremely busy & dangerous highway with Hillman, MN address to. Although they like be close they do not get to see them as CPS placed our 3 PLI Girl’s with a single man, is Uncle to 1, never had kids, didn’t even know girls, he was ruled out as an option, denied party to intervene, considered to b laughing stock of CPS as a pedophile, but CPS was hell bent on doing whatever it took to keep our girls from their parents & bio grandparents as we didn’t agree with what they were doing. In other words, we didn’t bow down, shut up, agree with them, made some noise. So much to say & evidence extremely overwhelming with actual facts & proof to confirm our serious accusations against CPS. But nobody holds them accountable so whose going to hear us? Pain & void is horrific as I’m sure u all are aware of a Team member for county) that she felt she was not being represented appropriately by her attorney, the county kept changing plan, weren’t following their plan, were lieing treating her very poorly etc, all this continued to fall on deaf ears. Judge’s response was, ‘U will have to work with Morrison County on that”. CPS removed girls under false accusations including using medical reason that was unfounded. We as grandparents realized after awhile that CPS had zero intentions of ever returning our girls to their parents or biological family period. CPS harassed, bullyied, lied, made promises to our daughter & terminated her rights by default. We being grandparents (biological) oldest granddaughter lived with us for over her first 2 yes of life, we are Licensed Foster Care, Kinship & Adoptive Care parents & adopted a little boy during the process with our granddaughter’s, but Morrison County Minnesota CPS aOops, we the Grandparents live in New London, MN & our daughter who is mother of our 3 granddaughters lives in Hillman, MN with her husband & her 3 girls are placed right across the road which is an extremely busy & dangerous highway with Hillman, MN address to. Although they like be close they do not get to see them as CPS placed our 3 PLI Girl’s with a single man, is Uncle to 1, never had kids, didn’t even know girls, he was ruled out as an option, denied party to intervene, considered to b laughing stock of CPS as a pedophile, but CPS was hell bent on doing whatever it took to keep our girls from their parents & bio grandparents as we didn’t agree with what they were doing. In other words, we didn’t bow down, shut up, agree with them, made some noise. So much to say & evidence extremely overwhelming with actual facts & proof to confirm our serious accusations against CPS. But nobody holds them accountable so whose going to hear us? Pain & void is horrific as I’m sure u all are aware, CPS & Team absolutely refused to give us the time of day. We, the Grandparent’s live in New London, MN & our daughter who is mother of our 3 granddaughter’s lives in Hillman, MN with her husband & her 3 girls are placed right across the road which is an extremely busy & dangerous highway. Although they live close by they do not get to see them. CPS placed our 3 PLI Girl’s with a single man, is Uncle to 1, never had kids, didn’t even know girls, he was ruled out as an option, denied party to intervene, considered to b laughing stock of CPS as a pedophile, but CPS was hell beantbon doing whatever to took to keep our girls from their parents & bio grandparents as we didn’t agree with what they were doing. In other words, we didn’t bow down, shut up, agree with them, made some noise. So much to say & evidence extremely overwhelming with actual facts & proof to confirm our serious accusations against CPS. But nobody holds them accountable so whose going to hear us? Pain & void is horrific as I’m sure u all are aware.
    As I’m writing this I’ve noticed some of it is from part of our story I’ve written elsewhere & I’m not sure how they got mixed together. I am electronically illiterate. Plus now I’m confused about where I’m at in our story I’m telling now so Im going to have to end it as best I can. Bottom line is, CPS wrongfully, corrupt fully, manipulatively etc abused their Power that they hold because of their employee position. These employees are aware of their power as well as aware of the FACT THAT THERE IS NOT 1 PERSON TO HOLD THEM ACCOUNTABLE FOR THEIR ACTIONS!! Nobody knows the system better than them, they have all insight into juvenile justice system so manipulate that just as good. We were told we would get our day in court, that is a Huge Joke & Lie also. Ur only allowed to say yes or no when questioned unless u r CPS & Team. U r not allowed to present any new evidence to defend urself once court begins unless ur CPS & Team. Can’t defend itself if u have no clue what CPS & Team are presenting, this is part of them manipulating our Juvenile Justice System cuz they know it very well. Ur told the Judge, not CPS determines the outcome HAHA!! The Judge goes by what CPS & “Team” presents to him & than he/she just rubber stamps CPS & Team’s BS. If a person doesn’t have money to pay for an experienced attorney the chances of winning are slim to none when ur up against people who are corrupt. It it unfortunate that money is an obstacle to getting Justice for Ur Family, but a motivator for CPS & Team to R.I.P. a family apart. Definitely not what we once believed DHS, DFS, CPS, JJS etc was all about-helpung families. I know that those who read this kind of stuff are thinking, no way, that isn’t going on, that’s not possible, they Dont take kids for no reason. Well, our family once felt the same way until it happened to us. We r not saying all agencies/employees are like this, just that there are/is & does happen. It is job security for these employees as well. It is totally true about CPS & Team receiving excellent benefits/bonuses etc each & every time they remove a child. The more destruction they can do to a family the better & bigger the reward. MC CPS & Teamvrec’d a $28,000.00 bonus for getting our granddaughters adopted out in a certain time frame. This was then split with the Adoptive Uncle who gained $14,000.00 for taking kids that arent his, he doesnt even know, doesnt even want etc & now receives a huge minthly check from CPS, ACTUALLY OUR TAXPAYER’S MONEY for having them as Their Biolgucal parents wages are being garnished to also pay for our girl’s to be there. WOW, IS OUR GOVERNMENT MESSED UP OR WHAT? Statistics show the facts of all the struggles children go through when removed from a loving home & unloving. Let’s stop ripping children from living homes!! I could write on & on about the behaviors our granddaughters have struggled with since removal, I just can’t get threw it without crying which keeps me from seeing the screen. When we advocated to CPS to get them help, it only hurt them. CPS took them to somebody if their choice who diagnosed our than 2 ur old granddaughter with Oppositional Defiant Disorder (ODD), remind u-she was removed from her loving, nurturing etc mom, dad & family 3 weeks prior to seeing him. We were outraged with diagnosis & told CPS she had never had behaviors or ever needed disciplined, that hurt them to as CPS deemed us as being in denial &/or minimizing. This same little girl was refusing to eat, list 20lbs & that was also either her parents or our (grandparents fault) as CPS said she wasn’t use to eating healthy or she had a phone call or visit with one of us. There is just so much more to tell. Our family has so much substantial evidence that will undoubtedly prove our serious accusations against Morrison County Minnesota CPS & Team if Only somebody will give Our 3 Precious Little Innocent Girl’s A Voice. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE HELP OUR 3 PRECIOUS INNOCENT LITTLE GIRL’S. Help us avoid 1 or all in becoming a statistic. We also, have the Foster Care Family that provided excellent care to our girl’s for 14 months as key-first hand witnesses. CPS cut them off from having anything to do with our girl’s after they bonded for 14 months as Foster Family spoke up about CPS unethical, unprofessional, manipulative etc work ethic, expressed many concerns as to what they were doing to the girls, parents, grandparents, bio family that was inapp, wrong etc & verbalized, wrote & hand delivered a 2 page letter of concerns, safety issues etc about the Uncle CPS was moving our girls to. Thx for listening. Our family can b reached at;
    320-212-5700-Melissa Biograndma
    320-248-3757-Kevin Biograndpa
    320-355-2909-Brooke & Al Parent’s ifgirls
    320-469-1893-Cell– Melissa official address for our story.

  • citizen

    Sept 01,2015

    Chief Justice Chase T Rogers.

    Complaint about Director Charisse E Hutton agencies and by her employee.

    Corruption is the abuse of power by a public official for private gain or any organized, interdependent system in which part of the system is either not performing duties it was originally intended to, or performing them in an improper way, to the detriment of the system’s original purpose. The abuse of public offices for private gain is paradigmatic of corruption.

    Corruption describes any organized, interdependent system in which part of the system is either not performing duties it was originally intended to, or performing them in an improper way, to the detriment of the system’s original purpose.

    Corrupt judicial systems not only violate the basic right to equality before the law but deny procedural rights guaranteed by the United States Constitution.

    No recourse against crime and fraud by judges and lawyers in connecticut

    In reality, there is almost nothing I can do about this misconduct,or the crime was committed by Director Charisse E Hutton agencies and by her employee. By helping a client who they represent committed about 150 count of fraud was committed with the help of C Hutton agencies. This crime would classifier under the law as a felony. With all my complaint i been filing from 2009 to 2015 with the Connecticut Judicial Branch administration who oversees these agencies. An other official I file complaint with. All these State official was well made aware of this illegal activity took place by this Hutton agencies. No appropriate action against them. All of these official disregarded my complaint they sweep this crime under the carpet.

    attorneys violate the rules that they are supposed to live by; attorneys help someone commit fraud upon the system; and attorneys corrupt the legal process.

    the intentional use of deceit, a trick or some dishonest means to deprive another of his/her/its money, property or a legal right. A party who has lost something due to fraud is entitled to file a lawsuit for damages against the party acting fraudulently, and the damages may include punitive damages as a punishment or public example due to the malicious nature of the fraud. Quite often there are several persons involved in a scheme to commit fraud and each and all may be liable for the total damages. Inherent in fraud is an unjust advantage over another which injures that person or entity. Still waited for the right release document be sent to me. And still waited for a straight answer, on any opening case or any pending case on me. i don’t see how i have any opened cases . Much be attorneys Charisse E Hutton agencies corrupt the legal process.